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On her mother’s side of the family they were psychic and her mother’s twin was a clairvoyant, a  tasseography reader and very good at her craft. In the 70s where her auntie was living at the time in North Eastern Britain, a small village and had many clients come to see her. She was told many stories about the unknown and as a child saw a vision of a beautiful being. She kept telling her husband things where going to change when she turned 70, the knowing she felt deep in her soul. Had no idea and not realizing what was coming,  big changes in 2020: An Awakening.


She's Had Many Other Awakenings And Sharing Some With You. 

She was happy working at home and in 2000 she wanted to learn Reiki and was very blessed and  taught by two wonderful teachers. In 2002 she changed her whole surroundings, renovated her family’s home, bringing lots of light, earth tone colours and hardwood flooring. In the meantime her mother passed on in 2007 it was a very difficult time, her mom was her security blanket, her best friend.  She felt lost she couldn’t just pickup the phone and call her mom anymore to hear her voice and having their long chats. She did communicate with her beautiful mother with  prayer, meditation and in her dreams. This particular night she dreamt about her mother, so vivid  her dream, when she asked her  "will I be with you one day" her mother answered  her question like she always as a child. She awoke her eyes wide open staring at the celling with these two words printed in her mind and will never forget that moment.  She knew one of the words but the other one had no idea what it was.  She went on the internet and googled them and only one website came up. It was mind blowing what she read.


The Day Her Mother Passed

She was at her computer she had been at the hospital most of the day with her mother not knowing it was her mother's last day had come.  When she got a phone call early hours of the morning she knew it was late and was told to come to the hospital right away, her mom wouldn't be here much longer. It must have been a premonition she had been writing a poem to her mother the whole story will be in one of her novels  You will see it when you scroll down on that page. Her poem she was writing She had been watching the telly I say a year later seeing a woman being interview on Oprah the woman was from Britain and found her story very interesting  and felt she need to go to the bookstore the next day. While she was there came across... to read the story   Go here 


Another Awakening Happened

She wanted to have a more holistic working environment and started drawing pictures how she would like her studio to be. She was very excited, it would be a four season sunroom, lots and lots of light with square and curved windows at the top and had to have beautiful scenery. A non toxic environment, an ECO friendly space,  she had the knowing before it became in vogue. Her vision became a reality and in 2008 had a grand opening inviting all her clients and friends. She had called a local newspaper and they printed her story and she got many clients who were on the same wavelength as her. They were looking for an non toxic environment and chemical free products that she used in her studio and sold, it was a big hit. Her clients who were already going to see her were thrilled with the new location built at the back of her home. It was so much better than her basement. 


Yes, She Has The Knowing Just Like Her Mother And Auntie

That’s why she doesn’t have any anxiety about this so called pandemic. She is not trying to be disrespectful she knows there is a virus and has educated herself and looked at other avenues to get her information from, not the mainstream media especially CBC and CNN. In fact she doesn't watch the news she doesn’t believe in the hype and doesn't live in fear? With prayer and meditating that keeps her grounded and of course looking after her health and well-being, very important. When she started to look at other sites that were not spewing hate and division she saw the truth. Why on earth would she wear a piece of cloth around her face when she works in her home? A non toxic place, no chemicals she's keeps herself healthy in Mind Body & Soul.  She was fine at the start wash your hand social distance but now with all these rules in some places. If her clients feel comfortable wearing a mask she's fine with that and if they were sick and even before the COVID they didn't come for their appointment, they are adults they were being sensible and knew they should stayed home. 


Why Should She Listen?

It’s becoming ridiculous when you see these people in charge telling you what you should do but it doesn’t apply to them and they don’t do it themselves. Do you think she is going to listen to them?  GOD NO! It’s called control, fascism. taking your freedom away. She’s a grownup and uses her common sense so how can she believe what they are saying when she investigates and can see the lies they are spreading .

Have Love and Respect For One Another

2021 is coming soon let’s make it a better one, open up Canada and bring our economy back. Open up all the countries around the world, we don’t need DAVOS, these elites, the WHO, China and the far left minded telling us what we should be doing and ruining people’s lives for their own agenda. If they believe they have a better world:

Why are they taking our rights away?

Why are they shutting down small businesses? 

Why are they shutting down schools? 

Why are they taking sports away? 

Why are they getting Hollywood do their bidding? 

Why are they behind BLM and Antifa?

Why can the left go out and rally and support their organizations?

Why can the so called elites do want they want but we can’t, why? 

Why is Big Tech silencing the ones they don't agree with and stopping free speech?

It reminds her when she was a little girl and her daddy saying “Don’t do as I do do as I say” it didn’t make sense then and it certainly doesn’t make sense now so why should she go along with these rules because they say so? Yes she has been told she should obey “You could be infected, “bloody hell” as her mother would say. Now it's your infected, before it was you catch a cold or the flu or whatever virus came that year. Didn’t this ever happen closing the economy down? You had the virus, felt sick went to bed did all the right things then you got better. Now the vulnerable the elderly with underline conditions that’s different they need to be taken care of like all the past viruses that have come and gone, it’s a tragedy many have died. They are finding out that a lot that have passed didn't have the virus they had cancer or some other element but on the death certificate they say they died of the COVID. Ha that's interesting and they are saying this virus is not as contagious for children as was the flu, so why is the government scaring people and they shutdown schools? You never heard on the news like today COVID!, COVID! that’s all you hear, turn the tv off but on some music you love.

The Window Of The Soul Never Lies

People are starting to open up their eyes they see these so called experts keep moving the goalposts and saying one thing then another when is it ever going to stop? Like she says the window of the soul never lies, please open your eyes. This Great Reset taking over our lives, we don't want that and if you don’t understand why these rich elites go to Dovas start to educate yourself before it’s too late. This didn't happen over night it's been planned and when the virus came along this was the perfect setting for them to carry out their plan just listen what they have to say then all the pots start to make sense .........  


Sending many blessings and God’s Love 💕 AMEN 🙏🏽

Take care each and everyone of you because we have to see a future for our children and their children and children who will come along after we are gone.

Like she said in her poem 

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