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She loved to share info of like minded souls she saw this information and copied from Adrian Espinoza's website. she thought more would love to know about Cynthia Crawford and her beautiful work and magnificent soul. A channel message from Cynthia to read more here Channeled message from Cynthia  Adrian Espinoza

Hello everyone I made it over to the other side. The suffering didn’t last long, it's cold where I am now. I am trying to get used to my original light body. It feels like I am dead but I am not dead. I suspect everyone misses me but I am okay. The passing was very quick.

The other side is very beautiful and magical. I wish you could join me with the starship galactic family. Your timing will be soon. Even if you don’t see me on the other side, you will see me when the ships come to take us home. We are coming next year in all the ships. It will be at night time. Some of us will go to war and some of us will stay behind. Unfortunately, I will be the one to stay behind. I would like to go to war but I’m not a fighter I am a lover. I am alive and well now and ready to rock this joint.

There will be no martial law; we are coming in our ships to transport the good people out of here on this prison planet.  The galactic federation has already built the ships and they are ready.  Unfortunately, the people that will be left behind will have to stay on the prison planet until the next time around when the ships come for them. Be ready we are coming. 


Rainbow's means God's Love~ Light~ Abundance. It's a Beautiful🥰name. Gold 🌕at the other end of the Magnificent Rainbow🌈 The Chakra colours ❤️🧡💛💚❄️💙💜 the Positive Energy within us. 

Willow 🕉 is an English name that means “Freedom.” The name Willow 🕉is inspired by the willow tree, which is considered one of the most graceful of all trees. The free-swinging branches gave the name its meaning. She has wonderful memories hiding under the cascading branches. As a little girl It was magical and very special she had a connection to that willow tree.


Kim Talks About Why She Started Drawing Star🌟Seeds & Some
Other Information on Autism  

Sending positive 🗯 energy 💫 within God's Love 💕a Golden Light 🌕 Peace~🕊Harmony & Serenity. Cynthia what a kind beautiful, beautiful magnificent soul you are. I wish I had found you sooner not in January 2023 and had an instant connection and would loved to have met you. I will meet you perhaps on the ship or in another life going over the rainbow 🌈 bridge where my little doggie Angel is. Could be in my dreams 😴. Flying high, high in the sky with the flowing clouds ☁️ passing by. The breeze in my hair looking down at the luscious green hills, vales and pure clear crystal streams. Like I used to with my grandpa in my dreams flying, flying I felt so free. 

I found Cara’s Website  there are so many beautiful souls and you can listen to Cara's Starseed 🌟meditation 🧘 a connection if you believe there are others out there in our galaxy I do. This is why I’ve cried 💧 if only I had known you sooner Cynthia connecting with your frequency 🪐. Is this what my mother was trying to tell me when I said will I be with you mom? I think so I had been searching and searching for answers and now I have found what I was looking for. That dream in 2008 a year after she passed and waking up staring at the ceiling figuring out what she meant.  I felt so alone she was my best friend, we had our ups and downs but we always loved each other no matter what. I miss our chats we had on the phone she was really great at putting on a front. She was a good actress as well that beautiful smile. She had a heart of gold it was difficult living with my father her sense of humour kept her going. As she got older all the stresses she endured and had cancer three times in her life. She started to change, became negative leaving all her friends behind coming to Canada in her middle 5os with my father. That's very difficult to do going to a new country wanting to be with my brother and his wife. At the time I was still living in France I was supposed to get married even though marriage was never on my agenda. It's a long story and in one of my novels.


This website I was sent to I have already share this on other pages. Many years later when I googled it again this other website  appeared.  Perhaps it was updated with all these different paintings there were many beautiful species, that's one of the pictures. As my dear mom would say just because you cannot see it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. All my boyfriends fell in love with her she was definitely a different type of mother she would say to me if your head wasn’t screwed on you would lose it, I was a scatterbrained. My mother had bought me a beautiful amber necklace I remember I had worn it out but I must have lost it. She asked where’s your necklace I had no clue and she thought I didn’t care the way I came across. This was in my teens very much in a world of my own and I never got attached to things like that when I was young.



It would have been wonderful if I could have bought one of Cynthia’s Soulful Beautiful🥰 Sculptors. I love this one I  don’t think they are for sale anymore. I looked on the internet I couldn't find anything. I will manifest one of  Cynthia's Beautiful Arcturians Sculptors. When the right time is near it will happen. What I did the other day I drew my own Arcturian Alien 👽 Being made it into a collage. ❤️🧡💛👽💚💙💜💓

There she is Sarah  My Starseed 🌟 Angel  Guide

My Arcturian drawing of Sarah is a little wonky like me 😊That's what I loved in one of Cynthia's videos she mentions about deformities I can relate to that. I have seen other pictures of aliens 👽 that have been quite gorgeous. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and to keep evil out. I went though a tough time all these different stresses and getting Covid, it completely drained me I wasn't myself. I became very negative, pain not sleeping and discomfort can do that., Everything around me was going wrong one thing after another. I kept seeing these indigo orbs. I think it was after my little doggie Angel passed I started seeing them in our family room. I always find away to get back on track it's my nature to be positive and loving. It has definitely been a different world and what we've been living in.

