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Two Years Old In Her
Pretty Pink Frock 

She was sweet and adorable in her pink smock frock the dress her mother bought from a jumble sale. She loved walking barefoot on her tiptoes wanting to be a ballerina. Her kewpie lips and baby doll looks locked away in fear and had no control in what happen to her. Being on this planet she learned the best way possible how to navigate herself and fit in into this world. Knowing what her mother had taught her with her insight and knowledge helped her greatly to validate herself. To know she was important and not let anyone put her down.

She Nurtured The Child Within

Her  & Became a Brave Soul



Every Parent Should Know About

This Bill Before It's Too Late

If you want to know why this is happening  Watch This Video

SCHWAB'S GLOBAL SHAPERS NETWORK EXPOSED! THE YOUNGER GENERATION. THE YOUNG GLOBALIST SHAPER’S Why are we going in this direction of Globalism and woke? Amazing Polly puts the dots together on the indoctrination of Canada’s youth. It is amazing how they do it. They have infiltrated the government, schools and many organizations. Who are the Global Shapers Community? Now you will completely understand what’s happening to Canada and many countries around the world.  

'Fascist Psychopath': Justin TrudeauCalls the Unvaccinated 'Racistand Misogynistic Extremists'

France's Macron Calls Millions of
Citizens "Non-Citizens"

Klaus Schwab  World Economic Forum ADMITS that
he has them all in his pocket!
and Social Media.

David Icke's Life Story
They thought what he said was a Conspiracy Theory,
they are not laughing anymore it's all coming true 


What's so Wonderful and knows she is unique and likes it that way.  She calls her Syndrome, AURA:  She's Highly Focused on what's Important to her and likes to know the truth not spin, hype or lies.  As a little girl  she was quite a stubborn child and asking her mummy many, many questions. Wanting to know about everything having an inquisitive mind. Her mother answering each and everyone of them because she  wanted to know why mommy, why? Then one day she went into herself she stopped singing and dancing. Why? Why? Why?

Not Able To Read When Leaving School
Finding Out Later
 She Was Dyslexic. 
Being Visual She'd Draw Picture Stories. 
Loves Sharing Bringing About  
This Beautiful Website With Colourful,
Images, Videos & Information With
Like Minded People

The Energy We Have Within Us ~What Our
Thoughts Can Tell Us~ Looking Inside Ourselves~ 
We Are In Control of Our Destiny~  God's Love, 
Protecting, Guiding Her~On  Her Journey Till
The Very End A Poem To Her Mom Passing On 

 Knowledge is Power  Having The Knowing Like
Her Mother Took Her On This Journey And  She
 Became The Woman She Needs to Be. Amen 💕🙏🏽

Sending~ Faith~ Hope~ God's Love From the
Bottom of  Her
Heart  She Knows She's Authentic,
Unique Cares About the Human Race Especially

Autistic Children Because She knows How
They Feel and Can Be Misled. If They Do
Not Have The Right Guidance and Love.

God Bless Canada~America &  Friends
All Around The World. 

 Johnann Hari Explains: Depression
Extremely Well  We All Go Through It

Everyone Has to Find Their Own Answers
hy Do People Get Depressed?
Will a Pill Be The Answer?
Are There Other Ways?

She knows why she gets depressed when she feels she doesn't have control
of a situation, gets overwhelmed and not getting the support she feels
she needs.  For her it doesn't last long  she always finds with prayer,
meditating brings her relief figuring out what she truly needs. Bring
all the right people and answers and coming into her life at that very moment.  It's called what your soul and heart is crying out for and if you are
connected to a higher power, for her she calls it God's Love and devotion.
You will get all the answers you need if you look  inside yourself.

There are going to be roadblocks along the way and she doesn't like change
but pushes through like we all do. Because what is the alternative?
If she doesn't want to go there and learned what works for her without medication. Writing has been a Godsend, expressing herself, being
a detailed person gets it out of her head, heightening all her
neurotransmitters  keeping her balanced and researching
giving her more knowledge helping her to move forward. 

This is how she has survived when those thoughts come from her
childhood, feeling helpless and she doesn't have control. Writing
her feelings out, giving  her the power she needs. What is wonderful  no
one can control her thoughts and she is free to think as she pleases.

 It's Powerful Being Her True Authentic Self

If  You Need Miracle 
In these times of uncertainty. technique
to call in Miracles Fast! Richard Gordon

Michael Sandler's Inspire Nation

There's one simple way to call in miracles, and it doesn't require anything you've been taught, or even a faith, believing, or knowing. For attracting miracles isn't about The Secret, or the Law of Attraction, or pounding the Universe repeating mantra after mantra. It's about connecting to a future possibility, out of love, out of hope, and out of energy. You see, it's the energy you feel that helps you call in ANY miracle you desire; it's all about the energy. That's why this interview with Richard Gordon, one of the world's leading energy healers (though he'd never say that about himself) and the creator of Quantum Touch is so powerful. More 

 She is Always Learning
 Learned Reiki Then  More........


Linda Moulton Howe The Truth is Really Out There For Those Daring To Seek. All The Lies to Expose What The Government of The World Know About The Aliens Presence On Earth.

Erich von Daniken’s Chariots of the Gods Podcast Eps 8 – Linda Moulton Howe Do not miss this epic conversation between Linda Moulton Howe, best known for her influential work within the field to Ufology, and Erich von Daniken, as they discuss Antarctica’s E.T base, E.T

 Hybrid Children






This is beautiful if only they had this support when she was young and for her child. It's marvelous what Sherri has done and is doing, her insight she possesses is wonderful. She learned Reiki to Help her Child. She was very blessed having a mother like hers who was psychic and into horoscopes and the unknown. It was on her mother side of the family. When Sherri mentioned about nose bleeds quite interesting. She used to have them when she was a child had written about it in her novel and put these stories when she was  A Little Girl.. 
Her mom teaching her daughter to love who she was but also she was no better than everyone else and visa versa. With her mother's help, wisdom, her understanding and that incredible insight of hers. It gave her courage to go out into the world. This was the swinging 60s in London England but walked to The Beat of her Own Drum She did have an interesting life because her mother focused on her looks knowing she would be treated better her daughter not getting an education. It took her many years being able to live in this overwhelming atmosphere she had to endure. She's extremely sensitive to her environment. Living in this unfamiliar world, having to Exist being Bullied put down at school but she survived. Taught her many lessons and built her character. She was an empath as she leaned as she got older and many other things she didn't realize why she felt the way she did. When her son was born she did what her mother had done for her protected him the best way possible used her intuition and insight............. 


She is now walking with her true authentic self, this is who she is meant to be, she isn’t hiding anymore and it feels enlightening. If she would have been able to read and get an education when she was young she could  have been a psychologist or author, even perhaps becoming a journalist seeing she likes to investigate, having a curious mind, learning all that she can. It’s never too late because she has wisdom and passion, she believes in what she is doing. When you know the truth you have nothing to fear, she goes with her instincts which you call intuition,  it's in her Being, deep in her soul. Helping her family all those years ago, if she hadn't researched looking for answers they wouldn't be where they are today. She was like her mother having the knowing and Now Sharing and never gave up then and she isn't going to now!

The Human Immune System - What

Happens During A COVID Infection?

Extremely Good Explanation why not everyone needs the Covid vaccine if healthy we have our own functioning Immune System

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