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Starseed 🌟 Angel 😇 Goddesses 
Old Souls with Beautiful Hearts

Empaths Making This World A Better Place

Angela  I feel she's a Starseed An Empath  A communicator
We have come hear to make this world a better place

*We never gives up on the people We Love❤️

I believe there are certain children send here to make the world 🌎 a better place. We were different didn’t fit into this unfamiliar environment. We are all waking up, we are StarSeeds 🌟 How do I know this you will see what I share on my website. I’m so blessed and grateful to have Angela come into my life. She’s a StarSeed 🌟Angel 😇 Goddess sent here to help humankind. She’s an empath filled with love❤️ and kindness we are all coming together to make this world 🌎a better place. We will never give up, we are driven down this path we had to take. From being very young sent here with loving hearts💕 sensitive souls. A Light 💫of hope in the darkness guiding us on this journey we had to take. Learning our life lessons along the way. Knowing there is evil out there and some have walked through the fire🔥 to get to the other side and never giving up. We are sensitive beings our hearts 💕filled with such love❤️ and compassion but we are warriors, Goddesses as well we fight for what we believe in all the way we are not followers we do it our way…


 God Bless the Universe the Galaxies and Stars ⭐️ Sending out Peace📿 Love 💕 Light 💫 Blessings 🙏🏽 Heightening our Vibrations not letting negative get in the way, no ego keeping ourselves positive. Very hard sometimes having an antenna reaching far and wide and pick up energies we do not want or needed. We are very blessed to have our little Rainbow 🌈 and Willow 🕉 they love us unconditionally they are StarSeed🌟doggies. Dog spelt backwards spells God! They have had many lives like us. As my husband says I’m up there on a different hemisphere amongst the Stars🌟  I like it that way.  I never giving up on Hope* Faith* Love ❤️ I did for awhile lost my confidence in myself, now I have it back. Why? I’m on the right path and believe in myself again. We all have God’s Light💫 within us that shines so bright all though our life force deep in our Hearts💕 & Soul connection and never forget we are loved 🥰 

Angela Starseed 🌟Angel 😇 Goddess Beauty *
Honesty * Integrity * A Beacon of  Love
❤️& Light 

In Hebrew Angela meaning “messenger” of God.” It comes from the Greek word “Angelos”, which translates to “messenger of God” or simply “angel”. Angela is a Biblical name. Because of the name's association with angels, it was adopted by Christianity and is rooted deep in the Christian tradition.

Angela's supplements are helping my family My husband doing well more energy and his memories is functioning better. It takes time we went through a detox not everyone does, it was worth it for us. Being in our seventies and all that we have been trough we are doing very well seeing improvements all the time. Info on our bloodwork after taking the Health Evolution supplements 


I found Cara’s Website  there are so many beautiful souls and you can listen to Cara's Starseed 🌟meditation 🧘 a connection if you believe there are others out there in our galaxy I do. This is Cara's Beautiful Sanctuary  what a magnificent place to go to.

Another beautiful soul came to see me for her hair colour and style April 15th 2023. I will be going into more detail soon. She's a Starseed 🌟  Lindy sent me this lovely link to Snatam Kaura video. more info underneath about Lindy and her sister.

Lindy, an empath the youngest of four sisters, Lara my client phoned to find out if I could do her sister's colour and style her hair while she was visiting her. Lindy a feisty beautiful soul and share this great story when she was with me. When living in the UK and was attending Cambridge university it was amazing what she did getting away from this rapist, she's a Starseed warrior a fighter.  She  has traveled many countries around the world. Had a wonderful afternoon colouring and styling her hair. This was so interesting Lara telling me she hadn't seen me in fifteen years and wasn't able to find anyone to do her hair like I had done all those years ago. That was a nice complement and was off soon to Africa on another adventure.   

Lindy meaning "beautiful; pretty; sweet."Meaning: Protection, citadel; Cheerful. A modern name, formed from the Greek meli, “honey”, with the feminine ending -inda. Advertisement. Origin of Lindy Name. Greek. Gender of Lindy. Girl. Analysis ...

Lara quieter a gentle soul an empath as well and a highly sensitive person. 

Lara is a girl's name with Latin, Greek, and Russian roots, meaning "protection." It stems from the word "lares" and refers to the individual gods of Roman households, who were the protectors of homes and fields.

Lindy * Lara Starseed 🌟 Sisters
😇 Goddesses Protection*
Bond * Love Peace
❤️& Light

 Starseed  Sister Angels   Goddesses  

Her Words from the End of
The Video Forever Young
Was Taken down by YouTube.
 In 2014 she was 64 she definitely does take her health for

granted  likes to feel beautiful and loved, but the

most important thing is to love and look after ourselves.

This was a lesson she learned, we all grow we never stay

the same. She celebrated life, she is wiser, happier and

stronger because of her experiences. It’s friendship,

Sharing, Caring, becoming successful

by lifting our spirits to be the best we can be.

She nurtures her body by taking good care in

Mind, Body, Spirt, Soul & Most of All Love
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