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 She went to see Julie Desmarias who is a wonderful Healer, Emotional Intuitive, Usui Holographic Reiki Master and Teacher. Julie saw a beautiful  violet light surrounding her . This made sense  she had been meditating twice a day listening to John Holland CD Psychic Navigator to balance and Heal her Chakras . Violet  is the crown Chakra  is said to be the Chakra of consciousness and pure awareness, the master Chakras that controls all  the other Chakras. The Crown Chakra connects you to the wisdom of your higher self – the part of you that exists in the higher realm. Why you are here, what you came here to do, and knows the best way to get where you want to go. Your crown Chakra also connects you to your guides and angels, your personal team of helpers and assistants that can make your life on earth so much easier. It connects you to source energy, the universal,  Eternal Creator; God, the divine and later for her Jesus Christ coming into her life.  When connected, provided her to all that she needed; Guidance, Abundance, a Feeling of Safety and Protection, a Deep Faith and Trust that something higher is looking after her.


The Crown Chakra the Thousand Petaled lotus the

Receiver of Light. One of the most spiritual colours,

Symbolizes Violet reflects Higher Wisdom, Beauty,

Inspiration, Creativity, and Enlightenment


 She had a mental block about Jesus because of her childhood. It took her

 many years to connect with him. When she was researching about Jesus came across Doreen Virtue her connection to Jesus. When searching  the internet again saw these Beautiful  Jesus cards 

Doreen had created with the talented artist Greg Olsen.

For her, she  wasn't influenced by institutions and brainwashed by fear from some of these churches.  Are they really tell you the truth or is it power and control? As long as you are bringing God's love and Jesus into your heart and doing no harm. She did have some concerns thinking how could she have Jesus and also  believing in the unknown.  You can have both in your life.  Jesus doesn't judge he loves everyone. When you have something    bigger than yourself  to look up to and your not hurting anyone.

It's all to do with Pure True Love. It Emulates From Your Soul.

  A Glowing Light, an Energy Within.

We wouldn't be able to function we need energy frequency going through our bodies to live. That's why if you are an empath you need to plug into the positive. Learn energy healing or go to a healer. That way it gives you a spark lights up your life. Negativity will bring you down, do the opposite it drains and sucks the life force out of you. You will feel tired and sometimes get ill. This is why she had to learn to keep the negative away, be grounded. Meditation and prayer helps her, learning all that she could from like minded souls. Bringing with it Beauty Peace and Love.

As she has always said Love Can Do Amazing Things.Amen💕🙏🏽


Doreen Virtue’s Angel Cards she bought at the end of the 90s and waking up to her spirituality after she had been to see a Reiki practitioner Info here. It was amazing and helped her greatly going through a lot of stresses with her son. A client at the time telling her about this lady she had been working with. She left her position in the government to start  practicing Reiki, it was a calling. 


When her mother passed she was using her Angels cards to communicate with her mum this was in 2008. It was extremely comforting. She remembers that evening asking her mother, she  doesn’t remember exactly what she said. Most likely telling her she missed her deeply and felt lost because she didn't have her physically here with her anymore.  She had been looking at the cards the evening before and the next morning walking into her spare room, there laying on the floor, facedown an Angel card. She picked it up and so happy it said (Hello From Heaven) She was taken back but this was exactly what she needed to see.


Doreen Virtue is no longer taking this path she came across this information it makes complete sense to her. She never got upset finding out Doreen had walked away she wasn't connected to this world she didn't want The New Age in her life anymore. She felt the same way for a short time very confusing what she was going through. Not wanting to have anything to do with it anymore herself. Put all the Tarot and Oracle cards in a box she was feeling fear where did that come from? and put them away this was before the pandemic.


Four years before the pandemic she had brought Jesus into her life had this strong connection to him. Didn’t think you could have both Jesus and spirituality at the same time. Yes very confused had no idea about Doreen she found out later when Googling her name. When the pandemic came along she was starting to open up about having both beliefs because Jesus would never judge and he was a healer.


Also Reiki had brought such a lot of love into her life and made a meditation tape for her son. When you are going through a lot of stress for her being connected to another hemisphere. Not understanding at the time and when she learned Reiki it opened up for her these blocks she had. One of her Reiki teachers Garry Rondeau had given her Jesus cards when she opened her ECO friendly hair studio. She had invited him over and he did a Reiki session in her new studio. He loved the energy the high frequency and all the light shinning through. Having many windows, square and oval, bringing lots of positive vibes it was beautiful. She had put her Reiki table in the middle where the skylights were. Garry loved the energy, he was a sensitive soul an empath as well. After he gave her these Jesus cards and she thanked him this was in 2008 a year after her mother passing.

A lot of people were very upset with Doreen Virtue when she walked away. You have to understand you are not living her life and after reading this article which she highly recommend. You may have more compassion and  makes  complete sense why she did this for her. It wasn't what most people thought.

From the Article:

The reason Christians dislike likes this New Agers so much and others taking this path.  It's based on misunderstanding. As well as misinterpretation of doctrine that bears no resemblance to the ancient spiritual teachings of our human heritage or universal spiritual laws. Link to article 

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