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 Her Poem

It's not too late......... the angel said, even though you are not as young, even  though young've made mistakes and have been afraid. It's not too late....Then I saw the world through the eyes of the angel, the beauty that surrounds me, the love I can share; It's not too late..... the lives I could help; the dreams that could come true ...... It's not too late the angel said, it's not too late ..... before you leave this world; It's not too late..... It's not too late........... 



We need more of this instead   of Hate or Fear
  It Will Open Your Heart
  & Bring Tears to Your Eyes
 Roma Downey's 
An Irish Blessing 

 Listen To A Truly Beautiful Blessing.

Jesus The Son of God  A Poem She
Wrote to Her Mom When Passing On 
She Used To Watch
  Touch By An Angel 
With Her Child
It was such a blessing  to have a mother who had "The Knowing" this enabled her to reach out and help her child. She became like her mother a mama bear and protected her child the best way possible with unconditional love. Our children feel everything we feel even if we don't say it. It's so important to let our children know we love them no matter what. Not with material things and giving them everything they want or feeling sorry for them because they can take advantage not understanding. They learn by what they see around them, it's essential by being a positive role-model. It's not easy a lot of the times but you never give up.   You want  your child to be able to build a strong character know right from wrong by giving them a solid foundation. What children really want is our guidance and understanding we have to give our heart by first loving ourselves. Having this gift of visualization and being so sensitive enabled her as a mother to open up and allow "The Knowing", how to reach her child. She would close her eyes and pray, visions and thoughts would come to her. It was amazing, all those years ago she was tapping into a higher good, God's Love. Helping and brings with it what she needed at that time.   Copyright © 
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She Believes In AngelsThe Kind That Heaven Sends She is Surrounded By Them Her Loved ones and Her friends
Video Put Togther 2011
Tn The Arms Of  An Angel
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