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So True Listen to Her Words

The Secret Universe

This video came out the day After

I put This Drawing Collage Together

With Enlightening Loving Words   

Even if some do not believe it to be true.  It's positive and not harming anyone with these uplifting words & beautiful visions on this video.  We need more of this on this planet right now sending Light *God's Love *Rainbows *Peace *Jesus *Harmony *Serenity *Soul* Spirit *Angel*Guides to this vast complicated universe. This world would be a better place

 no Wars no Evil it will vanish into the ether like in my dream God Bless Everyone

Sweet Dreams 


Mum I needed comfort and found Barbara Lamb's videos,  I was going through a horrible time who do you trust? When you find out what nasty words this person has said about you. We were going through some unbelievable stresses and being an empath I feel everything so intensely.  You just can't believe someone you have known for over 30 years would do such a thing. What's happening to the human race kindness, loyalty, honesty. You cannot understand how someone could take advantage of an innocent person. Who was loyal, honest and caring and extremely good at there job.  This other person couldn't have careless it was all about them a very selfish individual. I didn't know where to turn it was a very difficult time. Then I get this email I was so blessed being overwhelmed and a lady I knew from Scotland.  She used to be my client and emailed me and a beautiful soul. She being an empath and a very sensitive person like myself and felt there was something wrong. She has been through a terrible time her husband passing it was heart breaking and devastating.  We used to email each other and it feels good we understand one another and coming from the UK we have a lot in common.  She was born after the Second World War and poor like a lot of people in Great Britain.  I'm not good with stress and chaos and we all need that one person we can lean on in a crisis  it's very important for the Mind, Body and Soul. Thank you my sweet friend and hope you enjoy this video. We can relate to Barbara Lamb and extremely heart warming listening to her words wouldn't it be wonderful to live in a world with no hate,  jealousy or envy like my grandpa's story.........

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