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She was going out with a  gentleman who treated her extremely  well  and  spoiled  her with many gifts. He took her to some great places, like Danny La Rue's private  club in Hanover Square.   This was in 1967, her platinum blonde hair swept  up off her face in a chignon with a hair piece coiffed at the back. Her made up face and false eyelashes. She would never be seen without her mask  to hide behind. He had  bought her a beautiful long  flowing chiffon gown; in a pretty

pale pink colour. She felt so Elegant that evening like Jean Harlow the  movie star from the thirties. The girl Diana in the photo  had started working at Sopers and had invited her on blind date and this is where she met this gentleman. He was very wealthy and knew all the right people and drove a Bentley  and seemed to be infatuated with her. He saw her shyness and wanted to protect her and buy her nice things, she was his eye candy and he never came on to her, he respected she wasn't ready and only seventeen .  She'd had  one another boyfriend  before, Colin was his name. He  had gone to college, he had a look of Brian Jones in the Rolling Stones and had the same hair cut and blonde hair.  Their relationship  didn't last long,  she wouldn't give out and he got frustrated but they parted as friends. 

Bought her whole new outfit

and took her out for Lunch 

Another time he took her to Chelsea to a boutique and brought her a whole new outfit  and even  white vinyl  go-go boots.  When they left,  with her whole new look, went off for lunch and walking down the street she was upset because an American couple remarked how skinny she was, they were not discrete that's for sure. Such a sensitive young lady about her looks being bullied and called Olive Oyl by the boys at school and hated her legs because of all that bulling. Isn't it funny how things can be imprinted in your mind and you believe what you are told and can stay with you in your in your being deep in your soul. She looks back and can see how beautiful she was but unfortunately our experiences can cloud our judgment about ourselves


 She remembers going to the races~Ascot with him and then off for dinner it was quite spectacular and overwhelming sitting with these posh people at a large long table. The gentleman who sat down beside her,  spoke like he had a plum in his mouth as her mum would say. It was like the movie My Fair Lady sitting there with the elite and eating food she had never had before. What fork, what utensils does she use? And waiting and watching  what the other ladies were doing. She was very good at observing and studying taking it all in. That how she was learning to live on this planet to fit in. 


Becoming a chameleon. She was told she should be in movies having that glamorous look of hers and her looks were compared to some of the sex symbols. Her mum was right being good looking did expose her to some great experiences but also some that were not, as a lot of attractive women can tell you...........

It would have been wonderful if there was the technology like there is today she would have had some spectacular photos of all the people she met and places she went. Kim does have her memories and as we mature and get up their in age it's nice to reminisce because she did have a fascinating life. 

 Private Club 1967


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Being a Mod  1964

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