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She had to learn to be a chameleon had no idea who she was, who new back then of this  syndrome and these disorders? She call her high functioning autism Aura. Why Aura Always Unique Resilient Authentic. She stood out even though she was trying to hide. This was back in the swinging 60s growing up in London England born 1950. When older watching the telly and going to the flicks (movies) observing others enabled her to be a good actress. She was good at mimicking others and had been watching the telly Brigitte Bardot being 

interviewed. She had made a movie Two Weeks In September and promoting the film. She was aways mesmerized by her beauty, her free spirit child like way and could connect to her. She was the sex symbol of the 50s, 60s and part of the 70s. Men drooled over her being a sex kitten and every man's fantasy and dream. Men wanted a woman like her and a lot of young women wanted to look like her way back then. Not really understanding who Brigitte Bardot was but had the same eyes and pouty lips like her and started to look and dress like her. Now she was blossoming and getting noticed by the opposite sex had photographers wanting to take photos of her. This wasn't always a good thing being naive got herself into some bad and sticky situations. Did start working for a promotion modelling agency and still hairdressing. She enjoyed being creative and working in London she liked routine and being with her best friend Linda. 

The 50s; mother's little helper, an antidepressant drug and sleep medication doctors were prescribing to housewives.
After the war many women struggling with terrible anxiety and stress. The sex revolution had started in the 60s in Great Britain. The birth control pill was now available. There was semi nudity on the television and in the magazines. In Playboy you saw females naked and popular with men. Many attractive young women wanting to be the centrefold. Hair, a live musical with nudity, was a big hit at the Stratford theatre in the West End of London. She was taken to see Hair by her boyfriend at the opening night. She was quite embarrassed sitting right near the stage had never seen a man standing naked in front of her before. She was now eighteen, a very shy young lady and a lot younger than her years. Going back stage to meet the actors was another experience she reveals in her novel. Sex, Drugs, Orgies, Rock and Roll the younger generation were being exposed to. Let's Make Love Not War.


Remembering Seeing  Brigitte Bardot On The Telly.
Her Thoughts From A Long Time Ago
This Was Why She Could Connect to her

The first time seeing Brigitte Bardot was on the telly in Doctor At Sea, she could relate to her she was just starting to blossom had those pouty lips and big doe brown eye like hers. She was getting a lot of attention from the opposite sex they were starting to notice her. This is the only video she could find of Bardot very bad reception but remembers so clearly watching her interview on the news and very intrigued. She has always wondered was she autistic? and that's why she could relate to her picking up the human races frequencies.  She was childlike in many ways and was traumatized as a child, used sexually learning about her life story. She came from an upper class family her father was an engineer. Learning most engineers they found out have Asperger's. He took lots of photos and films of his daughter as a child. When you have this syndrome you are intelligent, your brain is creative and full of ideas, also can be  very vulnerable and sensitive. Brigitte's mother wanted her to be a Ballerina, she was elegant and had the right body type. When dancing she could feel the rhythm of the beat going through her body. She walked with such grace and elegance  like she was walking on a cloud and would have made a phenomenal dancer.  

She was modelling hats at her mother's friend boutique. Brigitte being extremely pretty she was discovered and started modelling professionally. Her destiny was meeting Roger Vadim at such an early age. Highly sensitive and not treated well by some directors used and abused and did try to commit suicide many a time. People think it's glamorous being in the movie business and her being a sex symbol and getting a lot of attention from men. She was the new sex symbol of the 50s and 60s naturally sensual and beautiful not all made up like the sex symbols in America. She married four times her four husband they had more in common. Brigitte loving animals surrounded herself with them, they love you unconditionally, this is what she needed to survive. She was an animal activist and later in life preferred being with her furry friends and is still with her fourth husband. She was fined by the government a couple of times being out spoken that's what Kim loved about her. She did it her way wasn't afraid and didn't go along with what she didn't believe in had tenacity and out spoken.

Became a recluse, you cannot blame her how she was treated. I'm thankful she had someone who loved her and is taking care of her. That's what highly sensitive people needs a lot of love and understanding because today it's an upside down world and she admires Brigitte's honesty she didn't go along with the crowd. That's why she feel Brigitte Bardot is Star

Brigitte, also spelled as Brigette or Bridgette, is a French and Irish name derived from the original name Brigid. Brigid is an Irish Gaelic name that means “exalted one” or “high goddess”. It was the name of the Celtic goddess of fire, poetry, and wisdom. Brigid was highly revered by the ancient Celts, and her name was associated with creativity, strength, and visionary leadership. 


Brigitte Starseed
Humanitarian Graceful
Love for animals



Brigitte Bardot's A Star🌟Seed Angel Goddess A Beautiful Humanitarian. Caring* Loving* Animals and tried to save the baby seals 

She lives in the south of France in a villa with her husband and animals. Bringing a higher frequency of Love Light Tranquility. DOG spelt backwards spells GOD..............


Brigitte falling in love with Vadim at such an early age.  She was groomed having her husband a lot older than her and putting her in his movies. They were very sensual as she was, being seduced very young and French men were known to be great lovers. It was said she was playing herself; especially In God Created Woman their first film Vadim directed in 1956. In the movie she came across selfish, aloof, care free and didn't go along with the rules. That can be a high functioning autistic trait and she was being her authentic self. People look at autism so differently because of the media. They are sensitive souls and sensual beings with the right partner and trying to find themselves.

When Kim lived in France the food was amazing everything covered in garlic except the desserts of course they were delicious all freshly made that day. Loved the French strawberry pastries and chocolate eclairs. The cafe au lait, croissants with confiture in the mornings.  Lunch time fresh crusty warm baguettes, butter, cheeses and pate. In the evenings for dinner before she learned to cook would go to the shops and buy some incredible meals very inexpensive. She did well living in France a healthy way of life, it was a different culture than London. Paris she found the people were not friendly soon after her and her fiance moved to different places in France. 

Extremely important to feed the *Mind *Body *Soul *Spirit with love and the right nurturing. Keeping balance, stay away from negativity. Find like minded people on the same wavelength, sleep and keep moving don't sit too long at the computer. Do something you enjoy is very important keeping yourself occupied then you will be able to cope. Having this syndrome you are ~Beautiful ~Authentic ~Resilient~ Unique.  As mentioned we are all different, what they do have in common they have the Asperger's gene in their family. That's the reason all those years ago she posted her video in 2012 to be able to see autistic females in a different light. AURA that name suits her well. It was a blessing in disguise to be able to make those videos. More women where diagnosed like herself when showing her videos to the doctor. After the doctor watched the videos she was diagnosed with Asperger's. Her videos were shown at the Asperger's Female Support Group. They were on Youtube and taken down except her first one. As she had mentioned thank goodness she had them on Vimeo and the others were saved. 

..And God Created Woman (1956) - Official Trailer

A video taped about her idol and one of her
novels she's been writing for more many years.
Hasn't had it published yet doesn't know when 

She found this video she taped from her iPad in 2019, it's not that great and shadows on her face. A lot of people don't like to read that's the reason she published this video. She was 69 at the time always honest and had some work done and shared with some of her clients and the others after the fact. She was very nervous and for her she did the right thing and very happy with the results.

She had gone through a lot of stress this was before the pandemic. She looked tired and withdrawn the pain she had gone  through; emotional, physically and mentally was overwhelming. Her looks mean a lot to her as we know our childhood has a lot to do with how we feel about ourselves. She was searching the internet and came across this fabulous doctor in Montreal they hit it off right away. More info here. 


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