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Seeing Kim is creative and being visual,  after learning Reiki  in 2001 she wanted to change her surroundings. Earth tone colours, putting hardwood flooring, leather and wood furniture. Designing  their   home into an image of Tuscany;  having lived in Europe she loves that Mediterranean  style, bringing a beautiful calming  positive energy. Secret Garden Hair Studio

door hangles and mi casita 005.JPG

Photo in the 80sLook at the High Hair Dos

All Dressed Up Going to a Function 


Wrote May 2020 
Kim's an immigrant from London England came to Canada in the late 70s. Met her husband soon after she arrived and they have been together ever since. In 2020 turning 70 she had an awakening, a calling, an energy, within. Turning to her spirituality and wanting to share with others who may be interested or are on the same wavelength. Found out many other's were on the same path..

It's been wonderful to be able to get her beliefs and passion across. There are always going to be people who may not agree with her philosophy. We all have a right to our opinions and should respect each other's point of view, which is very important. She wants to be left alone to do her own thing and have her own thoughts. Unfortunately most have no idea what it is like living with this syndrome. She's very blessed found different ways to help herself and family and never gave up in what she believed in.

She prays and meditates things will get better in this vast universe she's extremely focused what's important to her. We are all on our own life's journey; she's had her difficulties being very sensitive  to her environment. As had her ups and downs like we all have. That never has stopped her believing in herself she has a strong will and her
Faith.  Never giving up and God's Love is always with her.


In 2008 she opened her Secret Garden Hair Studio

*A nice head massage you can drift off while listening to the calming music.

*No chlorine in the water  and throughout the home.

* Use ECO friendly cleaning products, Shaklee it's important what  we use in our home especially around our children, the elderly, and our pets they are even more susceptible to these toxic chemicals. 

* Only use Organic shampoos and hair styling products on her clients.

* Use CHI colours , ammonia free no chemical smells and non toxic, PPD free.
*Not taking new clients for highlights

* Ionic infer-Red Processor dyer for colouring hair. rejuces the levels of ( EMF)

* Uses a CHI Blow-dryer, maintains the safety of the environment, reduces the levels of  EMF. 

     ( Electric magnetic fields)

* Also the CHI  Ceramic Ionic Flat iron .

*  Does not perms or use bleach so that's one of the reasons why there are no chemical smells. 


*  If you like, her husband will bring you one of his homemade gluten free Chocolate chip or Oganic Blueberry  muffins with a herbal tea.

*While you wait for your colour to take after you come out of the dryer you can sit back in a comfortable massage chair.

salon 724.jpg

Human Contact Extremely Important For Our Well Being

It's good for the soul we need positive  human contact, chatting, laughing and when the clients leaves feeling better than when they came. Women like to have a connection, socialization, it lifts their spirits and makes them smile, isn’t that what life is all about.

You get to a place in your life and you want Peace, Harmony and Tranquility that's how she has designed her home and hair studio. You can tell a lot about a person by their surroundings.

What is The Difference? 

*No chemicals or chemical smells.

*Lots of windows to see outside feel like you're at the countryside.

* A Happy Positive and friendly atmosphere.

*When you love what you to do you will be happy and content.

2008 Built the Secret Garden Hair Studio

Had a grand opening invited family, clients and friends, a chemical free studio with organic products, lots of windows bringing in light and the wonderful good energy she was receiving, it felt  magnificent.


Live~Laugh~Love & Happiness.

She has those words above her door in the hair studio and Dianne,  one  of her beautiful clients, gave her this gift and put it on the wall for her.  She is very blessed to have wonderful clients and for many years been able to learn all that she needed to keep herself and her family healthy and strong. Learning Reiki in 2000  bringing with it a higher frequency, a positive energy. She changed her surroundings when finishing her Reiki teaching bringing, earth tones colours and hardwood flooring throughout the home and granite countertops in the kitchen.  She loves the ambiance of Tuscany it reminds her of the Mediterranean and when the winters come it feels warm and cozy.  It brings with it Peace, Serenity Harmony and most of all, Love because Love can do Amazing Things........


Kim Was In The Chi Magazine 

Changed my Hair Studio into
My Healing Room As Well.

With Beautiful Elements Extremely Calming Wonderfully Peaceful for Sensitive People. Especially if you are an Empath like me

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