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Living With His Wife Who Has AURA
She is Always~Unique~Resilient~ Authentic

From the moment he met her way back in 1977 he had the utmost love and respect for this young woman. She was the most beautiful, soft spoken and he loved her British accent. She would say some funny English saying, that would crack him up and unlike others she was very down to earth and approachable. On their first date she laughed at his jokes but was also very honest when she said; she had been very much in love with her first love and living with him in Paris and different parts of France. She wasn't looking for a  serious or  permanent relationship and either was he being married before and now divorced. That took the pressure off, they were together to enjoy each other’s company. As their relationship grew stronger they moved in together the following year. It took fourteen years before they decided to tie the knot and by then they had their little boy their beautiful sweetheart a gift from God. She did everything in her power she could for him, like her mother did for her and he is doing wonderful today in something he loves.


Over the Years these are some of the

Traits that make her such a Special person.

She is very honest and doesn’t hesitate to speak her mind. A great communicator and if she was upset with her husband she'd write him letters explaining how she felt. If she didn't she would explode like a volcano it was impossible to keep things to herself. She had to tell him what she thought otherwise she'd get stress out. Feeling like she's on a hamster wheel going around and around getting nowhere. That certainly wasn't good for her psychological well being. At home she had to be in control of her environment at work it was different scenario always smiling being a chameleon she was a dame good actress. When visiting her at her place of business and saw how hard-working and conscientious she was. Later the driving force behind two very successful businesses she ran with the help of people who loved her, you cannot do it all on your own. She accepted people for who they were, she wasn’t judgmental or prejudiced. She was more interested in their character.  She left school at an early age of fifteen and had some learning difficulties but her intelligence and common sense made up for the lack of formal schooling. A lot of very beautiful women are snooty and bitchy, as he  mentioned she was down to earth and never put on airs. She pays attention to detail being able to visualize, this is why their house is different being creative, everything has its place. Flowing and bringing with it in her place of business. A positive and calming atmosphere for clients to relax forget about the outside world. Peace Harmony and always Love.......


1977 had gone on their first getaway.
Even though he didn't make such money
being a teacher back then  
he took her to
Quebec City. They  stayed 
at the
Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac.


How She Feels and What's Important to Her

His wife sticks to her principles, especially when it comes to her family and what she believes in, even in the face of social pressure like she has experienced in the past and right now with what's going on around the world. She insists on getting her point of view across to her husband and cannot stand rudeness or dishonesty.  She never went along with the crowd if she felt it’s wrong or improper. She didn't need to be with the cool people just to be popular. She likes to be fit, she knows how important health is. There are lots of people half her age who are far more out of shape. His wife has deep values like honesty and fair play. She judges others by their behavior, not their social class, color or religion. She hates small talk in unfamiliar situations this is why she feels uncomfortable in bigger social gatherings. She likes to address what's important to her and topics that interesting and might change other people’s lives in a significant manner. He remembers going to her place of work when they first met, she was an excellent employee. She worked long hours on her feet all day and was never afraid to pitch in if the boss or fellow workers needed help. She also became a great boss when opening her businesses and led by example. She like being with her clients making them look nice and to feel good.  She hates bullies, having been bullied as a child and wants to see everyone treated fairly and do well. She doesn’t have much time for over-bearing elite politicians or people who think they are superior to others because they are wealthy or more highly educated and what does that really mean? As her mother taught her no one was better than her and she was no better than anyone else. To remember we all go out the same way it doesn't matter who you are or do we. AMEN!


From not knowing anything about computers in her past she has become a whiz even better than her husband, having the patience and can focus for hours putting the details together, building and working diligently on this superb informative website. Yes he does have to help her sometimes with spelling, her punctuation; like full stops, commas and so on but she has gotten better. Having dyslexia causes her to mix up her Bs and Ds and she has a mind that doesn't shut off and works very fast and can multitask. They are all her thoughts and words she puts down and the computer has helped her to get better in many ways, expressing herself as only she is able to do  She does live on a different hemisphere, she is halfway up there and needs to be grounded. This is why she prays and meditates, having a connection to God and a higher power. She has developed a liking for politics and history having her husband educate her and learning what is happening in the world today. Being creative and doing it her way seeing she has an inquisitive mind. She also has an interest in the unknown because of her family on her mother's side and putting information and videos of like minded people who are truth seekers.  She can connect to their souls, ~ she also likes these two Canadian women; Laura Lynn a spiritual leader who interviews people getting the other side of the story out there.  Amazing Polly who puts the dots together, she is amazing. There are many others she finds fascinating and loves learning all that she can and hopes you enjoy in what she shares.

1978 Moving In Together



Being Visual, She Did Do a

Makeover On Her Husband

When First Meeting  Him


1980s Opened Her First

Business All Dressed Up

  Going Out To a Function


She got rid of his ugly glasses styled his hair and got him some new fashionable clothes. He looked sexy and in some photos people thought he looked like Burton Cummings the Canadian rock star who sang (American Woman) 


Burton Cummings


At the Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac He took her to the beautiful restaurant at the hotel for dinner and drinks.  He
did treat her like a Princess  Great memories of times gone by.


She Lost Trust and took her website and videos down it had nothing to do with the internet it was something she had no control over at the time. This was in 2013 It affected her in Mind~ Body~ Spirit~Soul and she shutdown. Now understanding herself better and learning more about her syndrome, of cause this would have happened.  This kept happening her trusting nature when someone is nice to her to find out she gets let down. That's life people do what's best for them and knew she should have listened to her intuition. When she doesn't and it doesn't turn out well. She picks herself up dusts her self down and starts all over again. She's resilient has to be other wise she wouldn't have gotten this far. What's so wonderful she always turns a negative into a positive with a smile. What is the alternative? She doesn't want to go there she knows what that feels like. 


In 2012 Made This Video Then
Something Happened 

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