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She Didn't Have a Voice When She Was Young
Like All These Other Children



Why is she so passionate about getting this information out? This could have been her, growing up in the swinging 60s in London, England, she was blessed to have a mother like hers. She gave her daughter the knowing to validate herself and not to let anyone put her down. It didn't happen overnight but when her hormones kicked in slowly things started to change. She did have some bad experiences also some good., She couldn't connect like the other children, in a fog of confusion, a bubble not able to break through. She was fortunate her mother never gave up on her and taught her young daughter many great lessons. Her mother had wisdom and unbelievable insight, she was like no other mother back then that she knew of. She started to blossom and was doing pretty well then this other incident happened. When she was twenty and modelling and having her first picture in the newspapers, so naive and a horrible, horrific incident occurred. It was devastating but like all young girls, she thought it was her fault and never told anyone and remember this was back then. No internet or cell phones and she was dyslexic and couldn't read. Not knowing God was looking after her and had made her this way. To protect her and not let her go down that avenue that she could have easily persuade. It will not make sense till you know her whole story.


She was a pretty girl and had an opportunity to be in the Playboy magazine or even a Bunny.  After all this was the swinging 60s in London England. She was working in the center of the big city where all the action was taking place. Having her picture in the newspaper someone must have saw her. Thank heavens she never became a Bunny anyway she was never interested in money or being around the famous and rich. Didn't like being stared at that made her feel very uncomfortable in her own skin or told what to do. She definitely walked to the beat of her own drum. Had no idea what other incidents could have occurred especially after watching the Playboy Documentary, it was bloody shocking. That reptilian part of her brain saved her many a time, the fight and flight.  Even though she was tiny framed, just over over 5ft 4 in her stocking feet. She knew when to fight and when to flee unfortunately that didn't happen all the time being naive and trusting. Those feeble weak minded men know who to go after the innocent. Why? They are cowards these predators they cannot handle a real woman that's why they go after children or shy innocent venerable females. The internet has made it worse with pornography it's everywhere for these children to see. Also why on earth are they putting sex-ad in kindergarten? They want your children these pedophiles corrupted them when they are young, they are disgusting wolfs in sheep's clothing.  She knows she had meet some of them and thank goodness she survived. 

 A&E Documentaries Secrets of Playboy
It's shocking how those Playboy Bunnies were treated used and abused they were not even allowed to see a doctor it was forbidden. She had been taken to the Playboy private night club in London. This was in the late 60s by a boyfriend who was a member. Watching this documentary it's unbelievable how these men are animals who get into power. The drugs, sex abuse it's all coming out, you cannot believe the depravity these sickos get up to. It's shocking  what they can get away with. The truth will always prevail in the end that they hide from the public. Just like what's happening and going on today. The 60s  generation was a different era for women, especially for the working class girl in Great Britain. 
1971 the photographer Brian Aris took this picture for  the Daily Mirror newspaper and it got her noticed, she was on her way to a modelling career. Brian wanted to book her with a very well known magazine they liked her looks and would be modeling jewelry. She had to turn it down she was very upset in fact devastated at the time. It was a Godsend in away, it wasn't her destiny. God had a different path for this young autistic girl. Taking her on  this  extraordinary journey and having people along the way come into her life at the right moment learning her life lessons,
Brian was always very respectful towards her 
First pic Brian Aris took like her look 1970 The second 1971 She did photographic modelling she wasn't tall enough for the runway
photos for my 3 video 2013 017 - Copy -
2016 Video sharing her feelings
No she hasn't her novels published she
explains in her other video. For her writing
is a great way of releasing her feelings 
Being very honest she doesn't know any other way to do it sharing her feelings with her syndrome. Now she is going to be 74 in April 2024. She's got nothing to lose and she doesn't care what others may think. Everyone has their own opinions and you have to let go of the things you cannot control.  She has learned through the years you have to let it go, let it go. Everything she has gone through has made her a better and stronger person. Also finding like minded souls and drawing their Star🌟Seeds Angel Goddesses and Emperors using her creative talent. That's how she survived as a child having a great imagination, her pretend friends and drawing how she wanted her world to be.. As her grandpa wrote a story for her about a Princess and the story starts off: Didn't matter if you were rich or poor in this land of Peace and Love. It was quite magical the King and Queen and Princess with fairies but also the princess had to learn her life lessons along the way. 
Her Brigitte Bardot look She wanted to look like her
Holly's video interview she can see her autism, her natural way of thinking and coming across. That's why all those years ago when she made her third videos there was no one talking about autistic females being sexy and sensual. She was the first one sharing her experiences and her idol was Brigitte Bardot more info here....
34 still love being in front of the camera. A profession photographer took this picture
She thought this was interesting, more and more women who were like her are being diagnosed with Autism.  As She mentioned she was asked to be in PlayBoy in the early 70s. There was no way she could, she wanted to be back then believe it or not.  That was her dream she always wanted to be like those beautiful sexy women she saw in her dad's magazines. She had the looks and now feeling more confident but had a secret and had to turn all these opportunities down that were coming here way. Then today Dec 10th 2023 she comes across Holly Madison the Playboy bunny who lived with Hugh Hefner. She was one of Hefner's girlfriends in The Girl Next Door on Netflix 2007. She never watched the series she was 57 when they were filming.  That time in her life her mother had passed that year she was with her in the hospital with her family on her last day being on this earth. She has written about this it's very hard losing a loved one but knew it was her time didn't want her to suffer anymore 
 Holly's A Starseed She Stands Up To
What She Believes In. She's Not A phony
What Is A Star
The New Human Star Children 
OVER A YEAR AFTER HER SURGERY 2020 She explains why she hasn't
had her novels published 

