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She has put this website together wanting to share how Liberals and the left wing media are spinning and not telling the whole truth. Are they going to sell Canada down the river by being involved with the World Health Organization who are in bed with Communist China. Who are they really Trudeau, Tam, and his cabinet ? Please start to educate yourselves and why now do we have to wear masks but when the pandemic first came and was more serious we didn't have to wear them. You went with the guide lines it made common sense, social distensing, don't touch your face and washing hands. Why all the changes now and doesn't it make you think something is going on? It's becoming whorion  and some who are in charge are becoming dictators, doesn't that scare you more than wearing a mask? We are being brainwashed all you hear COVID, COVID you are going to die or you will kill someone. Isn't that brainwashing and getting into your head that if you do not obey you are a terrible person and they will come after you. Doesn't that sound like communist and  markist  to you?


Why now Black Live Matter and Antifa? If you know your history something like this has happened before. and have you heard of the brown shirts in Germany,? if not goggle it perhaps that will wake you up. If you don't know your history people go blindly into the fire and this must not happen for our children's sage


It breaks her heart to see what is going on and hope the info and videos she is sharing will bringing like-minded people who are standing up and willing not to give in. It might put your mind at rest because the media isn't telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God about this pandemic the COVID virus. She has seen it for herself how it has made some people to become unhinged. A lot of Canadians have become so scared and afraid and some are lashing out and being disrespectful to others who do not feel like them or can't wear a mask and being shouted at. 


This is a an example, a lady they know told this story; their son because of health issues he's not able to wear a mask and was out with his father at WalMart.  Guess what? A lady, I will call her a busybody started shouting "Where Is Your Mask", she yelled and was very rude. His father said "leave my son alone he has asthma and can't breathe if he wears one". We have to be respectful and understand why other people are not wearing masks and it has to be their choice not the government's. You have no idea what is happening in another person's life.

It has become apsoultly terrible 


This is something else that happened to her; she had to pick her husband up after dental surgery having his tooth pulled and a bone graft put in. She was quite flustered, the reason why she hadn't driven in a very long time and does suffer with anxiety. She had to be there for my husband and didn't have to go to far and had forgotten to put on her mask on, which she hate having to wear. That's why she never go out unless it very important or taking the dogs for a walk. Thank goodness you don't have to wear one when walking in the park and you're breathing in fresh air. She feels claustrophobic wearing something over my face  and want to get it off, she does get migraines if she doesn't take care of herself and did research that wearing mask can give you headaches and it made sense what she read.  


Anyway back to what she was saying; She had to go in through the backdoor after her husband's surgery and get the instructions from the nurse. She couldn't find parking and started to feel panic and did park in a handy cap space and had to walk a little ways and was getting stressed. As she was walking in realized she hadn't got her mask on. "Oh she said I forgot my mask in the car" she was going to go back. The nurse gave her one to wear and seemed irritated, I wasn't trying to be difficult and put it on. The next thing that came out of the her  mouth; "Sit Right Here", she went to sit but in the wrong chair, "No Here" as she pointed to the other one, she was like nurse Ratchet. I was taken back how nasty she was and said; you don't have to speak to me in that manner you are extremely rude. She was shocked that she spoke up, but after that incident she was very polite. The nurse wasn't a bad person but you get treated how you let another person treat you. She wasn't hostile just told her straight and you don't know what's going on in another persons life. She was really nice after that exchange, a pleasant woman and the reason why, she could see she was a nice lady and she didn't need to treat her in that fashion. When they were leaving said "I would have given you a hug if is wasn't for the virus"  she heard her laughed and I'm sure she smiled behind the mask. She thinks she made her day and she smiled back behind my mask, because we need good energy this in these times of uncertainty.  


