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60s Comedies In Great Britain 

The comedy shows could be quite outrageous like the Benny Hill,  her mum loved him and the Carry On movies, she would be laughing her head off and peeing her pants they were so hilarious.  It wouldn't be appropriate in today's society it's always taken so seriously and has taken the fun out of everything. It's called racist, sexist, and being chauvinistic but that's what it was like back then. It was great for the working class folks, to sit in front of the telly letting their hair down and forget about the humdrum day working long hours for very little pay. Some working shift work, one week days, the next week nights like her dad. That's not good for anyone's psyche, no wonder he was grumpy and mad. She goes into great detail about that time in her life in her novel. Growing up in the 50s, the swinging 6os and part of the 70s. Living in France then immigrating to Canada... No she hasn't had it published yet 



When TV came along her mum loved watching the comedy shows, the British humour was spectacular. They were not aiming hurtful words or insulting that one person, it was satire, a good and intelligent comedian doesn’t have to go that far. Hate will make you ill and unstable and cause you to do crazy things. She learned from her mum if it doesn’t feel good to you, why would you do that to someone else? Even though it took her a while for her brain to catch up and understand this world around her. Not always responding the right way, she’d get upset till later. She was able to figure things out. As she learned being with her mum and her brother, you have to have a good sense of humour. Her mum used her comic side seeing she had to get on with it in some way or another. Being a real joker a comedian and a good communicator. She didn’t stand for any nonsense, and don’t lie, or be two-faced. She would come at you full force if she thought you were being hypocritical. She was a Lancaster lass From Manchester and what a spitfire she was.....

British Comedy  Shows

Having A Sense Of Humour
~ What's  Going  On?

Now that doesn’t mean you have to be molly coddled when growing up, life isn’t always fair. You learn it can be tough and it's not always going to be easy, and to have a sense of humour as her mother had taught her daughter and she had to learn this for herself. Being witty certainly helped her mum with that great humour of hers that got her through the hard times in life. Most comedians have gone into comedy because of their own experiences. Perhaps being different, not fitting in, living in poverty, a heartache situation. Putting on a front with their laughter because a tragedy could have occurred. Learning to get attention by deflecting their own unhappiness and what better by acting the fool, to be accepted by their peers. Hiding how they really feel about themselves not feeling the love they should have received as a child. To cover up their insecurities becoming a joker, like  her mother was at school; being the class clown and got into trouble many a time because of her behaviour. She wanted the attention and to be seen as you will see as her story carries on in her novel.

Now  this woke generation correctness has ruined comedy, and the comedians can be blacklisted. Who are these people trying to shut them down? Comedy started in the Middle Ages with the court jesters entertaining the nobility, by being funny and acting silly. That’s a talent, they are using their wit, larking about, this is what it was like in Great Britain and they are not supposed to be appropriate. That’s what makes it hilarious and that’s not bullying or being malicious. As long as they are not spewing their own hate on just that one person because of their own views. She could see some of these shows on the television today are very left wing in their way of thinking. It’s becoming like a cult and if you do not think like them you are ostracized and shouted down. It’s not balanced anymore and has separated the majority of the people as she saw and was reading what was actually going on in America when fist putting this info out. Where does it really get them in the long run? Hate and wars people don't want that anymore this is the reason Star🌟Seeds and like minded souls are coming together sharing love and kindness heightening our vibration to make this world kinda, gracious and better galaxy where we can live in harmony

Her mother like watching  the variety shows, Danny La Rue  was her favourite. If you don't know who Danny La Rue is, he was like Dame Edna from Australia. Danny would be all dressed up in glamorous women's clothing and a blonde wig; her mom  singing along to her heart's content to his song (On Mother Kelley's Door Step). She loved his sense of humour, tongue in cheek, it was entertaining~ and would say that was the good old days. She brought her daughter up to be inclusive, love  everyone, be accepting. In her day the famous had to keep it a secret if they were gay, she has some great stories about this in her novel.

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