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She Saw The Movie Oliver Twist in 1968

 felt sorry for little Oliver being an orphan and when looking up

with the bowl in his hands and that great line when he said,

 "can I have more please, sir more" More! the man yelled.  



Great Britain having the class distinction, her mom didn’t want her children to feel out of place she wanted them to feel proud of who they were. She also wanted her daughter to be able to fit into the world around her. Her mother like to read about the working-class poor in the nineteenth and twentieth century, and this is where she learned about the elite and Queen Victoria. She was not popular at all, unlike what had been written about her in the history books when her mom went to school. Victoria had an unhappy childhood, but did find happiness when marrying Prince Albert, and had nine children. In part of her time of ruling, they kept the common folks, the adults and children ignorant, and as slaves working them to exhaustion in labor houses. There were widespread slums and sickness, the working-class poor were considered not important. Doesn't that sound like Hillary Clinton calling the Trump supporter the basket of deplorables.


       Many of the 19th- century finance ministers toyed, with the idea of abolishing income tax, but it proved to convenient and to lucrative to lose. Her mother knew how this affected her mother and her mother’s      sister as children, not having any food on their table. Their mother an alcoholic and them going hungry most of the time. Sitting outside the pub waiting patiently for their mother to stagger out and to fill their tummies;  picking up orange peel from the street, eating the pith to serve. They didn't realize how much this helped them getting their vitamin C.

Having The Ruling  Class


Reading that Queen Victoria later did want to help the poor, in this draft of a letter written by Queen Victoria’s Private Secretary, Sir Henry Ponsonby, to the Prime Minister William Gladstone in 1883. The Queen expresses her distress at all she has heard and had read. The deplorable condition of the homes of the working poor and the final paragraph of the letter, was written in the Queen’s own handwriting. She urged immediate action to improve the housing of the lowest income groups. Poor working conditions, disease and crime were also common in the Victorian towns and cities. The Queen was aware that social reform needed to take place, and necessary to help the poor. Then with queen Victoria's assistance they did slowly help the downtrodden citizens. In 1880, Queen Victoria was asked to pardon a large number of children, who had been given prison sentences. Victoria had read from a report by the Home Secretary Sir William Harcourt. It explained, imprisonment of young people actually turned them into criminals. The punishments for criminal behaviour were usually very severe, even for the youngest; who had committed seemingly trivial offences. Stealing food to be able to survive. The Queen agreed that the law needed to be changed and to correct this situation. But no new legislation was passed until the First Offenders Act of 1887.

Prince Philip's Mother - The Strange, Exciting Life
of Princess Alice | Free Documentary History
 Had no idea who Prince Philip's mother was, what an extraordinary
woman. Had a extremely difficult life born deaf, in this documentary
   you will learn the hardships she came through. Sent to an asylum and all
she endured, she was quite remarkable and loved her spirit

Freedom VS Communism  


The young generation today living in Canada and the USA have been  spoiled, they have no idea what it's like to go hungry and have the ruling  class, the elites rule over them. They have been brainwashed about communism and don't realize the sacrifices most of their parents;  grandparents and the generations before, fought for freedom for them. To make sure they wouldn't suffer the hardship they went through. The only problem when you have been given a good education  and fed propaganda, been misled that doesn't build character it builds envy. But the good news the generation coming up after them are realizing it's good to have capitalism.  More jobs, a better future not to have to rely on the government. Having a nanny state controlling your every move, telling  you what can and cannot do; is that the life you want to be living?        


Venezuela Socialism  

Working Class Fella From London
Johnny Lydon, knowns as Johnny Rotten
 the lead singer in the punk rock band~ the Sex Pistols, down to earth, genuine like her mom. He
had a tough life but you don't complain you just get on with it that was the British working class way.

 Sex Pistols singer John Lydon

takes a bus tour of London.

  Johnny Rotten Rants  why he likes
the President He's not a phony. You
can't always judge a book its cover 

She never forgot where she came from.
A working class girl from London England.
The three tier system you knew your place but having a mother like hers, as well as a grandpa who wrote her a   fairy  time story about a Princess. She knew no one was better than anyone else. We are all human beings doing our very best and you shouldn't have to bow down to no one. Love yourself for who you are, a magnificent soul. We are all equal  and we all leave this place the same way as we came in. Doesn't matter if you are rich or poor. You do not have to go to church or be religious. You see God Loves Everyone More

Living in a Council House 
Between Kingbury ~
Preston Road 1965

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