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 A Mask of Disguises: Her Wigs, Hair Piece, False Eyelashes and Makeup, When in the Middle 60s and part of the 70s in London England . She Became a Chameleon So She Could Fit In and Become Someone Else. She Didn't Realize that's What She was Doing and Became Very Good By Putting on a Front 

Dyslexia Can Be Awesome 
We have Fascinating Brains more
We all have gifts don't ever think you are stupid if you couldn't read like Kim when younger. Even now she has difficulties with some words. It was a struggle not understanding this world and how others children could be nasty and mean even the grown ups they could be worse. She does believe why she had this problem dyslexia.  When starting school she had to wear a patch over her ugly National Health glasses on her left eye.  She had a astigmatism on her right eye and that's what they did in her day. She looked hideous and for two years having to wear those glasses. No wonder she felt lost in a fog, she couldn't see properly. Looking at the blackboard all blurry and looked like a foreign language to her. Spaced out and didn't help with other things that happened. 
Fighting The Bully When growing up in England in the last year at school and still being bullied, teased and put down. This bully would hit her, call her names and she would try to ignore it. One day when her hormones were kicking in; this bully after gym was taunting her again. It was hard for her to verbalize her feelings and something inside her snapped and she went for her
What Made Her So Resilient?
In her novel Copyright
This is where is all began some of her upbringing and experiences did to her. It messed up this little autistic girl's  brain and the consequences how she  felt about herself, but she forged ahead not knowing any better. Because of her mother had the knowing and bringing her up prim and proper; to have empathy not to feel guilty about her body. She didn't like when a person lied, it  would tremendously upset her. God had protected this sensitive young girl  in many ways, by shielding, sending angels and having people come into  her life at the right moment. She wasn't going to be a victim and with God's love he was taking care of her. We are sent here for a reason and choosing our destiny on the way. Even though it took her a long time to comprehend  why she was here. In the end she figured it all out, learning her life lessons and she never blamed and got on with it, that was her upbringing and the British way. She started to understand herself better and why she was like she was and it's extremely  therapeutic writing her novels. You will see what she had to go through; it made her resilient and letting things go she couldn't control and proud how far she has come.

 When growing up in London England as a child in the 50s it was a different type of world, a kinder and gentler place. Children's TV programs so innocent not like they are today and no additives in the foods she ate. Playing outside in the fresh air and running around getting exercise. Parents, not around and she was free to do as she pleased with that incredible imagination of hers. .......

She went through some horrible experiences and never told anyone. Parents have no idea today what their children are exposed to and may be going through. A must watch for every parent out there don't bury her head in the sand and think this can't happen to your child. Why is this occurring suicides at such an early age and child predators able to access your children without you knowing. You will see in this documentary very eye opening.
 A Must Watch For Every Parent
 Social Media Danger 
 Rebel News Talking About Tv
programming on the CBC. Why do these programs have  to be shown to young kids? Also  sex education why so young ?She has never been a prude but this is going too far and when you understand why and who is behind it  you will not want The World Health Organization in Canada. Period! 
  The Amazing Hidden Meanings of
Everyday Words Jordan Maxwell
An interview with Jordan Maxwell by Richie Allen. How the words we speak  we have no idea what they really mean. The history we were taught and told were they really telling all the truth? Being inquisitive I like to know more than you see on the tv which I do not look at anymore.

No computers and internet, there are some great advantages having a computer for a female like her, who's dyslexic and autistic  and  unable to read. The internet would have helped her in some of these areas, not having to write over and over again because of her grammar and spelling errors. When on the computer using spell check and spelling phonetically, it didn't always help and putting the wrong words. In the 60s dipping her fountain pen in the inkwell, and being left handed making a mess all over on the paper.  The words she was putting looked like a foreign language to her, and not able to understand what she had written. Not knowing her left from her right everything was muddled in her brain, it also took her a long time to learn to tell the time. But that didn't mean she was stupid, but she thought she was. Why couldn't she read? She realizes now it was fear of having the children laugh at her, when the teacher would ask her to stand up in class. She was overwhelmed with fear feeling everything so intensely wanted to disappear, have a magician wave his magic wand, poof! she was gone, she didn't want to be seen..........

She had a mother who Accepted her Differences as a child and not knowing of Autism Spectrum and these other disorders in her day. Her mom a good, affectionate and loving person knowing of her daughter's creative flair she found her the best career. Also focused on her daughter's looks, knowing she would be treated better which was very smart of her. As she got older, became a chameleon by watching others and what she saw on the telly. Also going to the movies taught her about human nature and learning to live in this world of confusion. Her prettiness, was a blessing but could be a curse at the same time as you will see when her novels are finished........ 

  Tony Attwood- Asperger's in Girl
 Funny and Interesting  to listen to. 
                       What Women with Autism
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