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 A Mask of Disguises: Her Wigs, Hair Piece, False Eyelashes and Makeup, When in the Middle 60s and part of the 70s in London England . She Became a Chameleon So She Could Fit In and She Didn't Realize that's What She was Doing and Became Very Good By Putting on a Front Becoming Someone Else.



 Good Mental Health for Autistic Girls 
Tony Attwood Extremely  Entertaining 

How she looks is very important to her because this is how she learned to fit in and be accepted. Even though she felt ugly, defected and from another planet, if she didn't hide be hide her mask of disguises. Her looks got her a lot of attention and started modelling in the late swinging 60s and early 70s in London. She was blessed with high cheek bones and porcelain skin and her idol was a sex symbol and very famous back then Brigitte Bardot. She had the same eyes, smile and pouty lips like hers and thought she was the most gorgeous exotic woman in the world she wanted to be like her, but not knowing who she really was not being able to read. 

Having this syndrome she was clueless and trusting. She loved this actresses persona, her makeup her bohemian fashion and style that she liked to copy. She was sensual and beautiful and different than any other actress she had ever seen. She was authentic, she wasn't acting she was being herself. This was what she was picking up on and wished she could be like her, but she couldn't and there was a reason for this.  

She could have easily gone down the wrong path being in the modelling industry but her destiny was mapped out for her and God had other plans for this young autistic girl. Protected her by making her this way even her mother did know about her problem she hide it from everyone she was good at disguising and deflecting. Having a mother like hers who taught her daughter she was significant, also to stand up for what she believed in. to treat others the way she wanted to be treated. No one was better than anyone else even the royals her mother would tell her.






Her mum was quite a lady, pretty and petite, born before her time she was a StarSeed. Her and her sister born 1919. She loved ballroom dancing and fashion even though they didn't have much money they always dressed fashionable their mother making them their clothes.  They were told by their mother you do not have to have a lot of many to dress impeccable as long as as you have a well pressed black skirt and two clean iron  blouses.  Being identical twin  they got a lot of attention seeing there were not many of them back then and did dress alike.

A fun day out before the Second World War. Her mum on the left her cousin Olive and Olive's mother and father and her twin at the other end. When her mother had passed Olive shared some great stories about her mum, She was a comedian told some great stories and had Olive in stitches with the jokes she would tell. Her mum was fearless in the war would go dancing at the Ritz when coming home it she heard the sirens would hide in the shop door ways and would never wear her gas mask.  Her mother would be very worried then she'd hear the knock at the door theirs her daughter with a big smile and that twingle in her eyes and she woud say..........


Her mother and her twin  

Every Autistic Person has to find what works for them to be able to function, no one is living their life. There's help out there not like in her day but she did very well, as she matured, under the circumstances if you don't know any better you just get on with it.  She was properly diagnosed in her late 60s,  even though she knew she had this syndrome years before.  Between 2010 and 2019 she was going through some very bad experiences in her life physically, emotionally and mentally. Then the medication she was put on for her migraines caused her a very bad reaction. Went to see her doctor and was diagnosed with the wrong disorder. Her doctor was kind enough to able to send her to the right professional person who worked with autism and was properly diagnosed, which she calls her syndrome Aura. She had stopped the medication right away when she got this terrible reaction, she wasn't herself crying, wanted to leave this world, having suicidal thoughts. For her this had happened before a long time ago when she was put on an anxiety drug,  very bad not good for her.

Being so sensitive to her environment she doesn't do well on certain  medications like antidepressants. Everyone is different, you have to find what works for you, it's extremely important.  Thank goodness she  was able to find the right  medication that works for her migraines and it made a big difference in her life. Anyone who suffers with them knows how debilitating they can be in fact with any pain they may be going through. She did find the natural approach to help herself, in many ways, it doesn't mean she doesn't get stressed and overwhelmed sometimes. It's usually because she feels she doesn't have control over a situation, not getting the support she needs and cannot stand lying that triggers and upsets her tremendously. The reason why? She likes honesty and finding like minded people on the same wavelength that helps. She has her good and not so good days.



What's  comforting for her is writing her feelings out, having a wonderful imagination she can escape into her own Cosmic Surreal Existence.  As she did as a young girl when feeling ostracized, bullied, taking things literally and not understanding her peers. Knowing she didn't fit in, so sensitive, a delicate being and only wanting love and kindness. This atmosphere around her feeling all the vibes closing in and being misunderstood.  An  energy, a wave of negativity of course one day she fought back for her dignity The rest is history and she had an interesting life. Her grandpa's story he wrote for her


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