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A story about Kim's mum, others love her out going nature she was an empath with a loving heart a Star🌟Seed you couldn't deny. A glowing light of energy an aura bigger than the whole wide world. A life force never to be reckoned with and don't ever get on the wrong side of her and be a hypocrite.  She would come at you and tell you exactly what she thought. A no nonsense Manchester lass and you always knew where you stood with her. Be honest never be two faced that's the reason she disliked politicians and loved the comedians. She was one of them could telling some great stories and some were off the collar in other words dirty jokes. Kim when when younger would get embarrassed but her boyfriends loved her.


 Kim's Beautiful Mum a photo After the Second World War 

Her extraordinary mother, one of a kind with a great sense of humour and wonderful spirit, taught her daughter not to listen to others, sharing her wisdom with her. If they don’t like a certain person, sweetheart  find out for yourself  they could be biased for a reason and it might be jealousy, envy and their personalities may clash. There are two faced people sweetheart who just like gossiping you will come across as her mum had found out; being a working class Lancaster lass coming from Manchester when moving to London. 

Yes there were snobs she came across which she hated with a passion, couldn't  stand  small minded people who felt they were better than anyone else. That's why she taught her daughter no one was better than her and visa versa. She definitely was outspoken like the character in Coronation Street, Elsie Tanner. Her mum was always for the underdog and people who were authentic and different. She was kind-hearted, petite, pretty with  a beautiful smile; and  what  a spitfire she was and stood up for what she believed in. She prepared her daughter to go out into the world not by molly coddling her when it came to her independence. She let her experience life for herself; she knew her daughter wasn't a Susie homemaker and wasn't going to hold her back. She had the knowing letting her do want she wanted and was interested in. Her mother was very smart, knew if you were good looking, you would be treated better and was going to make sure her daughter would fit in and focused on her manners, etiquette and looks. It did make a difference many years later how she was treated and  having to learn to fit in.                                                                                                               Copyright

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