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                  SUNBEAMS MOONBEAMS     

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She likes to call these children Sunbeams Moonbeams because they do have a inner light and a pure energy that surrounds them.  If you are able to nourish and feed their souls with love and kindness  Then they will grow like a beautiful flower, blossoming tall, strong, a spirit of magnificent unique wonder. These are our children A Gift From God!


She had no idea all those years ago what Reiki was until someone shared with her about a lady they knew; she had learned Reiki and left her office job to pursue her calling.  She felt this lady could help her with the stresses she was going through with her child. The first time she went it felt wonderful! The relaxation, the warmth from her hands penetrating through her body for that moment; floating on a cloud of peaceful tranquility. All her stresses dissipating it was quite remarkable and what happened next  was enlightening. On her third visit made her a believer, in the power of the energy within us.  Her second visit she had told the healer about her child and she gave her some information;  how she could do the healing touch.  The healer said to be able to do this Reiki she need to go and learn the Symbols and Technic with a Master Reiki teacher. This is what she decided to do on her journey of discovering who she really was.


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 Doing what the Energy Healer had Taught Her

On her third visit as the healer was using the energy healing touch on her, she was doing what the healer had taught her at the same time from her previous visit.  All of a sudden the alarms went off in her house; she jumped and looked up with a surprise look in her eyes. Wondering what had happened? The healer explain this had only happen one time before when she started learning Reiki; it was the energy. WOW she thought this is something she wanted to learn. She decided to take her first Reiki level, then second and third with the same Master Reiki energy teacher as Cristia she will call her; guiding her on this journey to help her child.


Laying of the Healing  Hands

Reiki is a laying of the hands an energy healing the whole body; creating many beneficial effects of relaxation, security and well-being. Being so sensitive to her environment and feeling everything so intensely, especially negative energy; Reiki was a wonderful and amazing gift. What Reiki did for her was bring a serene positive light into her life. It gave her a soulful meaning of peace, harmony and happiness! Reiki brought this magnificent spiritual healing to her- Mind, Body and Soul which needed nurturing. Bringing source quantum energy, serenity and love. With prayer, God's love, or as some people like to call it their higher power- She found that leap of faith,  unblocking the negative energy she'd carried from past experiences. Years later took a course in Transcendental  Meditation which enabled her to go into a deeper and more relaxed meditation.

With Pure Loving Energy

She bought a Reiki table in a pale aqua with a butterfly carved into the wood. Placing the Reiki bed in the middle of their spare room filling the room with calming relaxing music, candles, a fountain, crystals and wind chimes. The sound of the wind chimes reminded her when being a little girl in England, wondrous memories of Sunday mornings.  The sound of the church bells ringing out, expanding over the streets, hills and valleys. It was enlightening connecting her to a higher vibrations, for that moment healing her frightened little soul. The sounds opening up her heart felt emotions going deep into her being.  This was a place to rejoice and to connect with her child. A Gift from God who was here to teach so many universal lessons.


Feeling her Loving touch.

She needed a purpose for her higher good, which took her down this spiritual path. Placing her hands above her child, at first felt overwhelmed, irritated, squirming, not being able to stay still; a reaction feeling everything so much more intensely. Then a peaceful  calming sensation came over her beautiful sweetheart, feeling the mother's loving touch.  She did this with God's pure love within her heart, just let the energy flow.  Her child's face would light up like a Sunbeams-Moonbeams an energy of pure happiness so bright and clear; that sadly had been locked away in a dark place of loneliness and despair. Her child felt the darkness dissipate, flutter away like a delicate butterfly emerging from a cocoon. The enclosed barrier that was wrapped around her sweet young innocent child, not able to express, was now opened to the universe of love and acceptation.


Energy of Pure Glowing

Her child's spirit was lifted with an energy of pure glowing, loving light. As the transformation came to the final moments of the healing session; her child's arms reaching out to hers. Holding her young child close to her heart feeling the magnificent universal love of total bliss between them a spiritual connection. Her child was reborn for that brief moment and emerged into a new beautiful divine form. She can still see it in her mind's eye - just one of the many memories that helped her child and family. Never giving up, putting them on the road to good health and happiness. Unfortunately she couldn't always be there to protect her sweetheart from the outside elements. It would have been wonderful if she could have; that wasn't reality.  Her child had to go to school where stress, bullying, smells, sounds that affects these children.


Frightened and Misunderstood

Children suffering under this spectrum already feel frightened, misunderstood; full of fear and anxiety consuming them. Children never asked to be born - they teach us so many important lessons.  There is a reason why they come to us and when you can look at it that way;  you can't but want to help your child or children. Our children can feel when we have a calm loving energy. Not everyone accepts Reiki because it's not in the mainstream.  People think it's new age; all it was to her was God's Love, a wonderful Quantum energy of pure innocence; a bond between a mother and her child. 

Even though the umbilical  cord had
been cut her child would always be connected no matter what he was a

gift from God Like All Children Are Meditation for Her Son 

                  SUNBEAMS MOONBEAMS

The Natural Approach 

A power of a mother's love and devotion on this journey, taking the natural approach and finding many answers. There were ups and downs, peaks and valleys she had to go through- but she never gave up on her child; always pushed through with  faith, Hope and God's love  she had to carry on. When she was open to receive, she found the right solutions that worked for her and her family all those years ago.

The Knowing 
It would have been very difficult if she hadn't had the faith and the knowing to carry on and wouldn't be where she is today. A miracle growing inside of her; she had no idea she was pregnant, but there was a connection a child alive in her womb; an umbilical cord between them. Giving life and couldn't believe this beautiful and adorable baby was hers. The most unbelievable feeling she had never felt before. Her journey was just beginning  and got her strength from a higher calling of God's love and protection. Later The loving words from Jesus came into her life. You never know what's around the corner but God is looking after you and the  son of God...

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