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      How She Visualizes Reiki in Her Mind's Eye:


Breathe the Freshness

No Toxins

You are in a dark room - you can't see, then you open the curtains, the beautiful ray of sunlight comes shining through, it feels warm everything looks brighter, clearer. It makes you feel so happy inside a spiritual healing having the warmth the energy from God's magnificent universe, the golden aura of the sun so intense and bright. When you put your hands to the window you feel the heat, the energy. It's soooo............warming, powerful and relaxing feeling at peace, alive and connected. The wonderful golden aura of Gods energy has lifted your Mind-Body & spirit, you can't but help to want to move forward in life with God's love, happiness and gratitude.

She wrote in 2002



Since 1994, Julie has been in full time private practice, working both locally and internationally. She became aware of her gifts in early adulthood and followed her calling to become an Emotional Intuitive. With further opening, practice and application, her gift blossomed into her present day practice as an international Clairvoyant Energy Master and Holographic Reiki Master. 2019 Julie Celebrates her 25th Anniversary in private practice. To learn more about her gifts  


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       Julie Desmarais 
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