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Star Formation

Kristian  Power Artisan Instruments
Singing 🎼 Tongue Drums  

Kim was searching for hand tongue drum and was guided to Kristian's
website. They had a connection right away and she knew they would

hit it off. He's making her a special drum, one of a kind she can't
wait to receive and play the singing drum. It's going to be
Sending Healing*Light*Peace*Love* Out
to the Universe, 
Galaxies  and Beyond the Stars 🌟🌟 🌟


You  Can Also Buy Kristian's Singing
Tongue Drums On Etsy Canada 

For Meditation 🌟 Chakra Balance 🌟 Healing 🌟 Lifting Your
🌟 Filling the Heart with Such Happiness & Love 💖   


One of a kind singing drums are made from 100% recycled materials! Helping mother nature 🌏 has never sounded so good ❤️ 🎶Kristian is great to talk to on Zoom he's very creative and a beautiful soul.

It's Nice Connecting To All These Beautiful Souls
On the Same Wavelength It's Absolutely Lovely! 

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