I Don't Have All The New Technology or Photoshop I Have To Improvise
 ✍️👽🌈☀️🔵 🤍  💫🥚💎 ✨⚡️🕊❤️💥🌏🪐🌟

Once I drew✍️ Sarah 👽  I added the Background~ Overlay a Rainbow 🌈 Sunset☀️, Orbs.🔵 Then in Sarah's hands a pure white🤍 Glowing Light So Bright 💫and Clear. The Crystal Egg 🥚 with a Blue💎Shimmering Higher Frequency ⚡️Sending Peace 🕊 Loving ❤️Energy💥 Around the World🌏 to Our Vast Universe~ Planets 🪐 and  Stars 🌟 
Origin: Sarah is the name of the biblical wife of Abraham. It is a Hebrew word meaning noblewoman or princess. Sarah's birth name was Saria meaning my princess but God instructs Abraham to change her name to Sarah which means princess.


 A  lovely  Story  I'd  Like  to Share

When first learning Reiki in 2000. I had bought a Reiki table from a beautiful soul who carved butterflies on her tables. I had asked her if she knew anyone who taught children Reiki and she did and gave me Julie's phone number. I got in touch with her and we hit it off straight away. When my father had passed I still had a few issues but had started to understand him better. Our son had been diagnosed  with Asperger's in 1997, what was so wonderful I had given my father a supplement my son and I were taking. This was just before he went into a home he had Alzheimer's. I remember it so clearly it was the first time he was able to tell me he loved me and I was able to tell him too. I would go with my mom to visit him and practiced Reiki put my hands above his shoulders and his head. Sometimes he would fall asleep and other times he'd laugh. It's a terrible disease, your loved ones not knowing who you are and he passed in 2002. I went to see Julie for a session and shared with her. I was in my Reiki room I had set it up in a room in the basement,  at the time I had my hair salon down there on the other side. I had candles, crystals and I did practice on quite a few people. I never charged, my hairdressing was my income. This particular day I can't remember if I had practiced a session on a client. What I do remember I felt a presence and so at peace and said "who are you" This quiet voice in my head said Sarah. When I was with Julie and was on her table I asked "who is Sarah"  her reply after a few seconds. She's one of your Guardian angels you have many. I always wonder who Sarah really was and would I find out? The  Arcturian I drew, was this her I saw in my window?.  It's all starting to makes sense the pieces of puzzle are coming together. 


Seeing  in  My  Bedroom Window

After the session I started remembering my encounter seeing that beautiful Being.  Taking Reiki this had opened me to a higher vibration and spirituality. It felt wonderful my husband saw a big difference in me. He took some classes with Gerry Rondeau like myself, he was my first Reiki teacher. I did my first second and third  with him, this was before meeting Julie Desmarais.  My husband also took a class with Julie I had taken a few more and we became friends and my client. This happening with what my teacher Julie told me about my angel. I asked my mother was it true seeing this Being and she said yes. I was playing outside as happy as I could be. I loved walking on the small brick wall in front of our garden balancing myself and not wanting to fall. When I looked up at my bedroom window I saw this beautiful angelic Being waving at me. I was extremely excited went running up our outside stairs shouting "Mommy, Mommy there's A Friend In My Room". I was huffing and puffing I had a hard time running and getting my breath. When I got to the top of our indoor stairs it was difficult for me to breathe and what I wanted to say. There’s my mom saying what's wrong sweetheart and took my little hand in hers and went to the bedroom. She knew there wasn't anything physical in there but she had seen visions when she was a little girl. I do remember my mother saying I would tell her all these stories. I have no recollection what I said except for one that's the story I shared in one of my novel. She never doubted me just listened thinking I had an incredible imagination which I did, I lived in my own fantasy world. That's what saved me being ostracized and feeling different it was very difficult living on this planet here. 

I Have Had Some Strange Experiences 

I'm a year younger than Cynthia I will be 73 this year 2023 I've never seen an ET that I can recall a lot of my childhood I don't remember. I have had some strange experiences happening to me also as a child. I did see a beautiful angelic Being that I just shared. I mentioned this in one of my videos, perhaps that was Sarah? My mother did tell me once when I was with her at the top of our concrete steps outside our flat's front door. I stepped back and went tumbling to the bottom, she was flabbergasted. I jumped up like nothing had happened and went skipping off to play. She said I had no bruises and it hadn't affect me one little bit. My mom knew I was different, shy, painfully thin, scared of my own shadow that was because of my uncle, my father's moods didn't help and picked on by other children. I was playing in my bedroom with a neighbour's child. These are more stories I have in my novels. I've been writing for many years, never got them published. My mother overheard me saying please don't go please I will give you my toy. She was very protective of me didn't like meanness, she was an empath. I have many stories her standing up for me and herself she couldn't tolerate hypocrites anyone who was a phony and she didn't stand for any nonsense. As I have said on my website a Lancaster lass from Manchester and what a spitfire she was. you do not hurt children or the defenseless. 


