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Photos of Bella &  Angel &  
A Photo of Their Mothers


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 The Poem She Wrote 

Our little darlings

How you bring a smile to our faces

The joy and happiness I’ve embraced

Having you here by our side

True companions all the way

You wag your tails and lick our faces

You are always there no matter what

No ego just there to please

You're joyful little spirits that warm our hearts

God put you here for a reason

To teach us what life is all about

They don't care who we are

They communicate not with words just loyalty

companionship and unconditional Love

Isn’t that what we all want and what life is all about!!!

You Have brought So Much Love & Joy Into Our Lives  

Our Little Darlings Bella & Angel
Dog Spelled Backwards Spells GOD 


Angel loves her walks in the park 

Bella goes to see Christina for her grooming at Barrkhaven. She is a beautiful young lady who loves animals and we are very happy how she is looks after at the day at the Spaw. Poor little Angel use to go but she now has started with alopecia, she is part Maltese. Apparently this bread can suffer with this disorder. Kim has been grooming her but she doesn't look as good as when Christina used to cut her locks. We found out in the summer of 2021 she's diabetic and just has gone blind. Angel knows her way around the house and is the sweetest little dog. She suffers with terrible separation anxiety. Went she was in the hospital for a week she wouldn't eat and on intravenous. We were so glad to get her home she had never been without me for all the years we've been together. She will be 8 in Feb 2022 and doing very well under the circumstances and we spoil her and keep her happy and content........ 

Helping small businesses in their community. Pet Boutique & Spaw is a Pet Store in Nepean, on. 4100 Strandherd Dr.

Phone 613 825 2828

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