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 Interview with Dr. Carrie Madej

from the States. She has been speaking up about what’s happening to humanity and sounding the alarm about protecting our children and the Covid vaccine. These doctors are not against vaccine it’s this vaccine because of the spike protein, this it’s not right

This Is The Most Important Message
For Your Children's Sake Learn All That 
You Can. You Need To Hear The Truth 
To Put Your Mind At Rest. She Understands
The Media Have Done A Good Job At Covering
Up. The Public Are Blinded Can't See Because
   Of Smoke And Mirrors It's Dishonesty Most
 People Have No Idea There Is Evil In This World
Learn The Truth
She Wants To Share The Honest Truth Not
This Propaganda Coming From Our Government
 And The Mainstream Media.  Here Are More
 Medical Doctors Trying To Get This Info Out
.The Real Truth  
They Are Not Going To be Silenced Any Longer.
They Swear An Oath To Do No Harm To Their 
Patients.  There Will Be More Tragedies To Our
Health And Especially to Our Children's Health
And Well Being, If This Doesn't Stop!!!

A Courageous Woman  Doctor, a Scientist Who 
Cares About Her Fellowman. Went To Prison
Because Of  Her Honesty.  Please Start To
Educate Yourselves, If Not This Will Keep
Carry On one Rule for Them & Another
For You. Shutting Down The Economy.
You Don't Apply, Get the Vaccine You
Will Not Be Able To fly, Shop Or See Your
Or Go Anywhere. Even If  You
Are Healthy Does 
This Make Sense? 
Don't You Know What This Is All About?
The Great Reset Is Not A Conspiracy The


The Apocalypse of Belief - Healing Our Culture
She can connect to his philosophy and wisdom our
thoughts can change the way we believe
& think . Amen

Canadian news the other side of 
 the story you will not see on the mainstream media
Now you can see how they can twist the truth Justin Trudeau paid a liar $268,000 to defame Rebel News  A story that isn't true but so many have  been conditioned to believe these lies. Do you want this for you and your children when fascism becomes the norm? Taking all your rights away, we should be thanking the Politicians, the ones who are standing up for Canada.  Until it affects you, will go along with this?  You have heard their slogan :
 One World Order Build Back Better We will have
nothing We will be happy isn't that what they say?


There May be Some Who Feel Different, Don't  Agree

 Always  Remember to Still Respect and Be kind To One

Another's Points of  View. You May Have  The Same Values.

If You Are A Parent They Can Take  Your Children

Away You Must Listen To This It's Crazy 


Now you know why she didn't trust the medical field
when it came to some these drugs they were
giving children she listened to her intuition. 
Thank God She Took The Drug-Free Approach
Went to see a doctor who put them on the 
road to good health  

Does Age Define You?

She was working on her website and added this info in April 2020 and had no idea she would be doing this till the Coronavirus hit. If anyone who should be worried with the virus it should be her and her husband they are in their 70s.  They are not stressed or living in fear because they do all the right things and have never taken a flu vaccine and don’t want the government telling them what they Should and Should Do Period! Will this continue? Are we going to be told we will all have to wear masks all the time like in China? If we don't want to wear one or can't for medical reasons and knowing it's not healthy are we terrible people? That's how you become controlled, they keep moving the goalposts little by little and if you criticize the authorities who are in power now,  you are called a racist and other names that's how they shut you down. They go after your pocket book, you will be fined if you don't obey, do as you are told. The good news we have a new Conservative Leader, will he fight for the Canadian people? Do you know what happened in Great Britain with Boris Johnson? He promised one thing and did another. This is what's happening in the UK No Jabs No Food No Traveling Lockdown News

The Brits are not having any of it look at the rallies they are Fighting Back and for Their Freedom 

You Can't Believe There Is Such Evil And
Human Beings in This 
World Who Can Be
Cable Being This Way?
disturbing, bad Langue Heart Breaking

When a child hasn't be nurtured loved taken care of how are they supposed
to know any different when they grow up? It is shocking, 
they will repeat 
the cycle and it will continue.  unfortunately there 
are people living worse
than cattle and livestock. Babies are sold like 
merchandise sometimes
for their organs or sex trafficking by their mothers. 
It's not something
she recommends you to watch but it's reality and it's nothing like you
will ever live. Until 
the public realize this is truly going on and are
outraged and want this 
stopped. There is demonic evil out there
and we need change from our Politian's and people at the top to
stand up otherwise it will never end and these babies and
children will keep suffering. Save The Children🙏🏽💕

David Icke has been sharing his  beliefs  for decades, when

he had an awakening. He was laughed  at,  shunned,  put down,

  called a conspiracy theorist. They are not laughing at

him any longer because it's all coming to fruition .

