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                           Are Your Cleaning Products Making You Sick?

                      Do You Know What Is In Your Household Cleaners?

Do you really know what is under your kitchen sink and the type of cleaning supplies are   lurking around your homes and in your personal care products. Do you really know? Have you found Windex or other window cleaners? Bleach or laundry and dish washing detergent. All of these products can be toxic poisons with the potential to seriously injure your child, pets or even make an adult sick. Below is an eye opening video that states the facts about Children’s Health and toxic chemicals in the home. A 3 minute video: Toxic Household Products     

If you say well these green products really don’t work…What if I told you that there are some Green


cleaning products that not only work but outperform many of the leading brands?  Another excuse

is these products are too expensive. I can actually show you that Shaklee’s GetClean products are


not only more effective but cost less than what you are spending at the grocery store. So why are

these lethal products in you or in your home at all? Probably you don’t realize how dangerous they


are. Kim has been using Shaklee since 1992 they use all the GetClean products and are 100%


guaranteed! She sells the Shaklee cleaning products in her hair studio. You have nothing to lose

but a lot to gain…a clean, healthy and safe home for you and your family. 


                                            CBC MARKET PLACE TOXIC BREW


ECO friendly and non toxic

How Can you Save Money On Your Cleaning Products & know they will help the Environment? Shaklee Products are Concentrated

*No Chemical Smell 

*Toxin Free*

Shaklee Cleaning products work wonderfully Safe & Effective*

Money Back Guarantee

She started using the GetClean in 1992 to keep her home toxic free for her family and pets More info                                 

Testimonials from her clients :

If possible, I would like to get the Basic H2 (I believe it's called) - one for myself and one for my sister.  I'll also pick up the spray bottles for her. I really want her to try it.  I can't believe how this stuff works. My glass tabletop and windows have never been so clean. If you didn't know any better you wouldn't even know there was a glass door leading out to the balcony. My (kitchen) backsplash is black shiny tile and WOW! with no effort at all, it gleams. 

I just want to share this with you I  just got a phone call from a client of mine who was at the GetClean presentation she purchased the GetClean Kit and is so happy. She used the Scour off on her bathroom tiles in the shower, she said she has never seen them look so shiny and clean that was a great testimonial for me to share. She also loves the other GetClean products she just asked me to order her some more cloths and bottles so she can keep some upstairs.

Another lady who was at the GetClean presentation called me and said she loved the Scour off it cleaned her stove beautifully and was so happy not to smell toxic fumes. " The Scour off smells good enough to eat " She said she was off to clean her friend's stove because she hadn't been able to clean it because of these other toxic oven cleaners.

A client was very impressed how the Scour off worked and got the scum off shower at her cottage, she also uses the basic H.

Kim as other people who pick up the GetClean and very happy with the results.

Other Testimonials

Shaklee’s GET CLEAN Products:  One mother, Catrina L. shares the following … “I wanted to get as much chemical as possible out of our environment as my son was uncontrollable after just passing the cleaners in the supermarket.  We went with Shaklee completely … and what a BIG DIFFERENCE!  After we cleared out the chemicals and started to clean and do laundry with Shaklee, the rash on my son’s face cleared, our sinus infections cleared up, and my husband now comments on the smell of homemade bread. Best of all, my son has calmed down a great deal.  When you get the chemicals out of your environment, your family will be healthier and happier for it.  We are!”

A GREAT GIFT ... GREEN TOXIN-FREE CLEANERS FOR YOUR HOME! Wendy shares the following ... “We are so thrilled with the cleaning results of Shaklee products for carpet cleaning, and there was absolutely no smell or toxic effects! Last time we had our carpets cleaned, we were offered to have them cleaned by our land lord ... what a big mistake!! We were sick for 2 days after, the smell was so toxic, and my dog developed temporary arthritis! I would recommend this Shaklee carpet cleaning mix of Basic H2 and Nature Bright to anyone, and it was so cheap!

I have a great testimonial from my daughter Beth. She spilled red wine on her car seat, don’t ask how she did that! It was two days old and she sprayed it with Basic H, dabbed it, no rubbing, and it came out.

