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H.F Autism 
Think Outside the Box
They Have Gifts Others Don't Possess

Even Adults Have Had   Transgender Regrets  

       What Women with Autism
    Want You To Know

A young woman from Australia on this video was misdiagnosed with Bipolar and to find out later she had Asperger's. This can happen to her  when a doctor doesn't know about this syndrome and can be treated for the wrong disorder.  The reason why females are good at masking it happened like she had learned all her life. You just get on with it.  She was fortunate to have a lovely doctor who sent her to see a specialist who worked with autistic patients and was properly diagnosed in her 60s.


She did go through a lot of anxiety trying to understand herself and it wasn't easy at the time. Having something happen to her that coursed  her terrible pain. Physically emotionally and mentally, she was a wreak  it was draining and had to be on pain killers.  Her mother wasn't here anymore and had no one to talk too. If only she had listened to her intuition and not been talked into it. Having these mood swings and trying to figure herself out. She did find a video on her iPad that she had recorded herself very emotional at the time. She was very good at covering her pain up and sometimes in distress.  Having a clients she she was able to pull herself together putting a big smile on her face. You know what she felt better even when she had to go to the washroom to throw up and come back and finish her client. Like she has said you get through it some days better than others. 

Success Empathy and Parenting with
Krishna | Real Life Asperger's Interviews
Dr Tony Attwood  - Good Mental Health
for Autistic Girls and Women......

A good illustration by Tony Attwood the world leading expert on Autism at the end of the presentation he mentioned about how autistic young people can think a certain way about themselves. You will understand why she is against boys and girls changing their gender at such an early age they are being brainwashed. This has to stop it's child abuse. For God's sake wait till they are older if they really want to do it.  Kids are always changing their minds especially if they are autistic wanting to fit in. They can be easily lead in the wrong direction thinking they will be happier. It's extremely painful and having to take hormones all your life. Many have regrets and even committed suicide.   

Big Pharma Big Money : Documentary
on the Money and Corruption of Big Pharmaceutical Companies
 Making a Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging - Full Movie (Documentary)
Britain's Got Talent Susan Boyle

 She remembers seeing Susan Boyle the first time singing on Britain's Got  Talent. Her mother was right how you looked was very important how others would treat you. At school as a shy young lady she was bullied, hit put down, called names because couldn't read and laughed at, making her feel she wasn't worthy. She was so blessed having mother like hers making sure she would fit into this unfamiliar world. She was going to give her daughter confidence she wasn't going to be a shrinking violet. She felt for this Scottish woman how they snickered, laughed but they had no idea she had something special she had  AURA.  What  a beautiful voice she had and sang like an angel. As her mother would say you cannot judge a book by its cover! Look how far Susan has come because she is  a Beautiful Soul with such An Amazing Talent A Gift That God Gave Her.





Watch WINNER of Britain's Got Talent 2020 (BGT) Jon Courtenay as we see him from his first golden buzzer audition to the finals. Check out his amazing audition and all performances as he continues to makes the judges laugh. 



She has learnt a lot more about this syndrome and herself
since she put her videos together and published in 2012.
Then took her videos down and now sharing again.


  Female Aura             
 Three Asperger's Male Comedians



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