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Is the government still hiding
information from us? 

The Story that Revealed Willowbrook's Horrors


Mothers do know what's best for their child when they listen to their intuition. That's what she did all those years ago, she had to, to save her son. She knew there was something wrong he wasn't the same little boy anymore. What went wrong?  Your Intuition

What Is More Important
Than Love~Family & Friends

 Doris Rapp's Book


These are the major symptoms of potentially unrecognized allergies. Does your child suffer from any of the following?

• Allergic Nose Rub • Eye Circles • Red Ears • Red Cheeks • Eye Wrinkles • Aggression • Lack of Alertness • Mottled Tongue •

This is what she did to help her son and could relate to what a lot of these parents were sharing. Finding out about Dr. Brouse and went to his clinic in Oregon this was back in 1992.  Thank goodness she used her intuition.  This put them on the road to good health. It didn't happen overnight a lot of stress and learning as much as she could. I didn't help many a person didn't believe in what she was doing. Being strong willed she pushed through like always. She does believe autism spectrum like Asperger's does run in some families. This is why you need to find out what children are more susceptible and have a compromised immune system when vaccines are involved.

 Doris Rapp On


Her son was a wonderful surprise and before this happened the stress she endured was overwhelming, she had no idea she was pregnant.  When she found out it was a great relief but what she had experienced before this happening and had no understanding she was carrying a child.

    She was very determined to find help for her son. She happened to be watching Oprah and the Donahue Show with Doris Rapp talking about food allergies and how certain foods can cause some of these children to react and showed videos. Milk was one of them and like her son he was reacting to dairy. She was glued to the tv and wanted to know more and bought her book. Why are there so many children with food and peanut allergies some with other terrible side effects after being vaccinated? She didn't connect it to the vax back but knows it has a lot to do with toxins. She was also introduced to
Shaklee, by this lady call Shirley and got all the toxic cleaners out of their house and started supplementing. Like always prayed for guidance and Shirley telling her about Dr. Brouse who had helped her child without medication. She was able to take the drug free approach and thank God for her she did. In desperation she couldn't stand another day longer seeing her child suffering and went to see him in Oregon, United States of America. She doesn't know how she did it but was being guided and were there for two weeks.  Blood work, hair analysis, RAST test she decided to have all the test done as well she needed help and learned many things from this doctor. .  

It was a long process but never gave up and found other solutions as well. Not getting the support at the time but had to carry on. She was extremely resilient she had to be for her gift from God he had given her this beautiful child. This was something deep in her soul, The Heart~ Soul connection and was being guided by her Faith, Angels and God's Love. She was extremely blessed and going with her sixth sense. Her doctor here supported her decision not to get his last shot before starting school. There were many who didn't agree with her and what she was doing. She didn't care what others thought she went with her instincts. That little voice inside her head was telling her.  The reason why? They were not living her life. So when you criticize someone, remember they may be doing the right thing for themselves or their family. She was never a follower, always did it her way even if it meant she didn't fit in. She was used to being ostracized and bullied at school and for some reason the girls were the worst. You know what that does? It will build up your character the strength within learning you can get through anything because it will pass. Fighting the bully at school that taught her a lesson never give into bullies because really they are cowards as she found out. 

You can carry on no matter what and learned you can't go along with the crowd just to fit in. You have to fight for your child or children because if you do not then who will? She completely understands why people are followers, they want to be liked and not lose their so called friends. A friend would never do that, as her mother taught her daughter as a child. They would respect the other person's decision, not put them down by bullying them into submission, wanting control. Learning she's empath she cannot be around people like that, energy vampires sucking the life out of her.  When you know you are on the right path your intuition will tell you and then there is nothing to fear. Having Faith, God's Love guiding her all the way. She was totally focused and correct in what she was doing for her family all those years ago. As the saying goes the proof is in the pudding and her son is not on any medication. Doing very well in something he loves and passionate about and extremely good at his craft. Amen 💕🙏🏽

Episode 1-Covid Truth Overcoming 
Censorship and Media Misinformation

SunBeams MoonBeams

There has been research the heart carries negative emotions deep in your soul. That's why in the 90s she chose to turn her stress and negative responses around her into a positive. No one was going to stop her. She was going to do everything in her power to help her child and she took the natural approach and listened to motivational speakers. In 2000 learned Reiki it was one of the best things she ever did for her soul. It started to heal her heart and changed many emotions, bring with it. Peace, Love ~Tranquility~ Harmony~ Serenity. It changed her in many ways even her husband saw a difference in her . He decided to learn Reiki
Why It's so important For a Child
To Be Nurtured and Loved
They are a Gift From God
SunBeam MoonBeams

Others have to understand because it hasn't happened to your child doesn't mean other children are not suffering. There are to many coincidence to look the other way.  