Sharing her feeling about her surgery going blond again. Her anxiety, getting older, like a fine red wine. It's hard sometimes with her migraines. Why she wouldn't have fitted in the modeling and movie industry. How Hollywood isn't what you think it is and being famous, they have their insecurities. Her book that she hasn't finished and has no idea when. Her husband knows how she needs to have someone to understand and takes care of her. Autistic, has Asperger's which she calls Aura and some other things she shares. Since this video was taken a lot has happened in her life with the pandemic. Losing her doggie Angel, getting sick and a lot of stress and and pain. Everything's changed and not for the better. You learn to cope like she always has in these difficult times. But! like always she turns it around to a positive. 
After researching the internet wanting to find a doctor, being sensitive she had to find the right fit, and she did. She's very happy with her surgery and loves her doctor he did a fabulous job. She couldn't have been happier and went to Montreal to see him he was wonderful. More here
 She had no idea she would be putting these
videos on her website taped in Aug 2023.
When video taping herself it was therapeutic talking out loud. Yes, now and
again she gets down like we all do. She suffers with PDST when stress comes into her life and pain it can be overwhelming sometimes. Especially if she doesn't have control of the situation.  She's very good at putting on a smile for others
as she learned to do getting through the tough times. It was very difficult when her doggie Angel passed in her arms, she was devastated. Then she got her little Rainbow who ended up in the animal hospital that was very stressful was she going to be ok?. She ate raisins and finding out they are toxic for dogs and Rainbow being so tiny. After 4 days being there was able to come home to be with her mummy. You get back up dust yourself off and start all over again.  Thank Goodness
  She's Resilient Star🌟Seed

If you have that attitude not to blame and as her mum would say; you just get on with it, that was the British way. Then where do you turn? You look inside yourself and that's where you get your strength from. It will make you stronger and you hope you learn by your experiences and you carry on. Wisdom comes when you're older, you have to walk through the fire to get to the other side. That's why the people who are speaking up have the knowing, the knowledge and walked through their own fire and  turmoil, sharing their stories and beliefs with passion to the world from their own heartfelt feelings deep in their souls. If they were blessed and not been killed or to take their own lives by committing suicide. Sometimes when growing up we don't always realize why we feel and do the things we do.  The reason why? It's buried deep in our souls waiting to be unlocked and to understand ourselves.

   The Poem She wrote After Her
Horrible Frightening Experience
Her Inner Feelings 

Today my eyes were open to what the world's about. It 
is a cruel, an inner bitterness I feel within my body, tears
within my heart. Though I shall live through the years. 
Bitter I may seem, a shallow feeling with despair. 
Mistakes I have made a few, I will live with them, 
though my head is spinning, my breathing 
crushing my heart. The weeping tears 
drown my sorrow though 
 life must go on
Added AMEN Because God Loves You 
Your Heavenly Father

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