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Now more people are hearing of childhood dysphoria. She would have been the perfect candidate if there had been social media and this information for a girl like her. She felt uncomfortable in her own skin and  knowing what she went through as a child. She could relate to what these children are going through and when she was born in 1950 no one knew of autism. That’s not true learning about Hans Asperger’s and the school he ran for autistic children. Will see info on this page here 

Please listen to these videos it’s terrible what’s happening to children in the school with Sex Ed and changing genders. It's especially affecting autistic children. They are easy targets for these evil corrupt individuals wanting to sexualize children at such an early age. Why on earth are the School Boards going along with this and letting it happen? They have been compromised otherwise it doesn't make sense. For God‘s sake any parent out there you have to stand up for your child and not go along with this insane ideology. You will understand once you have watched these videos. It might not be in your schools right now, it will if you do not investigate and protect your loved ones.


They are a gift from God like her child told her when he was looking out of the family room window and tears in her eyes.  That's when she knew she would never give up on her own flesh and blood. She had to get out of this funk of sadness and why me attitude. To be a warrior and do something about it and she did turning it around to a positive. It wasn't easy it was damn right hard what her child endured. She was a mama bear like her mom was with her. That's where she got her strength from, it was in her DNA.


She thankful this wasn’t going on when her child was at school she had her own battles she had to fight for.  She felt very alone most of the time but never gave up, how could she? Want to know more go here. 

Why is Childhood Dysphoria Becoming So Common?

You never heard of this gender dysphoria years ago like today. Why now?

They are brainwashing the children in schools and why is the mainstream

media not telling the truth or going along with this too? Many questions

needed to be answered and please there is another side to this story.  You

are not a right wing prejudiced conspiracy theorist. You care for your

children to see a bright  future to be able to learn in school the three

Rs not porn. To confuse them with all this rhetoric it's evil shocking

  and needs to be stopped. They are very good at covering it up behind

the Rainbow flag. They have hijacked all these beautiful words.

How She  See Rainbows 

Rainbows are  Clouds on a Rainy Day, a Reflection a Mirror  of  Colourful

Sun Light the Radiance Around the Glory of  God's Love. The Rainbow

is Precious a Symbol of  God's Grace.  He Shows to All of  Humanity

the Vast  Magnificent Universe the Galaxies and Beyond  Stars 

This is a photo she took in her computer room the sun shining reflecting Radiating a Rainbow on

 the hardwood  floor next to where 

she was sitting it was Beautiful!!!!


If autistic children don’t understand themselves and not having the right guidance

and support this can affect them tremendously. Sometimes not comprehending

  the consequences and some turning to drugs, getting into trouble. Others using

alcohol or both trying to calm their nerves and anxieties down to be able

 to function the best way possible. Knowing they are different and just

 want to fit in. Now quite a few of the younger generation thinking if

they change their Gender to a He to a She and Vice Versa they will

 feel better, to find out later it was the biggest mistake for some of

  them. Why can't they wait what is the hurry? Why are the schools

going along with this? They have been brainwashed trying to be

woke. The ones in charge are sick to want to do this to children.

Trans Regret

Dr. Miriam Grossman tells the story of John Money and twin boys.  How he convinced these poor naive  parents to change the gender of one of them . He was a psychotic monster and a pedophile and he got away with it. Disgusting. There are many perverts out there taking care of your children.  If you see changes in them  when they are not with you or starting school  investigate. We have to do it for them she did for her child because how he was treated. Most teachers are wonderful but the way the school system is who do you trust? 

This was Absolutely Disgusting

What this so called doctor did to this family here in Canada.

Don't tell her he wasn't a pervert a pedo.  What's wrong with these

she hasn't a name for them. They are evil to the core to do this to children 

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