Tips for Use of Basic H2 in the Summer:

  1. Camping:  Basic-H2 is all you need for dishwashing, laundry, and other cleaning jobs while camping.  It works in cold water … it is organic and biodegradable, and won’t hurt fish, vegetation or wildlife.

  2. Barbecue Grills and Ovens:  Mix 2 oz. of Basic H2 per gallon of water for a super degreaser.  Wash and then scour with Get Clean Scour-Off Heavy Duty Paste for a super easy cleaning of the dirtiest BBQ grill.

  3. Greasy Tools:  Just 2 oz Basic-H2 per 1 cup of hot water.  Soak tools … then rinse and wipe dry. 

  4.  Fish Odours:  Got some messy fish odours to clean up?  Then use ½ tablespoon of Basic-H2 per quart of water to clean up after filleting your fish, or around boats. 



Window Cleaner – Mix - Only 1 to 3 drops in 16 oz. spray bottle of water. If smearing occurs, mixture too strong – add water to dilute.  General Spray Cleaner – Mix 4-6 drops in 16 oz spray bottle of water. Use all over the house to wipe furniture, chrome, the stove, the refrigerator, vent blinds, and excellent for louvered doors.  General Spot Remover – Apply Basic-H directly on spotted area. Use a toothbrush or finger to rub into area. Wipe off with a damp cloth or rinse in basin of water. (Removes coffee, ink, grass, etc)  General Cleaning – 1/2 tsp. in qt. of warm water.  Cleans doors, walls, woodwork, appliances, bathroom fixtures & tile.  Insect Repellent for People and Animals – Rub/Apply full strength Basic-H wherever you do not want insects to bite; they won’t bite where Basic-H has been applied. Also relieves itching of insect bites (rub on, full strength). Be careful around eyes, it does sting. If you get some in the eyes just flush with water.  Floors - 1 Tbs. per gallon of water.  Leaves floor shining.  May require rinsing.  Dusting – 1/8 tsp. in pint of water, squeeze sponge almost dry (Or spray on), Wipe off dust, fingerprints, etc.  Dry with clean cloth.  Leaving the wax finish beautifully bright & dust repellent, less dusting required.  Outside Windows – 1/2 tsp. in “Ortho-type” spray applicator full of water.  Makes 2 gallons of solution for windows & screens. Squeegee dry.  Coffee-makers – Dilute 1/8 tsp.  Basic-H in pot of water. Run through cycle & coffee stains will rinse away. Ironing - 1 drop in steam iron keeps the jets & interior clean.  Wallpaper - Excellent for removing wallpaper.  1/2 Tbs. per gal. of water.  Soak wallpaper with sponge & peel or scrape. Concrete & Mortar Mix – 1/4 oz. per 1 gallon of water.  Makes cement & mortar spread easier & smoother, set harder. Plumbing - Will keep pipes clean & free-running when used regularly to wash hands, pots & pans at sinks.  It emulsifies grease & can eliminate cleaning of grease traps. Pressure Washer – 1/2 oz Basic-H to 20 gallons of water.  Heavy Duty – use 1 oz per gallon of water.  Leaves a luster to mobile homes, homes, RVs & etc.  Humidifiers – Use 1 or 2 drops in humidifier water to help prevent rust & scum.  Knives – 1 or 2 drops on cutting stone for sharpening knives. Keep moist & add Basic-H as needed.  Doesn’t clog stone – very important when sharpening tools. Stone rinses free of residue.  Yard Spray to Rid of Fleas - in hose spray bottle, fill with water; add 1 cap-full of Basic-H. Attach to hose & spray yard every 10 days for 3 applications. Use twice a year thereafter to control.  Rinse all plants thoroughly.  Liquid Hand Soap - Mix 1/4 Basic-H to 3/4 water in pump dispenser by sinks.  Will not dry or irritate hands like soaps may.  Will help moisten, soften & protect hands!  Fine Fabrics – Use 1/2 tsp to a basin of lukewarm water to wash woolens, nylon stockings, and all fine fabrics. Gum (works with Silly Putty)  – Use full strength to remove gum from skin, hair or carpeting.  Fruits & Vegetables – Use 1/8 tsp. in pint of water wash and rinse.  Removes insecticide residue, dirt and waxes. For lettuce cut head in half and place in cold water with a couple drops of H. It removes the poisons and crisps up the lettuce.  Automotive Uses Washing- vehicle– 1/2 tsp. per gallon of water. Wash small area at a time and hose off.  Wipe windshield, windows and chrome with paper towels after rinsing.  You’ll love the shine!  Battery Terminals - 1/2 tsp. to pint of water and spray on battery terminals and let soak 2 minutes. Clean with wire brush.  Filters – 1 tsp to gallon of water. Soak air filters from motors and watch the dirt float out into the water. Air dry or put on hot engine for faster drying.  Camping Cleaning & Washing - Coat bottoms and sides of pots and pans with Basic-H before placing over campfire.  Black soot just slides right off when you wash. Fish Odors – 1/2 Tbs. per quart of water.  Basic-H2 works wonders on boats, docks.  Washing RV, Boat & Camper – 1/2 Tbs. per gallon of water. Crayon - To remove from walls, use full strength.  Spot Remover - Apply directly on spotted area, which has been dampened with water. Use a toothbrush or finger to rub basic-H2 into area.  Wipe with a damp cloth or rinse in basin of water  Upholstery - Mix 1/2 Tbs. to ½ gallon water. Spray on & rub clean.  Septic Tanks – Keeps crust from forming.  For maximum health of septic system use all of Shaklee’s phosphate free cleaning products.  This will do much to promote the growth of needed friendly bacteria.  Houseplants – Water plants with 1 oz. Basic-H to 1 gallon water. 4 drops to 1 pint water can be sprayed on the leaves to make healthier plants and keep dust off.

