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Sunrise over the Wheat Field

Connected to up there Star🌟Seeds

She started drawing  Star🌟Seeds, sisters and brothers who care and want to bring a higher frequency to this word and support one another with love and affection. Being there and supporting  each other. As we know Love Can Do Amazing Things. 

 March 2023


All Children

Are Innocent Soul

Wanting  To Be Loved Nurtured

They Are A Gift From God


Felt different especially as a little girl growing up in London England 5 years after the Second World War. Had to go through her own life experiences to become stronger and have no fear. She was very blessed the first 3 year years of her life she was with her mother all the time. She'd dance on her tippy toes wanting to be a ballerina dancing and singing to her heart's content. Then when she turned 4 years old things changed. She didn't have her mother all to herself anymore. She was full of anxiety her father didn't help promising her baby sister. When her brother was born it was very confusing she wanted a sister her daddy promised her; said send him back she didn't want him why wasn't he a baby girl?  

Parents Do Not Realize How They Can Confuse Their Children They Have No Idea 


Been through many traumas and disappointments she survived turning her tears into a positive it hasn't always been easy you learn to cope. Every obstacle will make you  stronger and hopefully wiser. The longer she is here she's absorbing all the knowledge she can there is so much more and never ending . 

 There are some beautiful souls that have come into her life and on the same wavelength as her. All these lovely Star🌟Seed sisters and brothers who care and support each other. That's what life is all about caring and sharing not judging and putting others down. It's about Love* Peace* Harmony* Serenity* Tranquility lifting our vibrations up to a higher frequency. That's one of the reasons she likes to share Lee Harris videos. He has a magnificent and beautiful soul. He's full of love and compassion sharing his life experiences around the world.


She can relate to Lee's words and when he talks about magic. She had terrible low self esteem when growing up in London England, having to hide her insecurities and sabotaged herself many a time.  That was because she couldn't read and learned how to cover it up being a good actor, she'd deflect. When older she loved helping others and making them feel better.  It's always been there in her being deep in her soul. Having trauma in her life with learning difficulties and suffers with PTSD. It didn't stop her doing what she loved, being a hairstylist and in away a therapist. Having clients sharing talking their feeling out and what was so wonderful. Leaving feeling and looking better  than when they came.


It did stop her in many other areas always second guessing herself and not really knowing who she was.  Having her own hair studios she couldn't have done it without her loved owns helping her. The studios were extremely successful that was back in the 80s.  Then building in 2008 an ECO friendly Hair studio at the back of their home, no toxins. As we know later in 2020 with everything changing around her and being an empath a sensitive to her environment. She needed to bring in beautiful elements into her hair studio and making it into her healing room as well.



Now in her 70s branching out in a different direction wanting to help others by caring and sharing.  It's always been there in her being deep in her soul. Putting this website together by telling her story about her autism Asperger's which she calls AURA and being dyslexic. Others may relate to some of what she shares in her stories on this website. In her novels growing up in the 50s, 60s and part of the 70s in Great Britain. She was very blessed and having a mother who understood her little girl when younger, helping her the best way possible. She's still connected to her mum and what a great sense of humour she had that got her mother through the difficult times.  She was one of a kind a Lancaster lass from Manchester. She was pretty and petit, had an identical twin sister.  They had their anxieties like we all do even her father his inner childhood trauma. Never  discussing their feelings, how could they, didn't know how to. Can you imagine living through the Second World War, her mother with her parents and her twin huddled together under the stairwell. Everything blacked out you couldn't have any light, not wanting the enemy the German to see there target.  Hearing the bombs falling and houses being blown up all around them. Would they be next? That generation living through the war, her mother being working class.  They were the salt of the earth that's for sure especially her mum. Her being guided on this journey her mother coming to her in her dream She was an empath A Star🌟Seed .



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