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Kim came across this video today April

3th 2024 it's perfect explaining

these  beautiful souls COMING HERE

Kim Was Able to Figure it Out  Downloading Her Meditation She Did For her Son  30 years ago   

Don't ask her how she did it she always thinks outside the box and figuring things out. You can listen to her meditation if you want she taped for her son when a little boy. She actually did it for herself so she could listen to it on her iPad. The the  sound was better than she thought it would be. While she was taping the doggies started barking had to do it all over again. She hopes you like what you hear and being creative did this collage. She isn't sure if it will come out right on an iPhone having problems and can be very frustrating. That's why it's better to view on other devices if you can.  God Bless

Sending *Love *Light *Peace *Many Blessings  Kim


Another beautiful baby being born into the family we can't wait to meet this magnificent Crystal Rainbow soul.  Growing inside their mothers tummy, they come here to teach us many lessons. StarSeed *Crystal *Rainbow children coming here to change our world to a higher frequency *Love *Peace to *Shine A *Positive *Light, no more wars. Only to Love and accept one another as in her grandpa's story he wrote for her. Coming to this galaxy with such wonder and curiosity. Needing nurturing, a lot of understanding and guidance very important. Sensitive loving souls having to plug into a higher vibration if not it will cause them terrible anxiety upsetting them. Picking up energies and some they cannot handle or do not want. Kim is very blessed  she has always done it her way even if it meant being ostracized and not fitting in. She has faith, hope and God's love in her heart.  It's not a religion to her God is Love and after her baby was born all those years ago she understood this completely the heart mind connection.  It became very strong and as you can hear in her meditation  it was all about this beautiful universe and Gods Love....... 


There's so much more help and understanding out there now and our children have to be protected and be careful who you trust. Even if we do not say what we are thinking they will feel it. Many of these children have been diagnosed with all these disorders and syndromes the medical field like to call us.  A lot of sensitive souls have no idea why they feel like they do. Usually very creative can be vulnerable to their environment. She knows how it affects her nervous system and has to be careful and be around like minded people on the same wavelength being an empath and a highly sensitive soul.

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