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She woke up one morning feeling she had to go to the book store, knew there was something she needed to read. looking for another author but was drawn to this book (Power of the Soul). So intrigued with the words that were written, she felt an instant connection.  Wanted to connect to her mother who passed on in 2007, She missed her so much and was

 brought up with stories of her mother and aunt seeing visions. Her aunt, her mother's twin sister, was a Psychic, Clairvoyant and read tea leaves.  They were very much into the spiritual world.  When she was young, it scared her, this psychic unknown world, because she didn't understand and was frightened of everything. She was terrified of the dark because of her uncle scaring her and would have panic attacks. Remembering as a little girl being under the bedclothes scared to death and crying. Even to this day she can have those feelings come up if she doesn't take care of  herself or put herself in situations were she feels she doesn't have control.  When  around 5 years old,  playing in the garden and looked up at her bedroom window and there she saw a vision of a beautiful girl with  long blond hair she

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remembers it as clear as day. As she got older the vision and memory disappeared until she started learning Reiki  in 2000. While she was in her meditating Reiki room she felt a presence - but she wasn't scared. In fact she felt so calm and connected with this being of love. She said, "who are you"? with a smile on her face, she heard this voice. It wasn't a voice like someone was talking to her, it was her subconscious, a whisper and the word she heard was "........."

We are all born with the ability of being psychic and John Holland's books and CD's has helped her to discover herself and the journey she needed to take so she can walk with her true authentic self. She meditates to John Holland's Psychic Awareness CD to open and raise her energy safely and efficiently through all her Chakras. Expand her Auras out to




the Glorious Universe of  God's Love and Compassion. We don't realize the energy we have within us, she learned this years ago and how it changed her world.

Before listening to John Holland's meditations he highly recommends you become familiar with the text in his book so you have a better understanding of Breath, Chakras & Auras.

John Holland's Born

Knowing Psychic Navigator

 She started getting attached to Rainbows, she loves colours they brighten up your day, lift your spirits in a beautiful way. She wears colourful long dresses and even in the winter when she's working in her studio with her clients. She had all of John Holland's meditation CDs. One night decided to listen to "Tapping Into Your Inner Confidence & Personal Power".  She hadn't listened to this CD in a while and forgotten and so surprised when he mentioned there were Rainbows in his meditation. She can connect to them and this is why she called her little Biewer puppy Rainbow and the name suits her well.  Not having any idea when she came into her life she is a special needs doggie and always thinking positively things will always work out. She needed someone like her to be her mommy. That's the reason Angel her other  little doggie sent Rainbow to her......



She went through an awakening, scared and confused about Reiki and Spirituality wanting to connect to Jesus. Going on the internet getting different opinions, she became  more  perplexed than ever and difficult to move forward. Then realized we have to walk with our true authentic self and do what makes us happy. We are all on a journey, learning our life lessons before leaving this earth.  Now with this new found insight she loves to meditate again to John Holland's CD's. Her favorite; Psychic Navigation that came with his book. 


Taking deep breaths connecting to her mind's eye, listening to his voice and hearing his words. She visualizes Jesus and feels the Wonderful Energy of Warmth, Peace and Tranquility going through her Mind-Body & Soul.  It's quite Magnificent!!!!!! 

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