How did she start on this  journey of hers opening her mind

even more and thinking outside the box?  Her mother 

sending her a  message,  in her dream.  It was amazing  

and now it's all starting  to make sense

In Body  Mind   Soul & Spirit!   💕💕

What is The Green New Deal? Millennials 
Why Are They Being Brainwashed
We Will Be Next  If  It's Not Stopped 

The House of Cards Are Falling Down
It's A Domino Effect You Can't Stop It.
Hope  You will  See it Too, More And
More People Are Seeing The Truth 

You don't Believe the American Election
Wasn't a Fraud  Have To Watch This 
Then Make Up Your Mind You
One Link Will Take You To Another 
Putting All The Pieces Together;  Like A
 Magnificent  Mosaic, Then You Will See
The Whole Amazing Picture Before Your
Very Own Eyes~The Window of The Soul
Never Lies, Voila!Now it All Makes Sense.
The Truth Seekers~ Where Are We Going

God Bless Canada~America & 
 All Around The World. 




Rebel LIVE: What exactly are the Freedom Convoy truckers protesting?

There are some police supporting the truckers 


Truckers Standing up for Yours and Their Rights 

It's not True what the Minister of Transport is saying about the truckers. They are frustrated, why on earth now they all have to get vaxxed when most are.  For nearly two years of this covid pandemic. no one was vaccinated and there was no problem going over the border. There are many coming in without having to be vaccinated from other countries what does that tell you? The variant is no where near as bad and people who have been doubled vaccinated are still getting sick with Covid and have to keep getting boosters. When will this stop and how do they get away with it? Of course they say they will not die even though there is proof if you have had Covid you have built up your own immunity. Also the ones who are healthy also have a strong immunity and there are things you can do to help your immune system.  


You do not need big brother to tell you what you should do and yes you may get a cold there are always going to be viruses, that's what happens in life. We make changes and use our common sense like we were told at the beginning of this covid virus. You wash your hands, social distance, this is what she has been posting since the pandemic. What changed? It's incomprehensible how they handled it and that's why people are waking up it doesn't make sense anymore does it, this fear mongering? There are going to be so many who have been conditioned to wearing masks and to stay away from the unvaxxed they will be paranoid to go outside to be with others. It's called mass psychosis, the Stockholm syndrome.

Can You See What's Happening To our Society 

How long Has This Been Going On?

What these leaders and the mainstream media have caused and done to our world, our families and friends? Why do many not have them in their lives anymore? It's because of fear mongering and it's happening all around the world. These politicians who are in charge they are puppets to the elite at the very top.  Big Business, Big Banks, Big Pharma, High Tech and the Oil industry, they want to be in charge, rule over the people. Do you want to know what it was like in Victorian times in Great Britain, the Haves and Have Nots. They don't want you to be free to think for yourself they want separation and chaos. That way they can control their citizens by frightening them into submission.


Why do you think they want to mask everyone and the children injecting them with the Covid vaccine? There is no proof that children and the youth are dying of this virus, if you remember there were more children who died of the flu which is horrible for any parent. Unfortunately many now are dying of suicides and more mental illness.  In history they never shut down the economy before and why for this long? It's up to the healthy individual what they want put in their body, not have the government telling them to keep getting these vaccine boosters and will it ever stop? 

Dr John Campbell is telling the truth

Excellent natural immunity confirmed.

Professor Clancy for a fascinating education on the science and clinical application of immunity.

They Want Chaos To Separate Everyone 

They want to cut us off from each other that way they think they can win by telling lies. This doctor stood up for her patients and she was suspended. Why would they do that when she was saving lives. The good news is more are waking up to their plot of deception and it wasn't a conspiracy after all it was actually the truth they have been telling. There are doctors who will not bow down to their tyranny, they swore an oath to do no harm, they have a conscience. This is the reason they will not stay silent. There are many in the medical field speaking up and they are not being paid, will not be shut down by the media and their governments. These good citizens and reporters will not stand back they are telling the other side of the story. The more YouTube tries to hide this info there are other platforms you can go to.  This is the reason more and more around the world and here in Canada are coming out standing together for freedom. Thank Goodness we have brave souls.   

More Brave Doctor speaking up, Guess what? She got suspended. Why? If you haven't done your own research you will not be informed what's really going on. 

A Left Winger speaks the truth Rep. Ritchie Torres (D-NY) and Bari Weiss join Bill to discuss whether it's time to move past  Covid even they are fedup



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