 1 1


What's so Wonderful and knows she is unique and likes it that way.  She calls her Syndrome, AURA She's Highly Focused on what's Important to her and likes to know the truth not spin, hype or lies.  As a little girl  she was quite a stubborn child and asking her mummy many, many questions. Wanting to know about everything having an inquisitive mind. Her mother answering each and everyone of them because she  wanted to know why mommy, why?

Not Able To Read When Leaving School
Finding Out Later
 She Was Dyslexic. 
& Had This Syndrome She Likes To Call
Aura. Being
Visual Thinking in Pictures
Draw Picture Stories. Loves Sharing
Bringing About  This Beautiful Website With
Colourful, Images, Videos & Information
 Childhood Trauma 

The Energy We Have Within Us ~What Our
Thoughts Can Tell Us~ Looking Inside Ourselves~ 
We Are In Control of Our Destiny~  God's Love, 
Protecting, Guiding Us~On Our Journey
Till The Very End Then Looping Again
A Poem To Her
Mom Passing On 

 Knowledge is Power  Having The Knowing Like
Her Mother Took Her On This Journey And  She
 Became The Woman She Needs to Be. Amen 💕🙏🏽

Sending~ Faith~ Hope~ God's Love From the
Bottom of  Her Heart  She Knows She's Authentic,
Unique Cares About the Human Race Especially

Autistic Children Because She knows How
They Feel and Can Be Misled. If They Do
Not Have The Right Guidance and Love.

God Bless Canada~America &  Friends
All Around The World. 
1Aa%20flowerpg14 - Copy.jpg

 Her Beautiful Mom

 After the Second

World War in London 


Her extraordinary mother, one of a kind with a great sense of humour and wonderful spirit,  taught her not to listen to others, sharing her wisdom with her daughter. If they don’t like a certain  person,  find out for yourself  they could be biased for a reason and it might be jealousy, envy and their personalities may clash. There are two faced people sweetheart who just like gossiping  you will come across as her mom had found out; being a working class Lancaster lass coming from Manchester when moving to London. 

Yes there were snobs she came across which she hated with a passion, couldn't  stand  small minded people who felt they were better than anyone else. That's why she taught her daughter no one was better than her and visa versa. She definitely was outspoken like the character in Coronation Street, Elsie Tanner. Her mom was always for the underdog and people who were authentic and different. She was kind-hearted, petite, pretty with  a beautiful smile; and  what  a spitfire she was and stood up for what she believed in. She prepared her daughter to go out into the world not by molly coddling her when it came to her independence. She let her experience life for herself; she knew her daughter wasn't a Susie homemaker and wasn't  .going to hold her back. She had the knowing letting her do want she wanted and was interested in. Her mother was very smart, knew if you were good looking, you would be treated better and was going to make sure her daughter would fit in and focused on her manners, etiquette and looks. It did make a difference many years later how she was treated and  having to learn to fit in.                                                                                                               Copyright


RebelNews-YouTube. for more great Rebel content. Unlike almost all their other mainstream media competitors, Rebel News doesn’t receive any government funding. Tells the other side of the story and have reporters around the world.


British Columbia woman commits suicide after
COVID vaccine
mandate becomes unbearable

 James Jones, from Victoria, took the stand and told the heartbreaking story of how his late wife Sandra Jones took her own life just 11 days after being laid off from her employment without pay by BC Transit on November 31, 2021.

Full Episode #51: Viral Lies of Transmission 
Christina Parks, PhD and Dr. Richard Urso joined Steve Kirsch to discuss
Pfizer's admission that the Covid-19 vaccines were not tested for transmission.


Watchdog warns Health Canada regulations will crush access to natural health products
Sign the petition 

I just came across this video yesterday 10/o6/2023 this is terrible if this ever happens. We need meds sometimes but also natural alternative medicine. They have been around for millions of years before big pharma. I had no idea about what Health Canada is wanting to do to Health practitioners and natural health supplements. This is shocking what does that tell you where our government stands? it will never happen look how many just take vitamin C and we need more D3 in Canada when the winter is here.


Believe it or not this is really happening  here in Canada, watch the video.  I cannot just sit back and do nothing, our son wouldn't be where he is today if I hadn't taken the natural approach. Being an    empath we want to see fair play not have the government ruling over us, treating us like sheep. That’s the reason why many immigrated came to Canada they wanted their freedom and to live a better life and in peace.


Go to this link you will see how a Natural Supplement and oil is Helping Us. We have the proof when our blood work came back. I thought my husband was starting with Alzheimer's he was  getting very forgetful and irritable, it was extremely stressful. It's a horrible disease my father had Alzheimer's I saw how it affected my mother and what she went through.


There are many good supplements people take for their health and well being. Why on earth are they taking our rights away? Pease do your own research you will not see this information On The Mainstream News ...........

It's important to see the other side of the story there are always two sides.  Then you can make your own mind up. Not be influenced and brainwashed by our media that are told what to say and shown on the mainstream news. They are paid by our government here in Canada. We are not robots we are human being we have a soul we have feelings and some are very creative.  You cannot take that away from us. We are Love 💕 Made in Gods image..........

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