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      In Manchester playing with the
        boys in the neighborhood         

 With her brother who looked like
 Churchill, was a cute baby 

A Rest Center after the war on a

waiting list to get into a council flat 


She's a free thinker also was a stubborn child and got into trouble many a time with her father. As a little girl going out with her parents she would skip merrily off in another direction because that's what she wanted to do. When her daddy called her and not listening, or hearing him because she was daydreaming like most of the time. She was in her own reality world, a happy little camper looking around at the scenery taking it all in. It was fascinating and she wasn't doing anything wrong and got slapped many a time by her father. It didn't make any difference and as usual not doing as she was told and would do it again. Sometimes she was lucky running away as fast as her little legs would carry her; so her father wasn't able to catch her and her mother would save her, she never hit her. She was patient, caring and understanding and loved her daughter with all her heart, she was her little sweetheart. Like this time when her mother was pregnant with her second child and ready to give birth. Off they went to Manchester and going on a train at Euston station where her daddy worked as a porter, that's where her mommy met her husband to be. That was fun going to staying with her grandparents and taking her two black dollies Caroline and Jillian and her black rag doll who she called Golly; he was her first black little friend and he went everywhere with her Teddy and her Pollo-mints grasped in her other hand. 


On the way there her mom popped into see her auntie, her mother's sister before going to her parents where her daughter would be staying for a quite a while. This was great her mother's auntie lived in a house with stairs Wow!!!! Where they lived in the rest center in a one room and had a fireplace, if they were lucky to afford coal and it was available her father would light the fire to keep them warm. They didn't have stairs in their room but a stairwell in the hallway taking you down to the kitchen facilities where the women would cook for their families. Being told she couldn't go up the stairs, her little imagination wanted to know what was up there? This played on her mind and why couldn't she and  asking her mommy? Her mother explain but it still didn't make sense to this inquisitive little girl who had AURA. She started playing with her black dollies at the bottom of the stairs and singing to them and what a lot of fun she was having. When her mother wasn't paying attention she would go up a couple more till she was near the top. Then her mom would say sweetheart come on down there is nothing for you to see, there's only a toilet and two bedrooms, this fascinated her even more. She thought to herself how can she get to top and visit the toilet? She was mesmerized by water and figured it out. “Mommy I want to go to the toilet please“ she was brought up with impeccable manners always say please and thank you it was drummed into her.

Her mom took her to the bathroom and holding her little hand in hers and how delighted she was going to the WC and talking a mile a minute. She climbed up on the toilet seat and walking around balancing herself and pulling the chain and did it again and again. This was intriguing seeing the water flushing and disappearing then the water coming back. Her mother instead of shouting at her because she wasn't listening, and making it into a game; saying "sweetheart you said you want to go to the toilet jump into mommy's arms and I will catch you" and that's what she did. Her mommy caught her, swung her around till her feet touched the ground and then she went for a pee; no tantrum, she was happy and so was her mommy. She was so blessed she had a mother like hers but unfortunately as time went by things changed when her brother was born. Her mom didn't have the same time for little girl anymore. Then she went to nursery school and was told she wasn't like the other children, most likely not paying attention and acting up, it was hard for her to conform. She felt lost now her baby brother was here and her father rejecting her and promising things that didn't materialize, that was confusing and who does she trust?


Things happening and not remembering what actually occurred when she was sent to June’s place, she would pick her up after nursery school and take her to her home where her father and brother were. Her mother started seeing changes in her daughter and she stopped her going there. After that she was never the same little girl, she went in herself, no singing or dancing anymore; all these changes were overwhelming she was a lost little soul. Her mother tried her best, took her for Ballet lessons that didn't work, not joining in, being painfully withdrawn and looking spaced out. Her mom had to take her home and she never went again. She was very frightened of her uncle her mom’s twin sister's husband. He wasn't a nice person and he would scare the living daylights out of her and because of his behaviour she was terrified of the dark.  Her mother not knowing this and if she had she would have bloody killed him, metaphorically speaking. She couldn't stand him, there was something about her brother-in-law she was picking up on. He was all show and wasn't genuine; you know those people, wolves in sheep’s clothing, charming, covering up something. He became a freemason and yes he went to boarding school along with his sister. They did run away and were brought back and she has read that some terrible things can happen in those institutions. What happens they can either repeat the abuses or go to drugs and alcohol and some committing suicide. Later her auntie and her husband ran children's homes and she always wondered about her creepy uncle, thinking did he shame, torment and frighten the hell out of those children?




 A Stubborn Little Girl Not Listening
 Going To Stay With Her Grandparents

How Do We Become Who We Are?

It has a lot to do with genetics and how we are brought up in our environment. She realized where she got her stubbornness, willpower and tenacity from, it’s in her being, deep in her soul this energy within being resilient and having the knowing. It comes from our ancestors, it’s in our DNA. Her mom stood up to what she believed in and did things her way and her having the knowing and that where she got it from. Her grandma was a psychic like her mother and even her grandpa, her mother’s twin was very gifted, a clairvoyant, read tea leaves and had many clients come to see her. Her grandpa when a little girl wrote her a story specially for her, it was quite magical where everyone accepted one another, it didn't matter if you were rich or poor. He did try to get a novel published but being a working class fella there was no way that could happen way back then. He was a Union man and stood up for the rights of his fellow workers and wrote speeches and her grandma having to tone them down. On his side of the family, his ancestors were all entrepreneurs, owning their own businesses like his parents who owned a bakery in Wythenshaw. She loved her grandparents from Manchester and has some wonderful memories staying with them and the first time playing conkers and marbles with the boys in the neighbourhood, she was a little tomboy when younger.


Communism vs Capitalism 


The Ruling Class in

This Is One of The Reasons 
She Likes David Icke - Watch: 

Anything Goes A Great Interview 

Being brought up in a working class family in the 50s, 60s and part of the 70s in London England. She can relate to what David is saying, hearing stories from her mother and what she said; even if you can see it, it doesn't mean it's doesn’t exist and it’s not there. The three tier class system and how they acted and her mom couldn't stand anyone thinking they were better than anyone else. She taught her daughter as she as mentioned no one is better than you and visa versa. That's why when she got older it didn't matter what status a person had and David explains this wonderfully. Her mother let her daughter figure things our for herself, never stopped her going out into the world and let her know she was worthy and to validate herself. To never be a victim or blame and they never labelled children which was a blessing in away for this young autistic girl. She just learned to get on with it, she didn't know any better. Her mother was never a racist, accepted gays, in fact she loved them always for the underdog and anyone who was different.  Enjoyed meeting all nationalities and became friends with many of them; loved black people and if you have read other parts of her novel you will see what she has shared. Her mom loved everyone as long they were real. A great lady from Manchester, they don't make them like her mother anymore......

This Is Another Reason Why She Likes David
He's a Brit ~ His Knowledge Is Phenomenal. 
His Awareness To Detail Is Amazing
She's Interested In The Unknown 
 She Thinks Outside The Box ~



Saturn Isn't What You Think It Is 

Rest Center on a waiting
list to get into a council flat 

       The back alleys and coal sheds 
         The cobble streets of Manchester

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