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Information from her novel and what a great time to be born the swinging sixties. Even thought she was trying to fit in you could be an individual and she went where ever she pleased having a mother like hers one of a kind wanting her daughter to experience the world for herself

 1966 Colin Her First Boyfriend 

Colin her first real boyfriend, slim in stature had gone to college, looked a little like Brian Jones from the Rolling Stones, he had the same haircut and blonde hair. He'd been a mod and a flowerchild and vacationed in Morocco with some of his friends, hanging out there for a while. For Valentine’s Day he sent her a card, a funny one. When her mom read it to her, she didn't get the joke and didn’t like it one little bit and was very upset. Her mother having a great sense of humor thought it was hilarious and was laughing but not her. It wasn't romantic with loving words and thought he was being mean and wasn't impressed, of course he was trying to be funny with his girlfriend. If she didn't understand the situation, she would take it out of context. Her mom tried to explain but her not getting it and went to her bedroom pouting, so, so sensitive. If it didn't fit into her way of her thinking, then it didn't make sense to this young autistic girl. He did give her a very large romantic birthday card saving grace trying to make it up to her with loving words and signed it all my love Colin, she liked that card a lot better.


 The reason they split up she wouldn't give out and he wanted to go to bed with her. They did try it once when staying at his place and she wouldn't take her clothes off and let him come near her. She wasn't ready to share her body with him or anyone and there was a reason for this. One was, remember going on holiday in 1964 and how those boys talked about her girlfriend because she was free with her body and wasn't impressed by their comments and thought they were being disrespectful. She was very loyal to her friend but unfortunately as she found out later that wasn't the case the other way around.  Being a lot younger than her years and kept pushing him away giggling with her nervous energy, it felt strange having a fella all over her. She didn't like it  at all make her extremely uncomfortable.  He did say it was too frustrating for him dating her. Colin was five years older and the way she looked, her big doe brown eyes, her pouty lips, her hair now blonde and longer and started wearing hair pieces and all that makeup she hid behind. She looked like a baby doll, but she didn't want to be played with. she was too young and just turned sixteen he wanted sex and she wasn't ready and not wanting to  have anything to do with groping and kissing.


That time in the 60's is wasn’t looked upon as bad if you were young and going out with an older fella. Most girls being free with their bodies because of the pill, after all it was the swinging 60s. Colin was nice about it and said if he ever married and had a little girl, he would want her to be like her. She thought that was a strange thing to say but thought it was a compliment in a way. It did piss her off but as usual went on her merry way,  disconnected not knowing any better and still figuring this world out. They parted as friends but never heard or saw him again. It was difficult understanding others and I'm sure it was difficult for others understanding her. Having a spirit like hers, pretty and wasn't threatening; virginal, seemingly vulnerable. As she matured you better respect her because she did have a temper when frustrated if a fella was rude to her. She didn’t really need the opposite sex  it just seemed all these men came after her. It did get her out of the house she loved dressing up and could be someone else. Never wanting to be around her father and her younger brother didn't help the situation. It did get better with her brother as she got older and she had lost her temper before with him and flew off the handle and he knew not to piss his sister  off ever again.........

 1968 Going Out With the a Rich Gentleman  Who Spoilt her with
Many Beautiful Presents 

She was never interested in jewelry or furs, just a wandering butterfly that her mother let her do as she pleased, she trusted her daughter and knew she had a mind of her own. Her mom more liberal minded than her father, he was stricter and had no time for all this blather that kids were getting up to. She had met this young man, very smart dresser who wore expensive jewelry and had money, drove a Bentley, walked among the rich and famous, a business person who had something to do with the entertainment business. He still wanted to make it up to her after the car accident and had tickets to the opening of the rock hippy musical (Hair). The music was about the sexual revolution and the anti-war movement. Playing in the Westend of London at Shaftesbury theatre they had great seats sitting in the middle, close to the stage. There right in front of her, female and male actors totally naked with their hands over their private parts. She didn't know where to look and felt unbelievable embarrassed. She had never seen a man stand in front of her stark naked and after she got over the shock enjoyed the musical performance.


When the show finished, they ended up being with some of the cast, sitting in a circle and a reefer of marijuana being passed around. Everyone was inhaling then it was handed to her and she gave a nervous smile and politely gave it to the next person. She wasn't going to smoke up and worrying are they all going to get naked and start making out. An experience she had gone through, remember the orgy and her running up to the loo. Not knowing what the marijuana may do,  thought she wouldn't be in control and that scared the living daylights out of her. She could see how the marijuana was affecting the actors and her eyes were burning and didn't like the smell. Being so sensitive to her environment smells, tastes and  picking up energy and no way she wanted to stay, Milo saw how uncomfortable she was getting and they left. She was glad to get away always feeling uneasy  in those situations too many people, a young girl in a bubble trying to breathe oxygen, this world was so unfamiliar to all she was experiencing and trying to fit in. 

 Their Relationship
Was Coming to an End  

They went to dinner at the Savoy, then to Ronny Scott’s Jazz club in Soho, the air filled with cigarettes smoke and the jazz playing, they were seated in a private corner. Milo ordered drinks and her favourite at the time was vodka and lime and started to feel more comfortable. She has to say she wasn’t that keen on some of the music but at least it was a lot better than being in that room full of the smell of marijuana and feeling frightened. The next weekend Milo took her to dinner again to the River Restaurant at the Savoy hotel overlooking the River Thames. Then after dinner went down to the American bar to listen to the piano player and had more drinks, she liked it there, more solitude and a quiet atmosphere. They went out for a little while longer and the last place he took her was the Playboy private club for cocktails, dinner and some gambling. Remembering how the bunnies did their little bunny dip when serving the drinks. Milo never came on to her and felt at ease and  she knew their relationship wasn’t going anywhere, well not for her anyway. Milo came over the next weekend and always with present beautiful gifts in hand but this time it was different and asked her to go to the front room to see what he had bought her, she was taken back but not with joy............

 More On  Going Out With Milo 
Great Memory 
Going with Milo To

 Danny La Rue the greatest showman and very much  loved in the showbusiness circles, Noel Coward called him 'the most professional, the most witty and the most utterly charming man in the business, Danny passed away in 2009 of cancer he was 81 years young.  He had a wonderful personality and she remembers watching him on The Royal Variety Performance in the early 60s with her mom on the telly. He was so fun to watch and had no idea what was instore for her was she manifesting  all the picture stories she would  draw? 

 Her mother liked watching  the variety show, Danny La Rue was her favourite. If you don't know who Danny La Rue is, he was like Dame Edna from Australia. Danny  would be all dressed up in glamorous women's clothing and a blonde wig. more

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