Getting back to my mum overhearing my neighbour's daughter teasing me and not being nice. She came into the bedroom, said young lady it's time for you to go home  "no mummy no I want her to stay I wanted a friend" She did leave and my mother got on her knees. I couldn't look at her in her eyes I always looked down. I explain in my novel why. She went on to tell me friends do not treat you that way sweetheart. I was so sensitive to this world it was overwhelming the feelings I felt. My mother never molly-coddled me, did protect me when adults were cruel she just wanted to see fair play and for me to go out into the world with no fear. She wasn't able to protect me all the time there were wolves in sheep's clothing that I came across and some were in my family. Like my uncle a Freemason he was cruel and a horrible person. She had a very difficult life and a twin sister who was a clairvoyant and a sickly child. On my mother's side they were psychic.  Her sense of humour  kept her going, she loved a good laugh and could tell some great jokes and some were off colour and should have been a comedian. Now living in our council house 

Her and her son put this video together 2014 he's a videographer
started his business  in  2012.  She would have loved to have sent
Cynthia her picture to get her feedback. She knows they would
have got on famously and sends  her Heart and Love to
Her out in the cosmos. She's now with her Starseed family 

She woke up this morning Jan 18th 2023 and had this feeling  she wanted to draw ✍️Cynthia how she could see her in my mind's eye 👁 Young Beautiful Vibrant Full of Love ❤️and Affection for Humankind and the ET Starseeds 🌟Race. She has Gorgeous Sun☀️ Kissed  long blonde hair to her waist.
Her face is a lighter pale blue She puts Crystal Diamond 🥚 Powder full of Moisture and Minerals💎 keeping her Angelic Face😇 Youthful and Clear.🤍 She's sending out to all the Starseeds  Sisters and Brothers this Magnificent Higher Vibration⚡️A Frequency Energy💥of Light💫 Peace 🕊 Harmony  Love  ❤️&  Devotion  to  our  Universe 🌏 Planets 🪐 and  Stars 

She thinks back the Beautiful Being she saw in my bedroom window looked more like the drawing she did today of Cynthia an Angelic Soulful Being. She thinks now she's one of my Guardian Angels. The reason why her mother guided her to Cynthia. It was the key she needed to open she was going through some not nice things. She wasn't herself and but always  turn things around to a positive. As soon as she saw Cynthia there was an instant connection it was so powerful. It lifted her spirits a heart felt emotion she needed that connection.  Knows she's looking after all her Starseed family around the world and the Galaxies. 


Cynthia Starseed🌟Angel😇 
of Light💫& Love❤️
A Moon🌙Goddess 

The meaning of Julie on Feb 2nd. Rose🌹, Beautiful Flower Youthful, Vivacious. Look what I had written before about the Rose 🌹 and Julie. Amazing all that I'm learning and will never stop. Life is too fascinating  when you opened up and thing outside the box. 

What a wonderful day I had today Jan 18th my Beautiful Soul Starseed 🌟 Sister  came for her colour, cut and style. it warms my heart having the most absolutely fabulous lovely clients.  I showed her some of my drawings she asked if I would draw her Starseed 🌟. While her hair was processing I did a quick drawing. She liked what she saw, loved her Starseed🌟Angel😇Goddess. I proceeded to add the overlay and background put the picture on this page that way she could see the finishing touches I had made. If you look closely at the top it looks like an inside of an iridescent Rose🌹. This appeared because her soul is all about love❤️ That's a Starseed 🌟and what a Rose 🌹does when you receive them is all about Love ❤️ Love❤️ and more Love❤️

Jewels💎  A Starseed  🌟 Angel 😇 Goddess of  Light 💫 & Love❤️


Jewels💎  A Starseed
 Goddess of  Light & Love

Yellow Roses Illustration
Yellow Roses Illustration

Jan 12 2024. Meeting another Starseed🌟Rob a Deep Therapy Healer practitioner and lives nearby. Julie introduced me to him, the energy was amazing and what fun we were having and couldn't stop laughing. Rob became a client of mine. It's so wonderful being with other Starseeds we feed off each other's frequency and that's why the energy was so high. What are Starseeds? We are light workers, came here to make this world a better place, it's all about love ❤️ More info on Rob 

The name Robert 

Meaning: bright fame. Preceded by a notable reputation, Robert is a boy's name of German origin bestowed upon many a king. Rooted in the ancient Germanic name Hrodebert, this strong title means "bright fame," and certainly lives up to its fine acclaim.

  Rob Starseed  🌟 Emperor Healing Hands
Energy Worker
 of  Love ❤️ &  Light 💫 


Rob Starseed  Emperor

 ✍️🌟🌈☀️🔵 🤍  💫🥚💎 ✨⚡️🕊❤️💥🌏🪐


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