  1. Fertilizer - Add a few drops to warm water, then water your indoor or outdoor plants. The Basic H2 solution will make the ground soluble to the water, thus making your plants much healthier than with regular water.  Glove - Before you start a dirty job or before gardening, pour a few drops directly onto your hands. Rub them together to coat both hands. After you are done cleaning, wash your hands to find that dirt, scum, smell and overall ickiness are nowhere to be found.  Pesticide –  Dilute your Basic H2 to a couple of drops per spray-bottle, then spritz your plants as part of your regular routine. Not only will the bugs stay away but you might also find that they are bigger and healthier, as well.  Produce wash – Just 1/8tsp. added to a pint of water will make an effective and safe wash for your produce. Grit and dirt on leafy vegetables are easily removed, and you no longer have to worry about a funny taste remaining on the produce.

Diaper wash - Coupled with 1/2 tsp of Shaklee Basic G (a germicide), 1/4 tsp of Basic H2 can remove germs and odors from your cloth diapers. Leave a bit in your diaper pail to prevent odours there, as well.

Windshield Wash/Rain repellent - Pour 3 1/2 tsp of Basic H2 into one quart of water, and use it as your windshield wash. Rain and slush will easily wipe away from your windshield, and bugs will slide away, as well. Records - Add 2 drops to a cup of water and with a soft cloth or brush, wipe off records. Removes finger oils and leaves them magnet free.  Shoes - 2 drops on a clean cloth to clean shoes. Will not wax finish, shine with a dry cloth.  Clothes Dryer - Place 25-45 drops into a 16 0z. spray bottle and spray inside of dryer. Reduces static cling and softens clothes or use Shaklee Get Clean Dryer Sheets. Contacts - 1 to 2 drops in 1/2 cup water to soak contact lenses. Rinse well to remove all traces of solution.  Delicate Clothing - 2-3 drops in pint of water; perfect for panty hose and delicate fabrics.  Hand Washing - 1tsp for undies, socks, sweaters, or knit dresses.  Dishes – 1tsp to sink of water. May need to add a little extra if you have greasy dishes or pots and pans.  Walls and ceilings – 3 tsp. to 3 quarts water. For kitchens and bathrooms.  Body Wash - 3-6 drops on sponge for luxurious shower.  Bathtub Cleaner - Use in tub for a bubble bath and don’t worry about bath rings.  Buildings - Use solution in a sprayer with no more than 500lbs of pressure or all you’ll get is foam and add the Basic H last. 1oz. to 20 gallons of water. For heavy duty jobs use 1 to 2 oz. to 20 gallons of water. Then use 1 to 1 &1/2 cups of Basic G to 20 gallons of water to disinfect. The Basic G does not have the abrasiveness that petroleum based cleaners have, especially when coming in contact with the skin. Rinse thoroughly. Use the Basic H in accordance with the hardness of your water. Very effective in cleaning buildings and cattle.  Carpet Pre-Spray – Mix 2 to 4 oz. Basic D (Liquid Dish Wash Concentrate) with 2 to 4oz. Basic H to 5 gallons of warm water. Spray on carpet and leave at least 10 minutes. Then steam clean carpet using Basic H in 1/2 proportion to required amount of steam cleaner’s shampoo. You can use Soft Laundry Concentrate, Shaklee’s fabric softener, as a de-foamer instead of steam cleaner’s, again using 1/2 amount required.  