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Ask Dr. Tony - February 2023 ANXIOUS 17,107 views Jan 31, 2023

Ask Tony Attwood excellent, excellent information on ASP. Addresses 

Subjects Addressed in this Episode:


- ASD and Narcissistic Personality Disorder

- Myers Briggs and ASD 

Telling the family they have it too! 

Living with Autism

- Estrangement and ASD -

- Common physical health problems - 

- Psychosis and autism. What's the difference? 


How do I deal with this?


Catastrophizing and Anxiety 


Masking and Making and Keeping Friends -

Multiple masks for different audiences - 

Empathetic Attunement -

ASD and animal love -

Intimacy Dating Sex and Marriage -

"Neither of us like the idea of a wedding" -

-Asperger's and PTSD -

I highly recommend for more Ask Tony videos go to

Criag Evens channel autism hangout (dotcom)

We Are All Unique And Different 

Autism Comes:

In all different shapes and sizes, they have their own unique personalities.

 How they have been brought up makes a big difference in so many ways.

 Genetics, DNA are involved how they handle their situations and are

able to cope. What they do have in common they do not like change,

need to control their environment, looks like they are self centered

in many ways when it comes to family issues. They love animals

and can relate to them better than people because they

 love you back unconditionally and do not judge.  

Having this syndrome they are very smart, highly focusing on things

that interest them and forgetting to eat sometimes, they are in their

own zone. Learned masking to be able to fit in, anxiety consuming

them  can become daunting, if they cannot calm their brain down it's exhausting.  Finding  in everyway possible to survive especially

if they are empaths living in this unfamiliar world of theirs. What's wonderful! They are Resilient, Awesome and Authentic 

 Actors~ Poets~ Authors~ Designers~ Hairdressers.  Many are in

  the arts because they are extremely creative and visual and have
learned to live in this vast universe by studying others, and have

become very good at it. Because they love animals and having

that bond could go into that field by working with them. They

are inquisitive wanting to know more and thinking outside

the box. Some have become Psychics in the Spiritual field 

and are very good at their Craft, because they could be

Empaths have Gifts others don’t have. Being Highly

Sensitive picking up vibes, Having an Antenna

Reaching Far and Wide. 

Females if they don’t understand their gifts and being an empath

it will become confusing, cause them many problems, bringing

on high Anxiety trying to understand and second guessing

themselves. Especially when older, it's very Important to

look after their Health & Well Being by Building their

Immune System making it Vibrant and Strong. 

If they don’t Understand themselves and not having the right

Guidance and Support this will affect them Tremendously.

Sometimes not Comprehending the Consequences of their

actions. Some turning to street Drugs getting into Trouble. 

Others using Alcohol or both trying to be able to Function

the Best way Possible. OCD can be overwhelming and

Some having auto immune disorders in their family

as on her mother's side of the family. Many could 

be under the Autism Spectrum and having no idea

Why They Are Suffering!!!


They need to Calm their Nerves and Brain down, lower their Stress.

That's one of the most important things for them. Some wanting

to be left alone to do their own thing. It's exhausting picking

up energies they do not need or want. To be able to live on

this planet and she's been here for over 73 years. Aspies 

seem to seek each other out and many living 

together especially in this day and age.


They do not like all the pomp and ceremony of marriage, too stressful

  doesn't mean they will not get married it's usually for their family

They would rather spend their money on other things. They

feel comfortable in each other's presence even though they

 can drive each other crazy sometimes. They just want to

  be accepted for who they are do not want negativity and

have a strong will. When they meet another Aspie and are

on the same wavelength getting their persona they can

be themselves. There's Asperger's on her father's side
of the family she knows her father had Asperger's

the way he acted and can understand why.


 Even Dr. Tony Attwood's son had a lot of difficulties when

growing up and not knowing he had Asperger's. He ended

up in prison, that's what can happen getting on the wrong

side of the law; with a person under the Autism Spectrum.

The reason why? Sometimes it's hard to detect in families

with the gene, and then if they do not get the support 

they desperately need. Don't forget Autism Spectrum

was only discovered widely in Males in the 90s. Females

later because they were Good at Masking. As she had

Shared in her Third Video becoming a Chameleon. 

Now quite a few of the Younger Generation especially autistic thinking if they change their Gender. A He to a She and Visa Versa they will feel better,

to find out later it was the Biggest Mistake for some of them. They

do not realize the medication and hormones they have to take

for the rest of their lives. The operations are very painful and

 then to find out they want to go back to their original gender

and will never be able to have children. Trans Regret

Wanting to fit in and have Friends. They Can be Hilarious

and have a Great Sense  of Humour. Look at these

Asperger's Male Comedians if you

Want to have a Good Laugh

Many have no idea they are autistic and never been diagnosed and

 if they have usually with Bipolar~OCD ~ADD ~Depression~ Personality Disorder~ PTSD and everything else under the sun even schizophrenia 

, never with the autism. Why? Because they have learned Masking

 hiding behind their facade just like her Becoming a Chameleon.

They know they are different and have all sorts of careers. Teachers~Engineers~Doctors~Politicians~Psychiatrists

~Psychologists~ Scientists~ Philosophers~ Inventors extremely

focused have come out with Incredible, Remarkable Inventions

Both Tesla & Einstein had many failures and both had a hard life, never

gave up in what they believed in;  Highly focused and Brilliant minds.

 The hardships they went through and look at what they Achieved.



High Functioning On The Autism Spectrum 

We are all different like colours of the rainbow as she has said, it depends on our upbringing. Where we are from, our DNA how wewere treated and what our parents looked like. We come in all shapes and sizes. What we do have in common sensitive to our environment, suffer with social anxiety.  Tony Attwood explains it very well .   


She Didn't Have a Voice Way
Back Then? Part of her Story 

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