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Children Are a Gift from God
She wrote this poem to her mother on her Parents 46th Anniversary  June 25  1995
For Being a

Thank You Mom

Wonderful Caring Mother
 Mother &  Child    

Mother Mother,

 Whose womb I snuggled in so restfully and warm,

My eyes opened the day I was born

I look up to see your eyes gazing into mine

 A bond mother and child,

Mother Mother, who will always care

The love that we will always share

Mother Mother, I am now the bond

 That we share and will carry on

Through the ages, like a circle we're born again

Taught to love, feel and learn

To do all we can to make this world a better place

For our children's children

For they are our future of our destiny, 

Mother and child.

I love you, Mum

                                        Your loving daughter wrote 1995

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