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Had no Idea She Would be Sharing 
She Just Wants The Truth  2020


Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson, a Christian spiritual leader  who is very vigilant in getting her message out. Why does she admire these women?  They speak their mind which is so important with Conviction and Passion.  You might not agree with, their Beliefs and Spirituality. You cannot but  admire them for Standing up for What They Believe in and getting this information out.


         Many years ago if she  had listened to the so called experts her family wouldn't be where they are today. Instead she went with her intuition and what she believed in to help .her family.  Following  her Heart the Feeling Deep within her Soul. She  had the Knowing,  her Faith, Hope & God's Love. Everyone has to do what thy feel is best for them, the reason no one knows what another person is going through. To be kind and understanding if they have a different point of view. Please don't let us be divided,  we are all human beings doing our best. 


She's Another Magnificent Soul A must watch Rumble Laura Lynn in Ottawa she's standing up for freedom and rights for our human race. See all the peaceful supporters standing together for Love of our Great Beautiful Country Canada Amen!

Lara Logan a journalist who used to work for 60 Minuets. She's a wonderful soul with great courage. She has come out against pedophilia here's her interview  very passionate and can understand why she's standing up. Lara was sexually a salted and raped in Egypt.  interview wh Steve Bannon  /2022/05/0

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