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If you are skeptical in what is going on and have been brainwashed you have to watch this video Ezra Live-Stream reading and showing photos from a book he bought and say it's the most amazing book he has ever seen. When I was in Hong Kong a few years ago, I found a rare book that is surely illegal now. It’s called “Red Color News Soldier”. As the strange title suggests, it’s a book of photographs taken by an official People’s Liberation Army propagandist in Mao’s “Cultural Revolution” fifty years ago. But you’ve never seen any photo album quite this terrifying. Tune in now as I take you through the book page by page — and show you the eerie comparisons with today’s cancel culture in politics, the media, and academia.

2020 Special Live Chat: Ezra Explains How
Communist China Inspired Cancel Culture


Lawmakers Warn About Communism

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