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She Is Now Walking With Her

True Authentic Self, This Is

Who She Is Meant To Be,

She Isn’t Hiding Anymore

And It Feels Enlightening


Three Generations~ Her Mom~ Her Grandma 
Her Poem When Her Mother Passed On 2007 

Mother how we love you so much and always loved your loving touch.


You will be watching over us, I will see you in my dreams, a mother who loved us and always will


Mother how we will miss you, how you were so dear to us, we were not ready to let you go but we didn't want you to suffer anymore.


All the things you taught us, to love, not to hate,

to treat people the way you want to be treated.  

 To be kind loving and stand up for what

you believe in and to be strong.  


I know you didn’t have very much time the Cancer came back and you felt tired all the time.


You said to me when it is your time then you will go, you are not afraid, there is no fear, your loved ones are waiting near.


Heaven is a wonderful place, no judgment, no sorrow, you will be at peace with God the Heavenly Father that loves you.


You will be surrounded with so much love your

 heart filled to the brim with joy and happiness.


The light that took you was so bright and clear a tunnel that drew you to heaven and took you from this earth without fear.

You gave me courage and told me never give up on my purpose, my dream of helping others. I would not be the woman I am if it wasn't for you our dear mum.

You did the best that you knew how and always loved and gave from your heart a mother who cared and shared your laughter. 


Our hearts ache so much to not be able to see you but it is filled with gratitude that I do feel you.

We love you with all our hearts it’s going to be very hard not having you around I know you wouldn't want us to be sad and for us  to  celebrate the happy times that we did have


It's so surreal not having you here but you're at peace now with so much love around you and so much more.


We love you mum we always will. God Bless you, our sweet mum.  


  Written by Your loving daughter

Who Never Gave Up

  It Will Open Your Heart

  & Bring Tears to Your Eyes
 Roma Downey's 
An Irish Blessing 

 Listen To A Truly Beautiful Blessing.

Yellow Roses Illustration

   Our mum loved yellow Roses


The symbol of yellow roses are:


 Joy, gladness, friendship and feeling of care


 That's what our mother was and still is.

 She takes care of us she is now one of our Angels

Shirley Lennox Passing Feb 15th 2023
A Beautiful Soul 

 To hear of Shirley’s passing was very sad she was a beautiful soul and cared deeply for others. She was the lady that got me in touch with Dr. Brouse all those years ago in 1992. Because of her conviction wanting to help others my intuition was telling me I needed to take my child to see him.  I needed help as well the stress was overwhelming not knowing what was wrong with my son. It wasn’t easy it was very difficult I felt so alone but as a mother’s love for her child you will do anything to help them.  I knew I needed to go and one morning when waking up I couldn’t live like this another day longer seeing my son suffering. There was no one at the time giving us answers and told my husband I was going to the States to see this doctor. The reason why we tried to get blood drawn from my son to send to Dr. Brouse.  He was like a frightened animal not even three people could hold him down.


It was a blessing in disguise even though it was extremely difficult we were able to get all procedures done at his clinic and got help for myself. It’s a long story and journey but with my tenacity no one was going to stop me in what I needed to do. Even with the radical I was hearing I was going to a cult because the place I was going to was in  Oregon. It was ridiculous and all this gossip that was going on. That’s what happens when people are ignorant of a situation and I don't mean that to be rude. That's what was happening, I was taking the natural approach. I was extremely blessed my GP supported me going to the States. I'm glad I listened to my intuition because if I hadn't my son and myself wouldn't be where we are today. Thank you Shirley for guiding us on the road to good health. Amen ❤️🙏🏽


A very compassionate and generous person, Mom led a life of service as a nurse, wellness consultant and energy healer.  She was dedicated to her own personal growth, and very willingly shared the tools that she learned. 

Her daughter’s Tanya's words about her mother and so true. 

She touched so many lives,empowering others to lead a healthy, loving, creative, expansive, and joyous life.  What a beautiful gift Mom was and is to the world!

Different Stresses How Your Body React

To her God is a Pure Energy of Love and she is a free spirit, she will always be. Like that little autistic girl asking many, many questions because if it didn't make sense she wanted to know. Why Mommy Why? Her mom answering each and everyone of them. She always stands up to what she believes in, it's in her being, deep in her soul. Everyone has their own beliefs, you can call it your faith,
Whatever you feel is right for you

When you find the strength in your heart ❤️ because your heart does have a memory a system of neurons that signals to the brain and affects our emotional experiences. You have heard about the brain gut connection, what about  The  Brain Heart Connection?

She stands up for what she believes in,  will never be knocked down by anyone.  Like she stood up to the big bully at school and she never walked with her head down ever again. Always doing it her way when it came to her family and didn't always listen to the so called experts. If she had her family wouldn't be where they are today and that's the honest truth.
The more they try to silence the ones who do not agree with them,  taking  videos off your venue, she  resisted and finding them  from different places, other platforms, who are on the same wavelength, like medical doctors, scientists and alternative media. That's what made her   resilient, it builds character, you don't give in. For her she will always fight back for what is right, she wants to know  the real truth. She doesn't listen to the mainstream media it can be  propaganda and that's Terribly Dangerous. We all have a right to our points of view what worked for her doesn't mean it will work for you. Go with your own intuition, that  heart felt emotion and learn everything that's possible it will  take away the fear Because Knowledge is Power.
 She walks with ~ Her True  Authentic  Self ~  God's Love~ A  Pure Energy
of a Glowing Light~ Good vs Evil~ Then You Can Not Live in Fear.......

If you Believe in a Higher Power ~ Jesus came into her life later when understanding more about herself. Her life lessons she had to go through while on this earth.  When she leaves and reunites with her loved ones, she will be a better person with a lot more knowledge and no more being frightened  like she endured when young. Going to be with   Jesus Our Lord Savior  and God her Heavenly Father. Amen.💕🙏🏽

No One Will Control Her
In What
She Thinks & Feels

100_1978 (2).JPG
Her Gift From  God 
Her Beautiful Child
A Child Is A  Gift From God
The poem link underneath is not to shame
most people have no idea what's going on.

Sometimes a young person doesn't
always  have the resources or know any better.
Never use abortion as a contraceptive. 

God Bless
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