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Health & Well~Being 

The CB2 Oil has helped to stop her anxiety, obsessing and able to move forward without worrying. Why does it work for her? She was looking for a product to help her migraines after having a terrible fall breaking her collarbone and hitting her head. When her head hit the ground  seeing a white flash going across her left eye and getting a concussion. This accent causing her many migraines and her anxiety got worse her suffering with PTSD. After her concussion she shutdown, lost her confidence, like always by never giving up and asking for guidance  and with hope prayer and God's love was very blessed to find what she needed. Like a puzzle putting the right pieces together then.........Voila!!!!! witnessing the finish results. When the pandemic came along she was doing very well then her doggie Angel got sick ended up in emergence then the animals hospital on her husbands birthday.  Angel was in the hospital for three weeks and wasn't able to see her because of Covid. In the end they let her visit she couldn't sleep she was a reck and crying.  Very blessed she lived 9 months longer then died in her arms she was devastated. Heart broken she didn't feel like the same person anymore her OCD came back she couldn't thing straight wasn't sleeping. She did have another puppy come into her life it was stressful did started to feel better had another little furry baby to look after. She will not go into everything will find that story on her website. The stresses she was going through did get very sick not looking after herself her brain wasn't working the same it here  come into her life  this is when everything started to turn around 


 Live a SomaLifeStyle. Patented World Wide

BOOST Vitality


MAXIMIZE Cell Repair

DEEPER Sounder Sleep

IMPROVE Outlook & Mood

STRENGTHEN Immune System

ACCELERATE Wellness & Recovery

Yellow Roses Illustration

   Our mum loved yellow Roses


The symbol of yellow roses are:


 Joy, gladness, friendship and feeling of care


 That's what our mother was and still is.

 She takes care of us she is now one of our Angels

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