Upholstery – SAME AS CARPET PRE-SPRAY- Mix 2 to 4 oz. Basic D (Liquid Dish wash Concentrate) with 2 to 4oz. Basic H to 5 gallons of warm water. Leave on 10 minutes and use dampened towel to clean approximately 3 times.  Leather – 2 drops on damp sponge then wipe the item dry. Basic H cleans better leather better than saddle soap. Fire Extinguisher – 1 tablespoon Basic H to 1 pint spray bottle; put water in first then add the H to prevent suds. Very effective on grease fires; keep one by the stove, in the tool box, by the welder… Also 1 gallon H to 55 gallons water in 55 gallon water barrel; suffocates a fire fast. In Fire trucks 1 gallon H to 1,000 gallons water.  Tape Residue – 4 drops to 16 ounce spray bottle filled with water, spray on let set and wipe off.  Paint Brushes – Work full strength H into brushes and wash under the tap.  Outside Windows and Screens – Spray mixture of 1 teaspoon H to 2 gallons of water.  Rust – Use Basic-H for rust inhibitor for rusty nuts and bolts. Also use one tablespoon to radiator full or water or anti-freeze to help prevent rust.  Changing Tires - Spray diluted or full-strength Basic-H on rims. Tires go on easier.  Septic Tank – Pour one quart of Basic-H into septic tank drainage when it becomes sluggish to clean it out. Does not hinder bacterial action in septic tank or cesspools. In fact, it helps build bacteria in your septic tank.  Boat Bottom Algae - 1 tablespoon Basic-H to one gallon of water.  DOGS For Worms – Apply 2 drops H for every ten pounds of the dog’s weight on their feed for one week. Repeat this application every 3 months. You may put it in a spray bottle with a little water and spray it over the dog’s food. You can also add a drop or two to the water.  Laboratories – Excellent for cleaning glass slides used under microscopes and blood-stained test tubes. Use 2–4 drops of Basic-H® in 1 pint of water. Glass will smear if more than the recommended amount of Basic-H® is used.  Plaster Casts – Place a few drops on one palm, rub thoroughly over hands, and a little water to remove plaster from hands.  Radiograph Pens – A few drops of Basic-H® will clean engineering pens and keep them working smoothly.  Concrete and Mortar Mix – Add  1 ounce to each 1 gallon of water used. Makes mixture easier to spread.      Golf Clubs – Add 1 teaspoon to a 4 ounce spray bottle. Spray solution on clubs and brush off dirt. Also excellent for cleaning golf gloves.  Eye Glasses – Fill a 4 ounce spray bottle with water and one drop of Basic-H®.  Shaving – Apply full strength to damp skin and shave as usual.  Frying Vats – Use 1/2 cup in 3 gallons of water. Boil for 5 minutes, stirring constantly. Dissipates stubborn crust without damaging vats.  Skunk Odor Removal – 1 T. Basic H² in gallon of water I hope this gives you a better vision of Basic H uses. Keep a look out for a list of uses for Basic H including farm and animals.  or other fishy places.

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