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The Silencing of Dr Judy Mikovits with Guests Dr Judy Mikovits, Kent Hecken Lively Larry Klayman. DR MIKOVITS REVEALS DETAILS OF THE REAL SCIENCE CONCERNING SARS COV 2.

Patented COVID ~Greed ~Money  Control ~ Manipulation ~ Gates ~ Fauci ~Deep State ~China.  It Was All Planned: Why are so many

going along with this fraud and Corruption?

World Economic Forum Founder Claims

Masks, do they Prevent the Spread of the COVID Virus? Great info on his
youtube channel 
This is why she will not wear a face mask when working with her clients in her home, she feels claustrophobic and suffers with migraines There is another reason. When listening to Ben Swan  on this video you will realize why masks are not good for your health. They are finding out it can cause acne.
why on earth are people being arrested? It's our right to be able to protest peacefully, it's true what this lady says why are BLM and the left don't have to wear masks they are not arrested. They are left alone but a woman who is exempt in wearing a mask and she was outside is manhandled and given a ticket.  Politicians are taking our freedoms away does it make sense when you know the truth masks do not work if a person feels more comfortable wearing one that's their choice. Like Fauci said on 60s minutes watch video
Are Mask Safe 

WHY THEY ARE LYING TO US ? - People Need To Know The Truth !! - Dr. Andrew Kaufman

(from an American living in Sweden) 
An American living in Sweden discusses the Swedish experiment around the Coronavirus pandemic with his Swedish girlfriend. Unlike most other countries, Sweden not enforcing a strict quarantine to combat COVID-19, instead, Swedish health authorities are setting "guidelines" for social distancing. Are most Swedes respecting the guidelines?
Dr Oz and your immune System Stress and the media doesn't help  

Tony Robbins interviews Dr. Michael Levitt,

Nobel Laureate and Stanford Professor,


Their extensive analysis of COVID-19 mortality rates – which have shown strict lockdowns to be an overreaction that have caused more harm than good. This interview is part of the “Facts From the Frontlines” episode of #TheTonyRobbinsPodcast, where Tony uncovers the truth about coronavirus with a 7-person panel of highly qualified researchers, an experienced epidemiologist, a Nobel Laureate, and M.D.s testing and treating patients on the frontlines. Together, they reveal the evidence-based research that has come to light in the last two months.

True North Is Canada heading down

the same violent  Path As The US?

More info on Canada


The scenes of political violence in the US are saddening and disheartening. Canadians are fortunate that we don't experience the same level of violence as the US – but are we heading in that direction?






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