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The newest generation of star children to arrive on Earth, the rainbow children likely arrived from the year 2000 onwards.

She feels they have been here for many years 

* Indigo * Crystal *Rainbow * Children. 

Their most distinctive characteristic? They incarnate free from any karma. They have nothing to heal, nothing to break free of, no shadow side to release, and so naturally maintain a super high vibrational frequency.

Why? They’ve never lived a past life on Earth before, though that’s not to say they haven’t lived other lives in different dimensions.

Because of this, rainbow children are inherently gifted, and most of the time they know it. From a young age, they possessed strong claircognizant abilities and are very in tune with their spiritual side.

Drawn to color and brightness, rainbow children are likely to come across as wacky, unique, and quirky to Earth souls.

They’re not afraid to put their personal power above the need to ‘fit in’ – something this group doesn’t do. That’s not to say they’re loud and abrasive though, quite the opposite, they can be quiet, empathetic, and generally shy.

Where Did the Rainbow Children Come From?

Not much is known about the rainbow children because they’re so new. Anything I write about them is drawn from my own intuition and understanding of their characteristics having encountered these souls a few times before.

Personally, I believe they originated from a higher dimension rather than from a different star system. It’s possible their souls are direct descendants of ascended masters such as Buddha or Mother Mary. In this sense, they’ve always been here, but haven’t been called to ‘arrive’ until now. Their souls will likely continue to incarnate on Earth for the next 5 years or so. Common Rainbow Children Traits:

  • Bright, bubbly and energetic personalities

  • They have an undeniable strong personal power

  • Fearless in pursuit of their ambitions

  • Passionate about everything in their life

  • Effortless in manifesting

  • Attuned to the world of color

  • Strong telepathic abilities

  • Very trusting

  • Unlikely to develop illness or mental health issues unless out of alignment

  • Can be quiet and shy at times

What’s Next – When Will a New Generation of Star Children Arrive? go to this website 

Posted AUG 4TH 2023
Cara’s and Dylan are having a baby Girl 👧 will call her ......... she’s a beautiful Crystalline child. She chose to come and sent here for a reason like all of us. Some are more intuitive understanding why we are here. As the galaxy’s grow of this knowledge more and more will process this phenomenon. A miracle why they came here what they need to do . To make this world a better place get rid of evil and pedophilia it will vanish into the ether and never return again. Amen!!!

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