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She has had many challenges through her life and because of her faith believing in herself she never gave up hope. This enabled her to find solutions to move forward, to see the positive. Because of all the stresses that have come her way. She had to look after her health and well-being so she could be there for her family. When she read Awakening Intuition in 1999 she had a better understanding of the mind body connection, it led her to her first level of Reiki which expanded her knowledge of self healing in the great sense of  (Who I Am).

Reiki taught her how to open and close her chakras, the flow of positive energy, a spiritual being finding that part of  her she  needed to heal, a true inspiration of love deep in her soul. As time went by she lost this connection for a while, life takes over and takes you in a different direction. Reiki would come and go like the ocean waves, till she realized she needed  meditation and Reiki in her life to keep her balanced and grounded:





                     In ........Peace, Harmony & Love!


Reiki is a laying of the hands a healing touch. Being so sensitive to her environment and feeling everything so intensely, especially negative energy, Reiki was a wonderful and amazing  gift. What Reiki did for her was bring a serene positive light into her life, it gave her a feeling of peace, harmony and happiness, Reiki brought this magnificent spiritual healing to her mind, body and soul which needed to be nurtured, bringing source energy, serenity and love. With prayer, God's love, or as some people like to call it their higher -power it brought relaxation and balance, unblocking negative energy that she had carried from past experiences.  She took her  first- second then third Reiki courses with Garry Rondeau in 2000. Then a year later with Julie Desmarais who became a friend and client.  January  of 2012 she took a course in TM meditation it enabled her to go into a deeper and more relaxed meditation.



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In 2015 took a weekend course in Quantum Energy with her husband, what was so wonderful, at the end of the weekend session. They were told to look at their hand, she was overwhelmed with joy in what she saw. Shouted Oh My God, Oh My God it was magnificent. A beautiful ​Green glowing Aura. She will never forget that experience.


At the end of the weekend workshop we both received  Richards book 


 As you mature like a fine red wine, you discover you can’t do the things like you used to do, you have to bring Balance, Tranquility and Harmony into your life and this is what she was able to do. with  

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