Turning seventy in 2020 and no one was going to talk to me like that, She have been that way since after an experience at school when my hormones were kicking in and fighting the big bully. She was a extremely shy young girl very much in myself and never spoke up, she wouldn't have said boo to a goose and kept her feeling to herself. Then one day things changed read the story 

Info on the elite, World War Two and after the war there was no housing, how her family was living in a rundown, one room old Victorian home called the rest center. They shared the WC and kitchen facilities with other families, some with many children, on a waiting list to get into social housing, a council flat. Now in the 50s in Great Britain there were books that were being published by the middle and working class authors. How things were starting to change then the swinging 60s came along. She goes into detail  how the mentally ill were treated and the experiments they used on them, very disturbing and thankful she had a mother like hers. No one knew back then what was happening behind closed doors it was the Secret Society  the  New World Order, wanting one world government. 

In this Video Footage (End Game) You Will See Brookstreet Hotel in Ottawa It's Intriguing What you will Learn ~Must Watch

There is footage 20 minutes into the film you will see the elites and world leaders ,  coming to the Brookstreet hotel in Ottawa.  The press have been tipped off and Jim Tucker newspaper reporter has been covering the globalists the New World Order for nearly 30 years, why is it so secretive and it's  being  covered up, he wants to see what's going on.  Another journalist   Estulin from Canada  has been covering the Bilderburg meeting for 15 years. His book is a global  best seller called Club Bilderburg, has taken many photos of these elites and he's also outside the hotel with another reporter.  After you have watched this film you cannot  be  complacent anymore, now you can see for your very self why they want to take the President out and America down.  He's exposing them and the only President who has gone after the globalists, China and the sex traffickers.   It's nice to see these journalists doing their job not like now, 2020 the far left media  covering  up the riots. They say they are peaceful and blaming Trump because he's sending in agents to guard the federal government buildings .

Why do they hate him so much? It's called Trump Derangement Syndrome and some may be very scared and a lot to hide now it's slowly coming out.  Maxwell being arrested and is now in jail.   Who is  Soros


EndGame HQ full length version

Jones chronicles the history of the global elite's bloody rise to power and reveals how they have funded dictators and financed the bloodiest wars creating order out of chaos to pave the way for the first true world empire.

Tucker: Truth behind the Michael Flynn

saga is even worse than we guessed









These words are coming out of their mouths it's not made up

So Please Wake Up ~This is The New World Order

We get rid of all the whites in the United States

What is that all about?

What is this World Wide Order: Who are They ?

Let 's Hope O'Toole will  have the good policies
as Derek Sloan, one of the most 
important is getting rid of  Huawei.
Parliament Hill Protest: Demonstrators
Demand mask choice, end to Lockdowns More
Health Minister 
How can you trust Tam the Health Minister when she's connected to the World Health Organization and they are in bed with China. Aug 10th 2020 there have been no deaths in Ottawa in 7 days. The flu  in   2018 killed seven times the number of children than the COVID virus. Can't people see what's going on? It isn't What You Think it is
On Thanksgiving weekend, the freedom fighters
that make up “Yahoo Nation” didn't have a
heck of a lot to be thankful for. COVID
Why on Earth if you Love your Country and want Freedom
Would you Want Trudeau to be Your Prime Minister.
You Can See in these videos Where he Stands 
Two weeks or two years? COVID-19 turned into a power grab Dr. Fauci wants goggles now as well as masks what's next ? It's becoming ridiculous. 
Why is the internet and the media trying to stop this information getting out about  Hydoxychloroquine with Zinc for COVID in the early stages, it will save many lives. It has to be  politics  when you listen to these interview coming from the experts. Why is this  medication hidden or not being used in Canada for this virus?
More info they don't want you to see
SHOCK REPORT: This Week CDC Quietly Updated COVID-19 Numbers – Only 9,210 Americans Died From COVID-19 Alone – Rest Had Different Other Serious Illnesses. So let’s get this straight – based on the recommendation of doctors Fauci and Birx the US shut down the entire economy based on 9,000 American deaths due entirely to the China coronavirus?
Yes Another Video Taken Down They Don't Want You To See.
 This Will Take You To Information. A Whistleblower Speaks
Up About China And The Coronavirus  
But of course if you want to  stay in the dark  please don't  watch it  

Do you want to have the government to be like Big Brother?

