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She has Learnt a Lot More since her
Video was Published In 2012
The Window of
The Soul Never Lies
From Her Novel She's Writing   copyright        

Photo: Her Beautiful Mum After t

he Second World War in London 

Yes there were snobs she came across which she hated with a passion, couldn't  stand  small minded people who felt they were better than anyone else. That's why she taught her daughter no one was better than her and visa versa. She definitely  was outspoken like the character in Coronation Street, Elsie Tanner. Her mum was always for the underdog and people who were authentic and different. She was kind-hearted, petite, pretty with  a beautiful smile; and  what  a spitfire she was and stood up for what she believed in. She prepared her daughter to go out into the world not by molly coddling her when it came to her independence. She let her experience life for herself; she knew her daughter wasn't a Susie homemaker, an independent thinker and wasn't going to hold her back. She had the knowing letting her do want she wanted and was interested in. Her mother was very smart, knew if you were good looking, you would be treated better and was going to make sure her daughter would fit in. She focused on her manners, etiquette and looks. It did make a difference many years later how she was treated and  having to learn How to fit in.....

Born After the War
Born after the Second World War in London England there was no housing and living in a rest center on a waiting list to get into social housing, a council flat.  She was a happy child always singing and dancing loved being with her mommy and asking many questions and her mother answering each and everyone  of them.
Her mother would be very upset
to know  what's happening today 

 Teddy and Her Polo Mints

Her first toy was a bear she got from her grandparents, on her mother’s side of the family and called him Teddy. As always in her left hand grasping her polo- mints that went everywhere with her. Her next toy was a Black rag doll, her mother bought her from a second hand shop. Her mommy loved Black people and especially Black babies she thought they were the most beautiful and adorable in the world. She didn't want her little girl to be prejudiced and her daughter fell madly in love with her new Black friend and now he went everywhere with her and her polo mints and her Teddy bear. 


Her extraordinary mother, one of a kind with a great sense of humour and wonderful spirit,  taught her not to listen to others, sharing her wisdom with her daughter. If they don’t like a certain  person,  find out for yourself  they could be biased for a reason and it might be jealousy, envy and their personalities may clash. There are two faced people sweetheart who just like gossiping  you will come across as her mom had found out; being a working class Lancaster lass coming from Manchester then moving to London. 

Two Black Dolls

Her mother for her third birthday bought her two Black porcelain dolls, that she loved like her other Black rag dolly. She called one Caroline the larger doll and the smaller one Jillian. She’d play happily along and  pretending  Caroline was the mummy taking care of her baby Jillian and telling her what she could and couldn’t do. Her auntie, her mother's twin, was a clairvoyant, it was on her mother's side of the family being psychic. She had knitted some clothes for them and all day content in her fantasy world playing till her daddy came home, then the atmosphere changing.  Then one day she went in herself

became painfully shy, withdrawn and extremely thin.  What happened? Her mum started to see she wasn't the same little girl anymore.  Now her brother was here she didn't have the same time with her mother as before.  Her novel goes into detail what it was like living in London in the 50s. Her dad always going off the deep end and her mom shouting him down.  He wasn't able to love his daughter like a father should, he was distant and it wasn't his fault; learning late and explaining why he was like he was.  
Her Extraordinary Mother
Her extraordinary and beautiful mum with a great sense of humour, and wonderful spirit. They had their ups and downs like most mothers and daughters when in her teens, but they always loved each other no matter what. Even though she couldn’t show her affection when she was young, later because of her dear mother’s love and affection. She learned empathy and to treat others how she wanted to be treated. When older, she shared her feelings, by writing poetry, expressing herself the best way possible. She put some of them in her novel and one when her Mother Passed On. Thanks her mum from the bottom of her heart for being there for her and never giving up on her. If it wasn’t for her mother's knowledge, having the knowing  and understanding, she wouldn’t be the woman she is today. She was one of a kind and always will be with her, in Mind, Body, Soul  and in Spirit  and her DNA


Running Home From School

When running home from school crying  because of being bullied her mom would sit down with her and tell the story of the Ugly Duckling grown into a beautiful swan. Her mother was going to make sure her daughter was going to fit in and feel better about herself.  She  was right what she taught her; if you have God's love in your heart, no one can make you feel bad or not  worthy. then you cannot be afraid As She Learned as She Got Older.   Also you have to stand up for what you believe in, she brought her daughter  up with good manners and morals but never to blame.  She had a lot she had to learn being in this unformulated world of hers and her mother was there to support her. Being clueless, naive sometimes trusting got her into bad situations.  Having the Knowing with her sixth sense like her mom she prevailed and pushed through.  Amen!!! 

Even though she couldn’t read having an extraordinary creative imagination was able to make up her own reality, by drawing pictures stories how she wanted her world to be. It kept her brain occupied for numerous hours, not  able to shut it off and loved watching the black and white telly now her parents were able to afford one. Also going to the movies with her mommy and seeing Disney in technicolor on the big screen; it was quite marvelous and she would take it all in, soaking up every little remarkable detail.

She remembers so clearly viewing the film the Hunchback of Notre Dame after coming back from the dentist having some teeth pulled so she could wear braces.  Her mum had wrapped a blanket around her as she lay on the couch with a blood stained hankie in her hand, wiping her mouth. There she was staring intently at the telly with tears in her eyes and eating the mashed potatoes her mother had made and prepared with butter, salt and a little cream. She felt sad for the hunchback how he was treated and felt his pain being such a sensitive child, she knew how he felt to be ostracized and not fitting in.


When having to wear her braces which she hated with a passion; now with her round ugly national heath glasses, she looked hideous and was teased because of it. But she did have two special friends who were like her, slow learners and they were placed together in class; and would play together after school near the church where the graveyards were. No more bullying, just having fun swinging on the rope that was tied to the old oak tree and hanging on for dear life, not wanting to fall in the small stream and get muddy and wet. Making up their own stories and she had to always be the princess and there was a reason for this...... More

Not Listening When a Little Girl 

Being inquisitive, stubborn not listening getting  into trouble when a little girl and being spanked by her daddy. Going to stay in Manchester  with her grandparents,  playing near the coal shed with the boys in the neighbourhood, she was a tomboy.  When older memories returning like it happens to many, secrets you keep as children and never tell and they stay in your being deep in your soul...More 

In Manchester playing with

        the boys in the neighborhood         

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