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Since 1994, Julie has been in full time private practice, working both locally and internationally. She became aware of her gifts in early adulthood and followed her calling to become an Emotional Intuitive. With further opening, practice and application, her gift blossomed into her present day practice as an international Clairvoyant Energy Master and Holographic Reiki Master Master. 2019 Julie Celebrates her 25th Anniversary in private practice. To learn more about her gifts  Go to Julie Desmarais'  website  

 Julie came into her life 20 years ago 2001 they met and clicked right away.  She learned  her first and second Reiki  again with Julie after taking her  three Reiki degrees with Garry Roneau.  Julie became a client of hers,  being like minded  it's wonderful when they get together, their spiritual energies fills the room with such love and abundance. 


                      Crown Chakra

Julie is a Beautiful Glowing Light of  Caring Spirituality; only wants the best for everyone she knows and meets. Sharing Positive Energy wherever she goes.

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