Telling you what you cannot see and do, spying on you?

Do you like living this way or going back to the way it used to be?

Now you are starting to see the truth and where all this is going

You can't be quiet any longer and have to get this out

Because you care about the human race and your fellow man

Our  Great Nation Canada, God keep our Land Glorious and Free

Let's keep it that way and be with our American friends, our allies. 

For our children and our children's children sake They are our future

Who will come into this world after us  and you want them to be free

We don't want A  New World Order, A  One World Government 

These elites, some Royals, the Democrats and also some Republicans  The Liberals in Canada, Trudeau is one of them, a Rich, entitled elitist.

It's all about power and ruling over the people and you have no say

Doesn't Trudeau  admire Communist China, he has said so

Don't believe it, Google it, or keep your head stuck in the sand

Pretend it doesn't exist till it's too late like what happened in Nazi Germany

Look what happened to the Jewish people and  the Ones with  Disabilities

This is Brainwashing and it must stop before more  will die!

Why is she so passionate about what is going on? She was born 5 years after the Second World War in London England, and she writes in her novel  about this. The three tier system and being born into a working class family with very little money, but had an amazing mother she was born before her time More

The reason they were voting for Sloan they liked his agenda. Her husband is a teacher and  writes letters to the editor of  the Ottawa Sun newspaper    Michel's  Letters  Being an avid  reader and well educated, he respects the military and chose Erin O'Toole as his second choice. They hope he stands up to the Liberals and doesn't cower down and  go along with their woke ideas. If you don't go along with them, calling the opposition racist, homophonic and all the other names they use. They know damn well it's not true,  they are using Saul David Alinsky tactics so the public will fall for their biased agenda,  like the mainstream news. 


Knowing his  history  and politics, he has  Educated His Wife  and this is why she has put this information on  her website. Had no idea she would be doing this till the COVID  came along. She's  a very curious person and writing her novels, researching, investigating, and learning all that she can. Then learning about Derek Sloan running for the Conservative Party, they liked he wasn't going to be intimidated by the Liberals.  He stood up to the health Minister Tam and was  called a racist, which was ridiculous.  All this name calling is getting out of hand, trying to shut people down.   He was a lot different than Peter Mackay, a red Tory, not answering questions he didn't like.   He came across as a snob, yes,  like Trudeau as an example, he's one of the worst.  Let's hope O'Toole will be different and they are looking into his background and  what he stands for. 


They are willing to give him a chance to get rid of Trudeau in the next election. Is he going to be different? Let's hope he will follow through and break ties with the Chi-coms and the globalists who are ruining Canada wanting the Great Reset and Build Back Better. When they are the ones who did this to the world. The Liberals, the Trudeau party  ruining the economy, blaming it onto the Covid like some of the other countries. Most people have no idea what's going on the ones who are awake you cannot pull the wool over their eyes anymore they see through your deceit and propaganda. You are not looking out for their best interests it's your cronies, the elites in high places in Davos . We hope O'Toole will not be like all the other politicians  saying one thing and meaning another.  He has to stand up for the Canadian people to get rid of the corrupt Liberal government and  be a better leader. If you want to know More Go Here

speaks after being kicked out of Conservative Caucus
Sloan is not a white Supremacist or a racist, this
is ridiculous. What's happening with our MPs
in parliament, is it a secret society and is it true
what's leaking out about some of these politicians? 
Here's why Erin O'Toole fired Pierre Poilievre. Perhaps he was too good at
his job and over shadowed O'Toole. Poilievre gives  tough  questions
 extremely  articulate and look how
well he did with the WE scandal. 
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