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David Icke, wise beyond his years. A truth seeker, with an inquisitive mind and never gave up into what he believed in. Even though he was ridiculed, laughed at, he thought outside the box and following his intuition being his authentic self. He is from Great Britain, a limey like her. She can connect to people who think that way and started watching David Icke’s videos and information. In 2020 she was putting some of his videos on her website. He was called many names and a conspiracy theorist but his predictions are coming true.


Icke was told by a medium he would be on this journey, educating, possessing this knowing and sharing his knowledge. He would be famous around the world and it has come to fruition. Right near the end of this movie documentary she felt the same way as him. He sees children writing in the sand FREEDOM! She got all choked up as well. When it comes to children and animals they have to be protected and taken care of. Nurtured with love not fear otherwise what will we leave them?


The tough times are when you learn the most out of life and who your friends truly are and finding like minded souls. We have to stand up for our children not be brainwashed with ideology. You have to do your own research  like she did for her son.  The government and people in charge are not looking out for the public's best interests. Why? They are just going along with what they have been told. They have to in Canada they are paid by the government  with our taxes. The big businesses, the elites at the top  control everything and who controls them?. That's how you control the population and why they have to do as they are told, if not they can lose everything and even worse.


Even when no one believed in what she was doing. You know what?  It didn’t matter, that little voice in her head told her something different. She went with that gut feeling you get when you know something is wrong, you should listen to it. She believes in prayer, has faith and God’s Love 💕that's how she carried on when she felt so alone and no one seemed to be listening.


She was being tested and thank God her higher power was leading her on this journey she needed to go down.  If she hadn’t had the wisdom and believed in herself, who knows what could have taken place. Unfortunately you can't go back in history and change what's happened.  Their lives would have turned out a lot different. She's so blessed and thankful she went with her intuition because her son wouldn’t be where he is today. Amen 🙏🏽


You have heard that saying the proof is in the pudding. That’s all she has to say. But! He does have his own business and will be successful again when all this is all over and finished with. No more corruption, tyranny and evil. Then we can all get on with our lives, come together with Peace ~ Love ~ Harmony. Wouldn’t that be wonderful for the human race.



When you are open minded,  think outside the box and go to a higher frequency you can learn many lessons if you wish. Then a whole new world will appear right in front of your very own eyes. You will not be manipulated, you will be mesmerized. We think we know what’s really going but do we? It's beautiful more and more people are waking up, seeing the lights. She hopes you will if you haven't already come to this conclusion. Hope this movie will help you understand this upside down world and what they are trying to do to the human race. This will all start to make sense .......


This bringing's back memories when she was a little girl looking through a  kaleidoscope all the beautiful crystalline colours emerging together. As you turned the  kaleidoscope from left or the opposite direction the patent’s were
never the same. She was fascinated, mesmerized looking at all the beautiful dazzling colourful designs. Would go into her own little phantasy world doing it for hours connecting to this other wondrous hemisphere of hers thinking in pictures stories. Like looking at the telly or the big screen when going with her mom to the cinema.  This is how she learned to fit in by watching others and when a teenager became fatigated by one of the 60s sex symbols she dressed and looked like her. A blessing in disguise she didn't become one of them she was never interested in money and fame. She did get herself into bad situations being naïve. Sometimes lucky using her intuition as she got older being here longer. The awareness and her conscious got stronger and was protected being a Stareed. Sent here with a loving heart but also a warier learning to stand up for herself and many life lessons she learned  along the way........... 
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