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Mother's Day  The Feelings She Felt 2024 

Kim's Mother.

Our Mum Loved Yellow Roses.

The Symbol of Yellow Roses Are:

Joy,* Gladness* Friendship &

Feeling of Care. That's What

Our Mother Was and Still is.

She Was a Friend to Many

With a Loving Open Heart

Yellow Roses Illustration

Times of Revolution & Dissolution ⏳ [From THE PORTAL]
This is what Kim was trying to say she wants to do a Master Class with Lee & Z's.
It might help her understand herself better in that area wanting to know more.
Lack of sleep will do it not remembering it will get better and will share why.

Kim was  hoping her Star 🌟 Seed brother was ok, she was very emotional on Sunday  Mother's Day. May 12th picking up an energy of sadness. Feeling overwhelmed bringing back emotions of her furry baby Angel passing in her arms. She was crying and her friend was going through a hard time his kitty cat had stopped eating.  That's a sign he's ready to pass over  going over the Rainbow Bridge.🌈 like her Angel she didn't want to leave but had stopped eating. 


This is the Honest Truth What She's Sharing.

It was when Willow was about six or seven months old. It’s hard to remember, she was in the kitchen on the right hand side near the window. All of a sudden Kim heard this unbelievable howling it scared her. What the heck was going on? It even woke up her son and he’s a sound sleeper. Her husband wasn’t in the house he was out somewhere. Willow running from the kitchen to the  family room window in a panic and did this a couple of times. Kim picked her up and she was crying making these sounds poor little Willow she was very frightened.  WHAT HAPPENED! She was in shock and Kim was comforting her saying “it was going to be ok sweetheart”. WHAT WAS THAT ALL ABOUT!!

She never seen anything like this with any of her other doggies they have had 5 before. Then later learning all about Star 🌟 Seeds and other information how a soul can body jump. Found this info very interesting.


Kim had been feeling very, very strange on Mother’s Day 2024. May 12th.  As she had mentioned couldn’t stop crying and Willow was at the bottom of the bed staring at her with those big soulful eyes of hers. It always reminds Kim of her sweet little Angel. She was looking deep into her window of her soul and behind Willow there’s a tall dark wooden cabinet. All of sudden, appeared a half shaped heart above her white fur and across her body. It was an aura a glowing Violet hue colour and every time she asked is that you Angel  it would appear. Then rising up above Willow's body looking  like wings and slowing dissipating into the ether. Kim sees energy all the time, that Sunday morning it was overwhelming, you think to yourself that’s happening. Thank goodness she knows  learning about these phenomena she learned from her mother and thinking outside the box. She was brought up having her auntie, she was a clairvoyant who read tealeaves and was psychic, it was on her mother's side of the family. Unfortunately because of things that had happening to her it frightened her as a little girl.


This stopped her being able to be like her auntie but she felt everything so intensely and was overwhelming, not understanding. What did that do when she turned 4 years old? Instead of nurturing her gifts it shut her down in fear all those years ago. Now because of her mother coming to her in her dream she understands herself better. Right now like many others sensitive souls, she's feeling these energy shifts tremendously the planet is going through. Her Star🌟Seed friend Caroline had sent her information on solar flares, she was feeling extremely strange as well.  We are getting a lot of them stirring up and causing a lot of emotions in highly sensitive souls.  Especially us empaths and living in a valley here in Ottawa it can really affect you.  If you do not know what's going on you think are going crazy these extraordinary feelings it's hard to think. Your body overheating, not sleeping well, sometimes dizzy and tired with aches and pains.  Other days feeling fine, it's like a roller coaster ride one day up another day down. It's good to support one another keep our vibrations high in stressful times.


Also learning she has Epstein Barr and apparently most of us have this virus and can lay dormant for many years. They say 90% and stress can cause a flare up and Kim has had a lot of stresses. Will be putting info soon she needs to take a rest from the computer. On her mobile info it keeps getting messed up can't handle it right now. If you see mistakes on there, Oh well she has to take care of herself....

Remembered She Had This Video On Walk-ins

Pet Loss And Pet Grief 
Going Over The Rainbow 🌈 Bridge

  Kim Took Out Her Cards Wanted To do A Reading
That Day. The C
ards She Used Were Given To her By
Another Beautiful Star
🌟Seed Soul *Nathalie . It was
All Good About Love & Moving Forward That's
What Kim is All About Never Staying Stagnant


Kim's Being Guided  To all these Videos and What
Her Being is Connecting To. Is Wonderful 
Likes to Share with other empaths out there

Kim learned a lot from From these video she gets guided to. Found out about
Sue Morter when introduced to her on the 30 Day Coherence Challenge. 
Loves her info and her meditations can relate to them. Being an
empath and very sensitive soul picking up vibrations she doesn't
always want and open to learning all that she can. 


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