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Dr Jordan B Peterson and Temple Grandin discuss the pros and cons of visual and verbal thinking, as well as categorization, animal welfare, targeted activism, and the importance of hands-on learning opportunities. Extremely good interview on education in our schools today. Her husband has seen the deterioration in the school system, not good for our younger generation.  

I have always thought in pictures in my mind's eye like Temple Grandin. Being creative has served me well and helped me tremendously  seeing I couldn't read or tell the time when leaving school. I had a different upbringing living in Great Britain, born into a working class family. Not able to get an education it was very confusing for me growing up in the 50s.  I have done very well, having the right people come into my life at the right time. If you read other parts of my story you will see what a fascinating life I lead it was all because of my dear old mom.
       Could It Be Autism?  Part One
              Could It Be Asperger's? Part Two 

           Asperger's Comedians 

                   Michael McCreary  Canadian

Females with H F Autism 

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