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Racism, Eugenics, & Hatred: The Truth Behind Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger

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Late Term Abortion, Nolte: Planned Parenthood
Quietly Aborts Annual ‘Margaret Sanger Award’
A lot of people don’t know the evil side to Margaret Sanger. She believed that parents with large families should kill their babies after they are born, in chapter 5 of her 1922 book called (Women and The New Race) Sanger was really a racist and was complimented as a hero on Planned Parenthood’s website. The dark intentions of Sanger and the creation of Planned Parenthood. She advocated stern rigid policy of sterilization and segregation of blacks and was quoted: "we do not want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the negro population.

Did you know? Despite knowing Sanger’s past Hillary Clinton accepted the Margaret Sanger Planned Parenthood award in 2009. In 2014 36% of all abortions were performed on Black women who are just 13% of the female population. The little discussed flip side of reproductive freedom is that abortion deaths far exceed those via cancer. Are the abortion clinics targeting black neighbourhoods? They unfortunately are not offering alternative options like maternity care and helping these women who are scared. Having no support, thinking that’s their only choice and way out and you can see why women would take this route. All this information is on the internet and couldn’t this be true? Hillary Clinton praised Sanger in some of her speeches and she said: "is it OK for an abortion at 9 months?"  Well it had to be true it came out of her mouth in 2016 in the election debate. You should never erase history because if you do you will never learn and the young will be led astray by the left who believe it's OK to celebrate your abortion using it has a birth control method just look at this, it's  heartbreaking. 
 What if the mother is a slow learner or autistic like her? And by the way as her story continues you will see what a beautiful young lady, she turned out to be. In one of her other novels she shows how she helped her child, a gift from God, with her wisdom and caring nature and made her a better person. She went with her instincts didn’t listen to doctors wanting to drug her child. You see with having this syndrome you are resilient, you have insight and focus on what’s important to you and you never give up in what you believe in, it doesn’t matter what the odds are, you push through. As the world progresses with technology and science, they are learning more and more about genetics and diseases. There are lots of choices that will contribute and help with different disorders and syndromes. You have heard of miracles with love and prayer when babies are not supposed to live or survive. The most important thing is devotion and God’s Love! As the Beatles sang (All You Need Is Love) and as the saying goes: We have come a long way baby, and can you imagine what’s coming in the future as long as there is no evil and no wars. If only the world could get along what a Beautiful World That Would Be To Live In.........
Heading 6
We need to get rid all the corruption
& Globalism around the world 
A Different Time in History
Mike Wallace was known for his Great Interviews.

As you can see back then cigarettes advertised on tv.
magazines and sponsored these shows. The public had
no idea how bad they were for your health and well being.
*warning content is disturbing. So a recent viral TikTok video - a teenage girl was shown to be celebrating and laughing about getting an abortion. The viral TikTok video now has over 4 million views. More young women 

Video was Taken Down. These kids will realize when older how they were misled and not told the truth, when you use abortion as contraception. You will be shocked Found It Here  

David Daleiden, Project Lead of The Center for Medical Progress, tells us what he learned about his latest undercover Planned Parenthood video - -including how one abortionist indicated possible cover-up of infanticide. He also reacts to his 15 new felony charges
ABBY JOHNSON, pro-life activist and actress ASHLEY BRATCHER return to discuss the unexpected box-office success of their new film UNPLANNED, what it means for the future of the pro-life movement.
At the University of Texas-San Antonio, Planned Parenthood supporters mocked a Cemetery of the Innocents. They are so misinformed      and they will regret it.   Like this young lady one of the best pro-life testimonials.
Abby Johnson was once clinic director for Planned Parenthood, but she was so disturbed by what she saw, she became an anti-abortion activist. She tells her story to Tucker
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