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Friday Feb 23rd 2024 she always likes to look outside before retiring or if she has to gets up.  Especially on a clear night and this is what she saw and had to take a photo and video. If she haven't she wouldn't have believed seeing this twinkling bright star. Then these coloued Orbs or could they be planets she isn't sure it's extremely fascinating. Enlarging the photo and has been investigating. Came across one website this is what they said the star is Sirius
Friday, February 23 2024
A Full Moon rises opposite the setting Sun this evening, riding into the sky beneath the body of Leo the Lion. Luna sits within 3° of the lion’s bright heart, Regulus, a 1st-magnitude star that lies close to the ecliptic plane that the Moon and planets follow through our sky. In fact, the Moon sometimes occults, or passes in front of, Regulus, though the alignment isn’t right this month.

In the south after sunset is Canis Major, its alpha star Sirius unmistakable. This is the brightest star in the sky, shining at magnitude –1.4. About 10° east-southeast of this luminary is our target for tonight: a seemingly innocuous star labeled simply as 145 Canis Majoris. Zoom in with some optics and you’ll discover a treat: It’s not one star, but two, with contrasting colors of orange-yellow and blue-white. 145 Cma is sometimes called the Winter Albireo, for its resemblance to a similar contrasting-color binary in Cygnus the Swan (the original Albireo) that is visible in the summertime night sky. Astronomy contributor Phil Harrington says he’s split the pair with 16×70 binoculars, or a telescope of any size will do the trick. You can go to their website  



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