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All Children

Are Innocent Soul

Wanting  To Be Loved Nurtured

They Are A Gift From God 

N o More Abuse
& Pedophilia

It Has To Stop


She Knows Why She was Sent

Here and Wanting to descend

Felt different especially as a little girl growing up in London Englang 5 years after the Second World War. Had to go through her own life experiences to become stronger and have no fear. When you are constantly bullied and have been molested when 5 years old by a family member. Also raped at 20 by a stranger, a man old enough to be her father. You either crawl into a ball and don't want to be seen and she felt like that till she fought the big bully at school, that liberated her. Her confidence was getting better having her picture in the Daily Mirror newspaper. After being raped which she didn't know it was rape at the time. It was the most scary experience and really strange what happened and still to this day trying to figure it out. Why, why did she follow this man. She froze felt so vulnerable, it seemed he had some control over her, like her uncle a Freemason .

 She has no memory how she got home, does remember running up the stairs screaming. her mother had to hit her across the face because she was hysterical. her mom had never hit her before that was the only way to snap her out of her uncontrolled emotions she was going through.  She's been writing for many years it helps her to cope, putting her feelings down and sometimes comes flowing out of her.  Not able to read, no cell phones, this was back in early the 1970s. Getting a lot of attention from men when blossoming not always the best scenario, wanting to look like those sex symbols and where did that come from? This was the swinging 60s in London and like what's happening today in a way. Sex, drugs and Rock and Roll and lot of free love, orgies anything goes. Women's lib had started and the birth control pill. Seeing topless women in the newspaper magazines and on the telly. Also at rock festivals free love was everywhere for their generation.  It was very confusing for a girl like her.  She was adventurist and innocent at the same time, thinking of traveling to the Virgin Islands she had been invited to work at a spa. The was her first love very complicated relationship meeting him at a London club. You have to know all the story why she wanted to go and all her experiences she went through. Her life wasn't boring that's for sure for this different unique young autistic girl.......


After the traumatic experience, devastated and didn't want to leave London and to go to an unknown country.  She had lost her confidence and who does she trust and would he love her for who she was? She never told anyone about this man she thought it was her fault going to this monster's place telling her this lie. It wasn't his place, they hide in dark corners these predators. They know who to go after the vulnerable, they are weak minded, have no empathy. They cannot stand up to strong women that have their own mind. They think they can get away with pedophilia and sexual abuse, ruining children's lives. She knows how it has affected her and suffers with anxiety and PTSD. This why she has to keep herself busy and likes helping others it fills her heart with such love and happiness.


They are going to be found these predators, they think they are untouchable and when you shine the light on them they scatter like vermin. They are coming for you they will not let this continue because more and more of the human race especially mothers and fathers are fighting back and will not tolerate this behaviour. Get out of our schools away from the children and stop trying to change their innocent minds and their gender. 

This Video Link She Understands Anneke Lucas Completely

It's important why the human race needs to wake up and listen to what Anneke has to say. It’s mind blowing when you have no idea what’s really happening in this world. These Satanic evil people they can't be human some of these elites. Even using their own children as sex slaves, the abuse and torture is overwhelming unbelievable what they do to children. They are psychotic psychopaths, everyone needs to watch this video otherwise it will never stop. You have no idea how these children suffer and yes there are hunting party. Listening to many others who have gone through the same ordeal suffering, it's shocking. It's hard to believe but after watching the Jimmy Savile Documentary quite a few years ago. He was friends with the Royals and many politicians and people in high places. Why? Why? Why? you have to ask yourself he had access to all these children. Nothing was done and how the media covered up for him. She woke up after learning all about all of this and prayed from her heart it had to stop. The human race would also wake up and save these children.


Please Do not Ignore This is What They Want Chaos and Separation

People cannot keep burying their heads in the sand especially when you have children and if blessed having grandchildren as well. They are our future, a gift from God, the innocent ones. We have to protect them, this video is very dark a nd most will not be able to watch it. If you do it will open your eyes and have more understanding why this is going on with our governments. She was told in 1984 a photographer who worked on the hill and took photos of Justin Trudeau's father who was the Prime Minister back then. There were pedophiles in the government who liked young boys, didn't realize at the time how young these boy were. The people at the top the puppet masters wanting this New One World Order. Putting people in position they can control bringing in pedophilia you cannot deny it, this information is everywhere. Their motto: You will be happy and have nothing, I’m sure you have seen them. 

You Do Not Think Pedophilia Isn't Happening Here?
She had talked to a lady here in Ottawa, when looking for another puppy and wanting a white one like her Angel. She saw her website, very childlike she also kept rescued dogs and got in touch with her. When talking to her she knew she had been through trauma and this lady shared her story with her. As a child she was pimped out by her father and brother to older men. Where did this lady land? Of course taking care of animals, they love you unconditionally. The trauma she must have gone through, and can understand why she didn't want to have anything to do with humans and even her family didn't treat her well. Bringing these little puppies into the world it made her fell validated. and didn't let her dogs to go to anyone. They filled her up with such love taking caring of these little creatures. Kept the ones who needed more attention and affection, mothering them. Psychologically she was nurturing her soul and how she would have liked to be cared for and loved as a child.  At the time she didn't have any white dogs she was looking for a playmate for her Rainbow. Her heart went out to this lady knowing how she had suffered. 


The only way it will stop sexually abusing children when more people realize it’s not a conspiracy. Why do you think they have been trying to scare us into submission? Calling us names if you do not go along with their agender and she had been called a Nazi;  just because she said it wasn’t true what this person had said about Trump. She likes honesty not spin  it doesn't matter who is in power they should be looking after we the people. They went ballistic but did email her and said she was right. She had kept her cool and being an empath, a professional this was at her place of business and her reply when this person was leaving in a rage: "Why can't we love one another get along we are all human trying our very best." Having a mother like hers taught her never to go down to their level, sweetheart.


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