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 The mixing rates for surfaces are as follows. Use a 160z spray bottle on stream so you are not spraying fine particles into the air. The product is for surfaces only. Please note the following.


As directed on the bottle:

3/8tsp concentrate per  16oz water is standard solution.

1 ½ tsp concentrate per 16oz water for Adenovirus only.


In a kitchen area make sure all food is removed or protected before doing the counters. You can apply the solution with a mop, sponge, cloth or coarse spray and thoroughly wet the surfaces. Let sit for 10 min. minimum. In food prep areas and objects mouthing children may be using rinse thoroughly with water after disinfecting the surfaces.

Full instructions on the bottle.


Considering the current world situation with the Coronavirus we thought you might find the following interesting.


Torrence Rogers at Shaklee Corporation has been contacted and asked if Basic G Disinfectant Cleaner Concentrate  has been tested to kill the coronavirus on surfaces.  


His response YES is recorded in his response below.  



The Basic G pathogens sheet information - Viruses


Basic G Product New and Improved code#5152 is Available from Shaklee Canada

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