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The 50s Swinging 60s ~ 70s In London England
Oh Memories born in London 1950: Living in a one room no housing after the Second World War. Very little food still rationing books the men pissed off they had gone to war and nothing had changed for the working class poor. At last they got into social housing now living in a council flat. Her mother keep their place spotless nice and clean you could have eaten of the floor. She was a very proud housewife and loved her children with all her heart. Her mother always put together wearing make up and dressed impeccably even though they had very little money. Her mother's mother had taught her daughters you don't have to look unkept, you can have two clean ironed white blouses and a black pressed skirt and be well dressed. Also her mother being a twin their mother dressed them alike in beautiful clothing. 

The swinging 60s things started slowly changing for this young painfully shy girl. Now 1965 she was working at Sopers the big department store in
Harrow as an apprentice  She didn't need to rebel she had a mom who was very easy going and the one that wanted her daughter to experience the world for herself. She never put any pressure on her there was a reason for this. She has some amazing stories living in that era. 
What Was It Like Being Brought
Up In London England?
50s 60s 70s
She hasn't forgotten where she came from, a working class girl from London England. You are a second class citizen to the elite and some of those snobs. The middle class who her mother couldn`t stand most of them thinking they were better than anyone else. They seemed to be the worse and she'd had some experiences with their behaviour these hoity toity women. Unfortunately that's what it was like for her mother when she came to London. Living in a council flat if you were from the other side of the track. That's why she taught her children you are just as good as them.  Never tolerate rudeness and gossip and you do not have to bow down to any of them.  She did bring her children up with impeccable manners always to say please and thank you. 

You couldn't rise above your status especially being a working class fella way back when. I don't think it has changed for many. That's why her brother emigrated came to Canada in the 70s . He was living at home and wanted a better life for him and his wife to raise above the stigma being a working class bloke.  Not able to move forward and would have never have been able to get ahead and afford to buy a place of his own.  Look what's happening now around the world, shutting down small businesses, taking many of our rights and freedoms away. Don't you realize it's the elites at the top who are doing all of this like back in the Victorian Times in Great Britain. They didn't care about the people and look how they were treated by the ones who are in charge. Here's info she's put together if you are interested in your history?
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You have had it so good here in Canada and you always obey, but they are taking our rights away if more people don't wake up soon. This is great look at  London So Proud Of The Brits Seeing They Are Standing Up For Their  Rights And Freedom

Boris Johnson Is Backing Down 
When is Canada Going To Open Up ?
Britain Through A Lens:
The Documentary Film Mob Part 1 to 
How the propaganda documentaries
were started in Great Britain 


Learning ~Open~ Validate~ Educate  

L is for Learning, expanding the mind 

O is for being Open to the universe and receiving

V is for Validating yourself because you are worth it 

E is for Educating, absorb all that you can

Bringing You Peace of  Mind~ Balance~ Harmony & Well~Being  Brings With It a Clear Understanding &  Knowledge Is Power 

July 23rd  2020 

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